2012 Arbitration Eligible Spending By Team

From the Astros at $4.5MM to the Giants at $42.05MM, MLB's 30 teams spent over half a billion dollars on 2012 salaries for 172 arbitration eligible players this offseason.  Our arbitration tracker has the details, and a breakdown by team is below.  Please note that the three free agents who accepted arbitration are excluded, and first-year salaries from 16 extensions are included with prorated signing bonuses.

  1. Giants: $42.05MM for 10 players, including 3 extensions
  2. Dodgers: $37.925MM for 5 players, including 3 extensions
  3. Rangers: $29.95MM for 7 players, including 2 extensions
  4. Phillies: $28.4MM for 3 players, including 1 extension
  5. Padres: $28.27MM for 12 players
  6. Indians: $25.415MM for 8 players
  7. Cubs: $23.872MM for 7 players
  8. Red Sox: $21.1775MM for 10 players
  9. Nationals: $19.615MM for 7 players, including 2 extensions
  10. Braves: $19.585MM for 4 players
  11. Rays: $18.7MM for 6 players
  12. Yankees: $18.65MM for 6 players
  13. Royals: $18.4925MM for 7 players
  14. Marlins: $18.385MM for 5 players
  15. Brewers: $18.1135MM for 7 players
  16. Pirates: $17.2585MM for 8 players
  17. Angels: $16.87MM for 5 players, including 1 extension
  18. Tigers: $15.6MM for 5 players
  19. Blue Jays: $15.59MM for 8 players
  20. Orioles: $12.975MM for 6 players
  21. Rockies: $12.965MM for 3 players
  22. Mets: $11.9MM for 4 players
  23. Diamondbacks: $11.5025MM for 4 players
  24. Athletics: $10.6825MM for 6 players
  25. Mariners: $10.45MM for 3 players
  26. Reds: $8.7725MM for 6 players, including 2 extensions
  27. Twins: $8.4325MM for 3 players
  28. White Sox: $8MM for 1 player, part of an extension
  29. Cardinals: $5.95MM for 3 players, including 1 extension
  30. Astros: $4.5MM for 3 players

The average team spent about $18MM on six players, and the average arbitration eligible player made $3.1MM.

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8 Comments on "2012 Arbitration Eligible Spending By Team"

3 years 7 months ago

Half of the Giants went to Timmy.

Tony DiQuattro
3 years 7 months ago

Even if you take that away, they’re still in the top third.  I had a feeling this year would be expensive.

3 years 7 months ago

Next off-season likely to be expensive as well, with Bumgarner, Posey, Romo and Nate all hitting FA.  And of course, Cain’s extension.

Tony DiQuattro
3 years 7 months ago

You mean arbitration? Nate and Romo already have, but Posey and MadBum are likely super-2’s.

3 years 7 months ago

wow.. sorry. totally meant arb yr. must have been out of it when i replied!

Nate and Sergio were yr 1 for 2012, but I believe both only signed 1 yr deals, so they get to go again next season (or sign before). Posey and MadBum will also hit arb eligibility next offseason

3 years 7 months ago

I’m surprised the Astros had enough talent to even cost them that much, lol.

3 years 7 months ago

Hmmm – not even a remnant of posts .. no ” comment removed” just all traces taken off the site… sweet.

3 years 7 months ago

 Thanks…I also needed to account for the Wilson Valdez trade.