Blue Jays Designate Darin Mastroianni For Assignment

The Blue Jays announced they’ve designated outfielder Darin Mastroianni for assignment to open a 40-man roster spot for reliever Francisco Cordero, whose one-year, $4.5MM deal was officially announced.

Mastroianni, 26, hit .268/.353/.377 in 562 plate appearance last year across Double and Triple-A, making his big league debut for one game in August.  Mastroianni mostly played center and left field in the minors.

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  1. Okay.

  2. iains 3 years ago

    Well down the depth chart, upside would be 4th outfielder

    • vilifyingforce 3 years ago

      It is, still would have liked to have seen him be given a shot though.

  3. Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago


  4. Jose_Bautista 3 years ago

    Jays have too many OF coming up.

    Gose would be ready well before Rasmus’s FA and Marisnick would be knocking the door soon after. Nice depth at CF.

  5. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    But…but….but…he would have made the team’s Top 30 prospect list if Toronto didn’t do a good job of drafting and trading for top prospect the last two seasons.

  6. cyberboo 3 years ago

    That was a no brainer and he was way down in the rankings list, where he wasn’t close to outperforming Marisnick, Gose, Sierra, etc.  I’m sure another team will give him a chance, but as a defensive player only, with few offensive tools, it was just a matter of time before the team would let him go.

  7. Paragon Of Virtue 3 years ago

    At least he still has his gig in the Zit Remedy with Snake and Wheels

  8. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Still might want to keep him around for the 1st half of the season as “depth”.  This avoids rushing Anthony Gose onto the 40-man roster because of an injury on the Blue Jays and then eating one of his three seasons of optional assignments when the injured player returns.

    The Jays could have used a “Darin Mastroianni” on their roster when they rushed Travis Snider to the majors.  If they did, Snider might have more than one season of optional assignments remaining.

    Let’s hope with Gose, AA doesn’t repeat JPR’s mistake with Snider.

  9. AA will flip him to somebody in the next week for some low level player who will become an all-star.  It’s just how AA works.

  10. Runtime 3 years ago

    oh well.

  11. You would think this guy was competing against Future Hall of Famers.

    Reality is – McCoy stinks – Davis stunk – Rasmus stunk – Snider stunk.

    And in 2012 – we get to watch it all over again. Welcome to Blue Jay world.

  12. chad beck is worse than mastroani cut him from the team

  13. chad beck is worse than mastroani cut him from the team

  14. Bobby Lipovsky 3 years ago

    Too bad.I hope he catch’s on somewhere.He could become another Reed Johnson.Still,the Jays are cheap,keep B.S,en us.Worst owners in baseball are here.Beeston looks like he just got out of bed,wrinkled suits,messy hair,hungover.Why dosen’t somebody dress him up?Everybody in that Organizations looks”cheap”.Too bad Bell didn’t own the team.

  15. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Excellent points on Davis & McCoy.  Yes, Snider’s excellent play was a big factor in his callup.  But, other factors were a weak farm system and poor performing bench players at the big league level.

  16. vilifyingforce 3 years ago

    I would have rather dumped one of Farina/Magnuson/Farquhar for absolutely no reason other then I like Mastroianni’s name. Probably have enough OF’s kicking around though.

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