Giants Notes: Melvin Mora, Orlando Hudson

The Giants signed Brad Penny to a minor league contract last night, bringing the right-hander back as possible bullpen help. Here is the latest news out of San Francisco…

  • The Giants had one text conversation with Melvin Mora's agent according to Andrew Baggarly of (on Twitter), but there was "absolutely no offer made." Mora recently told a Venezuelan newspaper that he had received offers from both the Giants and Reds.
  • Baggarly says (on Twitter) there is no consensus within the organization about signing the recently released Orlando Hudson. The Giants infield is short at the moment, but Pablo Sandoval will return soon and the club expects to get Freddy Sanchez back from his shoulder problems at some point.

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  1. johnsilver 3 years ago

    You can’t tell me now that SF doesn’t have 1 prospect better than the finished Hudson and Mora. Gillespie? Noonan? They want to win and they have 2 kids.. give them a chance over 2 finished veterans.

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      Noonan deserves a shot but Gillaspie and Culberson have looked pretty awful.  Panik is at least a year away, probably more.  

  2. I don’t think anyone is ‘expecting’ freddy back.  After a full year out of the game, he’s in the doubt-worthy zone.

    jsilver: at this point, brock bond, he of limited ceiling yet a ~.380 avg in fresno, is your best bet to join the sad-clown infield carousel.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Boston does the same thing.. It just infuriates me when teams go out and bring in these finished people, or even retreads and let legitimate prospects that in many cases sit at AAA.

      IMO.. Minor leagues is for developing legit prospects, not an ‘old folks home” where washed up players can draw a paycheck when they are of no use.

      Boston went and got Byrd from the Cubs (they did at least force Epstein to pay him) when they had Lin at Pawtucket who is probably the best definsive OF in the entire organization.. MLB + MiLB and think everyone knows Byrd is done for.. SF looking over the finished pile (these 2) for some patch work IF.. It used to not be that way with the minor leagues.

      • BLB25 3 years ago

        To be fair, the retread strategy worked really, really well for the Giants in 2010.

    • Whole_New_World 3 years ago

      Yep, why not rotate the Bond into the rotation?

      While Crawford may be able to hold down SS, 2B is a black hole. If the G’s are seriously considering Orlando, at this point in his career, then you know it’s red alert time.

  3. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    When Pablo comes back, Arias will move to 2nd and we’ll be good.

    • Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

       I agree, too many knee jerk reactions for losing a guy for 6 weeks.

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      That still leaves Manny Burriss as the primary backup at 3 infield spots.  I’d feel a lot more comfortable with another decent 2B option and Arias platooning with Crawford and backing up 2B and 3B.  Not saying O-dog was the answer, but there is still a pretty big infield hole and I’m not betting on Freddy making it back.  Its frustrating to think how perfectly acceptable a Fontenot/Keppinger platoon at 2B would be right now.  I’d be really interested to see what the White Sox would want for Beckham right now, seems like a reasonable buy low candidate if they’d consider dealing him.  I’d also give Pill a look at 2B, his defense would likely be pretty awful, but he’d definitely outhit the current 2B options by a pretty wide margin and it keeps Belt in the lineup more often too.  

  4. David Silverwood 3 years ago

    Ok any more news on Mora and our the Reds in on YOUKALIS.

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Lincecum just got his bell rang.. Man that was a collision. Gotta cringe when one of the best SP in the game blocks home plate like that.

  6. Giants need a utility infielder (DFA Burriss, he’s manure) and a first basemen who can hit better than the circus act they have going now as Belt, Pill and Huff have combined to fail miserably. DFA Pill, send Belt down to Fresno so he can regain his confidence, and either trade for a first baseman or pick one up off the waver wire. 

    Belt hits like a pansy, Pill never met a pitch he didn’t like, and Huff has been relegated to a back-up role with his off the field issues and his inability to hit that has carried over from last season.

    No more Belt (for now) and never again Pill.

  7. Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

    He’s turning into a headache.  They traded Alderson for him and will have paid him about $21M for less than 2 full seasons of playing time.
    It’s funny looking at the comments on the page for Sanchez’s last extension, lots of “WHAT ABOUT CULBERSON?”
    Oh well, if he got us a ring.

  8. Whole_New_World 3 years ago

    All things considered, Freddy for Alderson was a good trade for the Giants.

    Yep Freddy came in with a rep for injury. And, yep, he’s spent WAY too much time on the DL. His career may in fact be over.

    But Alderson has been a huge disappointment for the Bucs. He’s no longer a starter. He is having some success in the bullpen at AA this year.

    But, yeah, I’d make that trade every time.

  9. BLB25 3 years ago

    I don’t see what your point is about the Alderson deal.  I hated it at the time, but despite all of Sanchez’s injuries that was a fantastic trade in retrospect

  10. Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

     In hindsight yes, but he was a pretty good prospect at the time. You never know what could’ve happened.
    I’m not saying it was a bad trade, just what they’ve invested in Freddy.

  11. good thing mora isn’t coming.

  12. BLB25 3 years ago

    Given the Giants’ ability to evaluate and develop pitching I’m gonna assume they had an idea what direction Alderson was headed.  

  13. Tony DiQuattro 3 years ago

     Good point.

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