Quick Hits: Glass, Bell, Bumgarner

The 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner baseball card continues to be the hottest item in the memorabilia market, as one of the rare cards was sold today for $1.2MM in an online auction.  Here's some news from around the majors as we head into the weekend…

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  1. Who would want to trade for Josh Bell at this point? He’s so bad he might not even get claimed…

  2. The Pirates should trade for Josh Bell, assign him to the same level as the other Josh Bell, and let hilarity ensue.

  3. Koby2 3 years ago

    So Glass is basically saying, despite the profits he has pocketed over the years as owner, that payroll will be staying the same and we better get used to it. Should have just contracted the team 10 years ago, would have ended a lot of suffering.

  4. Trade Josh Bell…..  hahaha. What makes it even funnier, Bell has the potential to play 3rd base at least defensively better than anyone currently on the O’s active 40 man roster. Maybe the O’s could trade Bell back to the Dodgers for Tyler Henson. The Dodgers busted Henson all the way back to A+ ball, so there could be a chance of a reunion.

  5. chico65 3 years ago

    As long as those young players remain healthy, Glass’ optimism shouldn’t be shattered.

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