Rangers Notes: Cotts, Perez, Hamilton

Rangers assistant GM Thad Levine joined Bryan Dolgin on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM and addressed trade talks, extensions and the composition of the team's roster. Here are the details (audio here):

  • Levine explained that relatively innocent conversations with scouts can turn into full-blown trade talks because they highlight needs and surpluses. 
  • The Rangers don’t have an established left-handed reliever after losing Darren Oliver and Mike Gonzalez in free agency, but they’re pleased with the increased velocity non-roster invitee Neal Cotts is showing early on in camp.
  • Young pitchers such as Martin Perez have impressed the Rangers' front office and Levine expects contributions at the MLB level in the 'not-so-distant future.'
  • The Rangers consider Josh Hamilton an elite center fielder, but they continue to play him in left field since they generally believe he's more likely to stay in the lineup as a corner outfielder.
  • Though Levine didn't comment in detail on extension talks with Hamilton, he did say the club intends to keep as many of its core position players in place for as long as possible. Hamilton is eligible for free agency after the season, but the Rangers haven't ruled out in-season talks for their top position players.

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  1. chico65 3 years ago

    I think Levine is joshing around about Hamilton’s defensive prowess in center

    • Seriously. An elite defensive center fielder with question mark health sounds like a massive payday in a trade, even with minor health concerns. Move him to the corner and devalue him.

      They could trade him for a haul bigger than Teixeira, if they kept him in center.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        “They could trade him for a haul bigger than Teixeira, if they kept him in center.”

        Yikes.. Maybe better than Tex brought from Anaheim, but seriously doubt better than what Texas robbed the Braves out of.

      • gnats 3 years ago

        Doubtful.  This is Hamilton’s final year before free agency, whereas Teixeira had about 1.5 seasons left before FA.  And while it’s possible (if they fall way out of contention), I doubt the Rangers trade Hamilton at all.

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago


  3. gnats 3 years ago

    I’m tired of Levine/JD saying they’re going to “lock up the core players,” because so far, they haven’t signed any of them to a long-term deal.  Get Kinsler locked up long-term, at least.

    •  They just left “on the cheap” off of the “lock up the core players” statement.  Seriously, are there any extension talks that aren’t “shelved”, “stalled”, or otherwise “on the back burner”?

  4. Andrew Steven 3 years ago

    I’m not even gonna pretend to know what the Rangers plan on doing with Hamilton.

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