John Lannan Had Arbitration Hearing Today

Nationals southpaw John Lannan had his arbitration hearing today, tweets's Bill Ladson.  We'll know soon whether the CAA Sports client will be paid $5.7MM or $5MM in 2012.  Lannan's hearing was the first of 2012, and arbitrators Robert Herzog, Elizabeth Neumeier and John Skonier are expected to decide by Thursday according to the AP.

A file and trial team, the Nationals have had arbitration hearings with Alfonso Soriano, Chad Cordero, John Patterson, Felipe Lopez, Shawn Hill, Sean Burnett, and Brian Bruney since 2006.  The Nationals won five of the seven hearings.

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2 Comments on "John Lannan Had Arbitration Hearing Today"

Jeff Westcott
3 years 6 months ago

They’re $700K apart and they can’t do a deal? One side must really dislike the other.

3 years 6 months ago

Mr. Westcott: Actually, the closer they are the LESS likely they are to feel compelled to do a deal.  The system encourages both parties to be reasonable by forcing the panel to choose one offer or the other.  In this case, a split-the-difference agreement would have generated only a $350k savings or addition.  Both sides were willing to risk a smaller number (relatively speaking, of course) for the $700k difference.  If the parties are several million dollars apart, the risk is much greater and both parties have a greater incentive to compromise.