Cubs, Red Sox Finalize Epstein Compensation

After a months-long wait, the Cubs and Red Sox have finalized the compensation for Theo Epstein. The Red Sox sent 19-year-old prospect Jair Bogaerts to the Cubs to complete the deal,'s Carrie Muskat reports.  

The Cubs sent relievers Chris Carpenter and Aaron Kurcz to Boston as compensation for Epstein earlier in the offseason. Carpenter will undergo elbow surgery, but the Cubs say the operation wasn't caused by a pre-existing condition. “It’s certainly something we had no knowledge of,” GM Jed Hoyer said, according to Muskat. “I don’t think he had any elbow issues for the last two years. It’s unexpected and unfortunate."

Bogaerts completed his second pro season in 2011. The first baseman posted a .288/.387/.404 line in 186 plate appearances in the Dominican Summer League. He is the brother of top Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts.

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  1. The Carpenter surgery is just Lucchino finally getting smacked with some karma.

  2. sourbob 3 years ago

    An A-ball reliever and a guy going in for elbow surgery… That’s a step or two down from Castro or Garza, no?

    • Jose_Bautista 3 years ago

      LOL if you ever thought they’d get anywhere close to that.

      • sourbob 3 years ago

        Of course I didn’t think that.

        That’s why it’s funny.

      • chico65 3 years ago

        I saw Boegarts and had a conniption, then realized it was not Xander but his brother.  Still seems like a lot to give up as a PTBNL, given his performance so far and genes.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

           Can’t post the link here, but here is a rough part of his scouting report:

          “Scouting Report: Very strong – particularly his hands.  Raw
          power potential.    Loves to play. Poor defensive player.”

          • cubs223425 3 years ago

            So the Cubs just got a DH after drafting one (Vogelbach)?

          • sourbob 3 years ago

            Going on poundage, Vogelbach is like a DH and a half.

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            Likely not even that.  It’s been suggested that the only reason they signed Jair was because it convinced Xander to sign with them as well (he has said in an interview before that there were other teams trying to sign him, but the Sox were willing to sign his brother too, so he chose them over the other teams).

  3. BitLocker 3 years ago

    inb4 Jair Bogaerts becomes a MVP caliber baseball player down the line.

  4. philpbarnes 3 years ago

    Saw Bogaerts and nearly had a heart attack….

  5. Jeff Hill 3 years ago

    I’m really getting mad that the Chris Carpenter links have been bringing the Cardinals Ace

  6. larry lucchino is bored, and is now demanding another PTBNL

  7. I’m sorry, but I still dont get why BOS had to give up an PTBNL, way to negotiate!

    “yeah, you take my GM and I’ll raise you a prospect”

  8. kenhowes 3 years ago

    I guess what it comes down to is that the Sox were already planning on dumping Theo; so when they didn’t get what they wanted, they accepted whatever the Cubs felt like sending.

  9. BoSoxSam 3 years ago


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