Yankees Claim Craig Tatum Off Waivers

The Yankees have claimed catcher Craig Tatum off waivers from the Diamondbacks, the team announced. The 29-year-old backstop has been claimed off waivers three times in the last few months, first by the Astros, then by the D'Backs, and now by the Yankees. Their 40-man roster is now full.

Tatum has three partial seasons of catching experience at the Major League level and isn't yet eligible for arbitration. He has a .223/.291/.264 line in 299 MLB plate appearances and has stopped 21% of stolen base attempts against him. In eight seasons as a minor leaguer, the 2004 third round pick has a .249/.316/.377 batting line and has stopped 35% of stolen base attempts.

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  1. Jake Robinson 3 years ago

    hahahahahahaha….as an orioles fan  i can tell you  HE WAS CUT BY THE ORIOLES…just saying 

    • chico65 3 years ago

      First Cust, now Tatum?  I’m starting to feel a bit better about the chances of other AL East teams this year

      • stroh 3 years ago

        Astros waived Tatum and Cust, both picked up by Yankees.  They waived Joe Thurston, picked up by Phillies.   None of those guys showed they could even make back-up spots with the Astros, and they weren’t good enough to be sent down to AAA, so I’m puzzled why the Yankees and Phillies are picking up these guys.  

    •  And he was cut from the Astros before the Diamondbacks claimed him.

  2. jb1996 3 years ago

    i feel sorry for him. i hope he can stick with a team for more than a month or two. that has to be hard for him and his family. hopefully the yankees can keep him there for some time

  3. JRyanWalters 3 years ago

    Hard to believe Tatum will make the ballclub out of Spring training, he is destined to be on the waiver wire once more.

  4. heatbeat 3 years ago

    I think Channing Tatum would help the Yankees more.

  5. boomer1344 3 years ago

    you guys never heard of the minor leagues, in case someone gets hurt, don’t worry, the AL East wont see these guys unless something happens

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

      But the AL East gets to see Dana Eveland..  again. Exciting stuff.

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