Rangers Notes: Ryan, Hamilton, Chavez, Pettis

The 8-2 Rangers have the American League's best record and look like they'll once again be contenders for the pennant.  Here's the latest from Arlington…

  • In an interview with ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Galloway and Company show (ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett has a partial transcript), Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan said the team is still in the early stages of negotiations with Josh Hamilton about a long-term contract.  “There is no timeframe in which we’re dealing with. There hasn’t been a deadline given or anything of that nature," Ryan said.  “It’s getting a feel for what their expectations are, where they feel like this should go and then it falls back on us discussing what we think is in our best interest and realistic. It’s very preliminary. There aren’t strong negotiations where something’s going to get done in a short period of time.”
  • Ryan is satisfied with Yu Darvish's performance thus far and the pitcher's transition to North American baseball.  "We’re also hopeful he would be more efficient with his pitches, but that’s all part of it," Ryan said. "I’m not disappointed in the least. I see things that makes me feel like he’s making adjustments."
  • It was Endy Chavez's choice to leave the Rangers and sign with the Orioles last winter, writes MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan as part of a mailbag piece.  Chavez felt he could find more playing time with the O's than in the Rangers' increasingly crowded outfield.
  • Also from Sullivan's piece, he praises Texas first-base coach Gary Pettis as an excellent future managerial candidate.

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  1. I really liked what Endy did for us last season. He helped the Rangers tremendously when Cruz and Hamilton were down in May. I would have loved to see him back here this season, but I understand him leaving for more playing time. I wish him the best in B-More, but not TOO good.

  2. So, after the entire off season to get something resolved, “the team is still in the early stages of negotiations with Josh Hamilton about a long-term contract.”   Maybe they can get something done by 2015 at this rate.

    • I’m sure they’re farther along than Nolan let’s on. If they are going to extend him it’ll probably be right before the All-Star break.

  3. I understand the Rangers not wanting to rush on a Hamilton long term deal.  He’s not the most durable player and the Rangers have a good outfield even without him there.  Why make mistakes with big contracts like they have in the past?

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