2012 Arbitration Eligible Spending By Team

From the Astros at $4.5MM to the Giants at $42.05MM, MLB's 30 teams spent over half a billion dollars on 2012 salaries for 172 arbitration eligible players this offseason.  Our arbitration tracker has the details, and a breakdown by team is below.  Please note that the three free agents who accepted arbitration are excluded, and first-year salaries from 16 extensions are included with prorated signing bonuses.

  1. Giants: $42.05MM for 10 players, including 3 extensions
  2. Dodgers: $37.925MM for 5 players, including 3 extensions
  3. Rangers: $29.95MM for 7 players, including 2 extensions
  4. Phillies: $28.4MM for 3 players, including 1 extension
  5. Padres: $28.27MM for 12 players
  6. Indians: $25.415MM for 8 players
  7. Cubs: $23.872MM for 7 players
  8. Red Sox: $21.1775MM for 10 players
  9. Nationals: $19.615MM for 7 players, including 2 extensions
  10. Braves: $19.585MM for 4 players
  11. Rays: $18.7MM for 6 players
  12. Yankees: $18.65MM for 6 players
  13. Royals: $18.4925MM for 7 players
  14. Marlins: $18.385MM for 5 players
  15. Brewers: $18.1135MM for 7 players
  16. Pirates: $17.2585MM for 8 players
  17. Angels: $16.87MM for 5 players, including 1 extension
  18. Tigers: $15.6MM for 5 players
  19. Blue Jays: $15.59MM for 8 players
  20. Orioles: $12.975MM for 6 players
  21. Rockies: $12.965MM for 3 players
  22. Mets: $11.9MM for 4 players
  23. Diamondbacks: $11.5025MM for 4 players
  24. Athletics: $10.6825MM for 6 players
  25. Mariners: $10.45MM for 3 players
  26. Reds: $8.7725MM for 6 players, including 2 extensions
  27. Twins: $8.4325MM for 3 players
  28. White Sox: $8MM for 1 player, part of an extension
  29. Cardinals: $5.95MM for 3 players, including 1 extension
  30. Astros: $4.5MM for 3 players

The average team spent about $18MM on six players, and the average arbitration eligible player made $3.1MM.

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  1. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    Half of the Giants went to Timmy.

    • Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

      Even if you take that away, they’re still in the top third.  I had a feeling this year would be expensive.

      • FrnchDp 3 years ago

        Next off-season likely to be expensive as well, with Bumgarner, Posey, Romo and Nate all hitting FA.  And of course, Cain’s extension.

        • Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

          You mean arbitration? Nate and Romo already have, but Posey and MadBum are likely super-2’s.

          • FrnchDp 3 years ago

            wow.. sorry. totally meant arb yr. must have been out of it when i replied!

            Nate and Sergio were yr 1 for 2012, but I believe both only signed 1 yr deals, so they get to go again next season (or sign before). Posey and MadBum will also hit arb eligibility next offseason

  2. I’m surprised the Astros had enough talent to even cost them that much, lol.

  3. touchmymonkey 3 years ago

    Hmmm – not even a remnant of posts .. no ” comment removed” just all traces taken off the site… sweet.

  4.  Thanks…I also needed to account for the Wilson Valdez trade.

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