Twins Release Joel Zumaya

11:51am: The Twins have to pay Zumaya his full $850K salary because he was injured prior to the start of the season, reports Phil Mackey of 1500 ESPN (on Twitter). GM Terry Ryan confirmed this to Twins reporters at camp.

7:41am: The Twins announced that they have officially released right-hander Joel Zumaya (Twitter link). Zumaya will miss the 2012 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow. The move creates 40-man roster space for the Twins.

The Twins signed Zumaya to a low-risk Major League deal that would have guaranteed him $850K for making Minnesota's Opening Day roster. The hard-throwing 27-year-old hasn't pitched in the Major Leagues since June of 2010, but has a career 3.05 ERA with a 9.0 K/9 and 4.9 BB/9 in 209 2/3 innings.

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  1. tfsmag 3 years ago

    that guy can’t seem to catch a break. hopefully he’s back and throwing 100+ again after TJ surgery.

  2. alashieve 3 years ago

    I am glad this injury happened before the season.   Now the twins won’t have to pay him 850k not to pitch.

    • $1529282 3 years ago

      Still have to pay him $400K not to pitch…

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

        I thought if a team cut a player before the finalizing of the rosters that they only had to pay a percentage of the minimum salary.

        • $1529282 3 years ago

          Zumaya’s contract guaranteed him $400K, with an additional $450K for making the Opening Day roster.

    • Ethan 3 years ago

      They gotta pay him

  3. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Like to see Detroit give him a shot this time if he DOES make an attempt at a comeback. He can hang around Joker Marchent stadium.. Like in his old days when he 1st came up and get in some work with the Tigers GCL team maybe towards the end of the season at Lakeland.

  4. Otis26 3 years ago

    The Royals should pick him up. Soria needs a re-hab partner.

    • redsx968 3 years ago

      If anyone’s looking for a rehab partner it’s the Rangers

  5. nick1538 3 years ago

    I predict the 40-man spot goes to Brian Dozier

  6. nailheadtom 3 years ago

    It’s hard to get over the way Zumaya intimidated then Twin shortstop Jason Bartlett with heaters aimed at his head.  Maybe there’s some divine intervention involved.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       No different than when Nolan Ryan used to throw heaters 100mph *behind* a batter’s head and what does a person normally do when something is thrown at them? They back up.. THAT is intimidation to clear out the inside of the plate, not high & tight on the inside and Ryan never was tossed for that tactic of his, but you throw 1-2 pitches like Zumaya used to and you are outta’ here now.

  7. $1529282 3 years ago

    Terry Ryan just told reporters that the Twins ARE on the hook for all $850K. Greeeeeat.

  8. goner 3 years ago

    if there was no money to be saved, why not just put him on the 60-day DL to create space on the 40-man roster?  I get that it was a one-year contract, and he will miss the entire year anyway… outright releasing an injured player just seems kinda cold.

    • NordeastMPLSTwinsFan 3 years ago

      The 40 man has to be full to put someone on the 60 day DL.  They have now have 38 people.  I’m not sure why they didn’t wait until it was full, but the Twins probably have their reasons.

      • goner 3 years ago

        I did not know that… thanks for the explanation!

  9. Ethan 3 years ago

    Awwww. I like Zumaya. Hope he rebounds from the injury for a great 2013 season!

  10. Mike Lynch 3 years ago

    What does it matter whether he was released or placed on the DL?  The only differences are that by being released he can rehab on his own and doesn’t need to be monitored by the Twins’ medical staff.  And the Twins’ lose roster flexibility if they make the playoffs.

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