Braves Sign Felix Pie

The Braves have signed Felix Pie to a minor league contract, reports Dave O'Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (on Twitter). The ACES client has been assigned to their Triple-A affiliate.

Pie, 27, had been playing with the independent Camden River Sharks this spring. He hit .360/.393/.620 with three homers in 56 plate appearances before landing back in affiliated ball. Pie hit .220/.264/.280 in part-time duty with the Orioles last season and is a .249/.298/.374 career hitter in the big leagues.

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  1. NL_East_Rivalry 3 years ago


  2. bigpat 3 years ago

    Why not, someone has to. 

  3. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    It’s nice to see another type of pie in the south. I was beginning to think that pecan pie was everything.

  4. Hey Braves fan – there is a reason the lowly Orioles gave up on this guy.  Could it be called “work ethic?”  You read it here first… 

    • Brad426 3 years ago

      Well, “first” might be a stretch. Maybe two years ago when Luke Scott called him out was when we read it first.

  5. BradyAndersonsSideburns 3 years ago

    million dollar talent, 10 cent head

  6. Damon Bowman 3 years ago

    I hate to disappoint uninformed Braves fans who think this is a good low-risk signing.  Felix Pie cannot play baseball.  He looks like an athlete, runs like a track star, but has no baseball sense.  Buck Showalter was all but begging him to take over in the Orioles outfield last year and the guy couldn’t hack it.  He tried to land with the Indians this off-season and had a shot at the Opening Day outfield because of their lack of talent and injuries — couldn’t make the team.  Don’t waste your time hoping for anything from this guy.  He’s not a bad person, but he just can’t play at the Major League level.

    • undocorkscrew 3 years ago

       Thanks for that assessment on such a low-risk signing. It’s a depth move, nobody is expecting anything out of the guy.

  7. Jsee11580 3 years ago

    May be a good pinch runner at worst.

    • whitespyders 3 years ago

      As an O’s fan I have seen him run into many an out. He’s fast but has NO base running instincts. I had high hopes for him.

  8. Tko11 3 years ago

    Every team wants a piece of the pie!

  9. Rafer Johnson 3 years ago

    Orioles still have an option on him, so we only own a pizza pie

  10. undocorkscrew 3 years ago

     Bridge to Durango? Goodness, I really hope the Braves aren’t considering him for a starting job next year. Lipka has time to prove that he can stick around, but Durango?

  11. undocorkscrew 3 years ago

    Well, worst case is that they wasted some time. Pretty low risk……

  12. tomymogo 3 years ago

    he is old, 26 years old….AAAA player

  13.  If Bourn demands too much after this season, it would be nice to have Pie be able to help out in CF for sure!

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