Brewers Appear To Seek Shortstop Help

The Brewers appear to be seeking shortstop help, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports (Twitter links). Manager Ron Roenicke, president of baseball operations Doug Melvin and assistant GM Gord Ash had a lengthy meeting this morning. 

The Brewers lost starting shortstop Alex Gonzalez to a right knee injury earlier this month and they’re now relying on Cesar Izturis and Edwin Maysonet at the position. The trio has combined for a .223/.274/.344 batting line, so there’s definite room for improvement on offense.

Roenicke said any move would be minor for now, according to Haudricourt. That’s not surprising given the apparent shortage of shortstops available in trades. Marco Scutaro and Jamey Carroll could become available in trades this summer, though that’s my own speculation.

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  1. Kyle Tomko 3 years ago

    Ryan from the Mariners is probably available

    • ZoinksScoob 3 years ago

      I agree that Ryan would be a good trade candidate for the Brewers. The M’s aren’t going anywhere this year, and they have either Kyle Seager or Nick Franklin to take over at SS. The catch is: Ryan isn’t hitting well right now. He’s lunging at balls, and appears to not have his head in the game at points. On defense, however, the guy is money. Not sure what the M’s would get in return, but this deal would make sense.

      • Kyle Tomko 3 years ago

        Agreed lets not forget Truinefel either he is in AAA above Franklin batting pretty well…He has raised his average 30pts in the last 5 games or so so maybe he is coming out of the slump?

  2. RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

    Frank Wren – Jack Wilson is available.

  3. Runtime 3 years ago


  4. If I were Neal Huntington, I would be offering Clint Barmes for a grilled cheese sandwich. 

  5. jason bartlett is probably pretty cheap about now ?

  6. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    I hear Betancourt is free.

    • Danthebaseballman 3 years ago

      WRONG. I hear Kansas City wants $10 and a DIET Coke.

    • Otis26 3 years ago

      I think he will be. He’s on the DL with a high ankle sprain but the Royals have brought up Falu who seems to be filling the utility role pretty well. I think Yuni is more expendable than normal now.

  7. DodgerCyan 3 years ago

    The Dodgers have a plethora of infielders now, and they all seem to be contributing to the team’s success.  Come the trade deadline, I think teams will be looking at us for infield help.  And we’re going to get even better!  MWAHAHAHA!  Sorry… It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had a chance to really get excited about the Dodgers.

  8. Brian Stevenson 3 years ago

    Jed Lowrie anyone?

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Think Houston would make a bad mistake in moving Lowrie. He has been healthy, under control until 2015 and thus far.. Not expensive at all for someone who hits for decent power at a generally weak offensive position.

      They (probably) would have to be overwhelmed in order to move him.

      • David Hannes 3 years ago

        For the life of me, I don’t know why Doug Melvin didn’t trade for Lowrie in the offseason.  Once Andrew Bailey went down, KRod might have been a decent offering for Lowrie…but the new regime probably wanted the Crew to pay most of his $8 million salary (and rightly so).

  9. johnsilver 3 years ago

    They can have Nick Punto. He seems to have lost his bat/luggage in a TSA shakedown coming to Boston anyway… Sure wish they would return it…

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      I wonder if Boston would trade them Iglesias in a trade for some pitching (and if Milwaukee would trade any of their pitching)?  Or with Iglesias starting to hit a little bit maybe they’d trade Aviles (they probably wouldn’t do either one, but I think I’d do it).

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Thoughts of moving either Avilles/Iglesias have been going through my head also, but was afraid of posting due to ridicule that was bound to come up from some fans here..

        Yes.. I could see Aviles especially as possibly being moved, even with Boston starting to click as a team. Iglesias is starting to hit some now.. Even if only small-ball variety..He IS getting base hits at a very large pace now. I also think that Aviles even could get more in return, as he has a track record to draw from and still 3 years of control, while the jury may still be out in some teams minds over whether or not Iglesias will continue to hit and Boston has several more SS coming behind him.

        My reasoning at least.. Yes they could move Iglesias, but for a smaller payoff and I (for one) wouldn’t want pitching in return, but prospects and think you might be looking for the remaining season of Grienke’s control + some type of prospect package back in either case?

        I wouldn’t do that, then maybe if we see how good (or maddening) Matsuzaka is when he returns the FO might look to move one or the other. One thing though.. Very few SS in either league are playing as good of a overall game as Mikey is this year.. He’s been the total package and Boston should be looking to get more than a rental SP.

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Yeah, I’d send either one to Milwaukee in a Greinke trade.  My guess is it would be which ever SS + a couple of mid-level guys for Greinke.  Top flight pitching is one of the hardest things to come by in baseball, and it’s been the one thing lacking for this team, so if I could get some I would have to do it.  In either case I want it contingent on an extension though.

          Not that it really matters what I would do anyway because 1) I have nothing to do with any of it, and 2) the Brewers aren’t going to trade away one of their top starters at this point to try to add a SS; the only reason to add a SS is because they want to try to get back in the race, and they aren’t going to do that without all of their top three pitchers around.  If they are still way out of it at the deadline they might trade one of them, but it would likely be for prospects, not a guy like Aviles (Iglesias might still be a fit at that point though).

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            It’s fine. Lots of teams and GM’s are sending people out for these 1/2 season players.

            Too many of those end up sour.. Way sour.. Larry Anderson for Jeff bagwell. Mike Boddicker for Schilling + Brady Anderson.. Even Slocumb for Tek and Lowe on the other end.

            This is another prime/set example of an over pay in the making for a *premier* pitcher and don’t want to see the Boston FO anywhere in the vicinity when the upcoming robbery occurs. It’s why they are supposed to be bringing in depth ever since Epstein began signing people like Wade Miller, even Duquette tried to avoid it to some extent inking Saberhagen as a rescue SP project.

            SP (closers used to be also) are the single commodity that is over paid for the most by potential play off teams and with an extra team in each league, possibly some out of the mix for awhile any SP could be even higher than normal.

            I do see no reason to not look at moving people where they have depth and we know those areas pretty good.. BP, Corner IF and SS.

            I would expect the BP market to be heating up by the middle of next month and teams like Detroit buying in that area.

  10. CrisE 3 years ago

    The Rochester Red Wings can hook you up with Nishioka for cheap.  He hit a HR this week!

    • nick1538 3 years ago

       Really cheap…  You pay his salary and he is yours!

  11. The Brewers got Tommy Manzella, Cesar Izturis, Jeff Bianchi, Edwin Maysonet and Eric Almonte. They have got a lot of options; what do they want? Nick Punto? Then they can have him! Jose Iglesias would get a spot in the 25 man roster and if he does bad, they can call up Pedro Ciriaco. Pedro deserved a spot based on what he did during spring training. One does not overlook a .450 ish batting average during spring training. Granted, it’s just spring training, but he did so good, they should have given him a spot!

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      Iglesias wouldn’t get called up to fill Punto’s bench spot, they want him playing every day.  Ciriaco was also sent to AAA rather than getting the bench spot because he needs to play every day as well, and he wasn’t going to get the starting SS job over Aviles.

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