Rosenthal On Lannan, Greinke, Cardinals, McCann

Highlights from the latest edition of Full Count from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports..

  • The Nationals continue to look for a taker for John Lannan but his $5MM salary is only part of the problem.  A rival exec points out that any team that gets Lannan might prefer to let him go this offseason rather than go to arbitration with him, further diminishing his value.
  • A rival executive says that Joey Votto's ten-year, $225MM contract with the Reds could affect Zack Greinke's talks with the Brewers.  In the past, a team like Milwaukee could claim that a small market team could never afford such a deal, but that no longer seems like a fair argument.
  • The Cardinals talked about trading Kyle Lohse or Jake Westbrook to free up space for Albert Pujols but it now looks like they made the right decision to hang on to both.  While the two pitchers will earn a combined $20MM+ this season, both reported in excellent condition this season and are off to strong early starts.
  • The Braves are locked into their local TV deal for the next 20 years – a deal that could soon become the worst in the sport.  Meanwhile, their payroll is stagnant and while the farm system is deep in pitchers and shortstops, it's not terribly deep in other areas.  Rosenthal can't imagine that the future looks promising for catcher Brian McCann as he is two years away from free agency.