The Latest On Zack Greinke

Brewers right-hander Zack Greinke spoke to reporters about a variety of contract-related topics today. Here's a recap courtesy of's Adam McCalvy and Tom Haudricourt of The Journal Sentinel (all Twitter links)…

  • “We’ll see,” said Greinke when asked if Matt Cain's extension will impact his extension talks with the Brewers. “Obviously, he’s really good. I can’t really get into if I think I compare to him or I don’t think I compare to him. That’s more business stuff I don’t feel like giving y’all my opinion on.”
  • Greinke said the only person he's spoken to about his contract situation is his wife, so he's unsure where reports of him being close to hiring an agent are coming from. "Sometimes it's accurate; sometimes it's not," he said. "I don't want to say what's accurate and what's not … Especially with business stuff, I don't think it's important for you guys to know until it actually comes out."
  • ESPN's Buster Olney says (on Twitter) that Greinke's market as a free agent next offseason will be more limited than Cole Hamels' given "[his] past." Some teams could avoid him all together.

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  1. $22264602 3 years ago

    I’d go after Greinke before I go after Hamels who will likely cost more and require an extra year. Plus Greinke goes against the grain , I got to give him respect for that.

  2. John Driscoll 3 years ago

    Donald- always the insightful one. I love this oddball, definitely makes things interesting. Be interesting to see how things play out in the offseason, especially with new Dodgers owners. Here’s to hoping he stays with the brew crew though…

  3. anyone who can get over that “mental hump” and have one of the best years a pitcher has had is worth it in my book. Also, let’s not forget Hamels broke his hand in a bar fight. They’re both solid, but I have to go against Buster here.

  4. erm016 3 years ago

    I’d give him respect for it, but I’d go for Cole first. I still think there’s a part of Zack that will implode sometime. I just think he’s mediocre and not worth a contract he’ll probably get.

    • $22264602 3 years ago

      I can understand people wanting to go for Hamels , but i think the better value is with Greinke. Also how can you say Greinke is medicore? That’s just plain wrong. 25+ war over the last 5 years? That’s not even remotely close to mediocre.

  5. Redsox33 3 years ago

    Whats wrong with his past?

  6. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Grienke’s stock has fallen some since his glory days with KC. Am thinking he would be hoping that Cain and now Hamels both sign LT extensions so he only has to compete with Anibel Sanchez and back end SP Edwin Jackson next winter.

    If that is the case.. Grienke may be able to get 5 years and 15-17m AAV, slightly more than Sanchez who probably will end up with 4 years at around 12-15mAAV. Am predicting the Fish will resign him however.

  7. Can’t tell if Grienke says stuff like that to be funny or to be an ass.  Better to not know I guess so I can just assume the best.

  8. opensky 3 years ago


    Come back to Kansas City. The Royals have a legit lineup and bullpen. They can be an outstanding team with a top-flight SP to put them over the top.

  9. SpeedS28 3 years ago

    Greinke is nasty, he now has a cutter, and would be a #1 on the majority of teams.  (He’s not the #1 on Milw just because Gallardo has seniority with the team) Maybe he’ll be had for a cheaper price since some of the big markets won’t be competing for his services. He should stay in the NL with Milw, I hope at least.

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