Heyman On Montero, Rivera, Rodney, Hamilton

Though offseason additions such as Albert Pujols and Heath Bell have disappointed so far this year, other free agent signings are playing well for new teams. Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com puts together a list of 25 such players, including C.J. Wilson, Bartolo Colon and Edwin Jackson. Here’s more from Heyman:

  • Heyman hears negotiations between the Diamondbacks and Miguel Montero could start up again soon (Twitter link). Montero, a free agent this offseason, has been seeking a four-year, $52MM deal.
  • The Yankees want Mariano Rivera back in 2013, but he'll have to wait until the season ends to discuss a contract, per team policy (Twitter link).
  • The Angels continue seeking relief help, Heyman tweets. However, few teams are looking to sell just yet.
  • Fernando Rodney says he signed with the Rays because they believed in his ability. "With the Angels they tried to change my mechanics to throw more strikes,'' Rodney recalled. "Here they told me, you come here, we're not going to change anything.''
  • Heyman suggests the Mets should extend manager Terry Collins for doing a “terrific job” (Twitter link).
  • One management person suggested a five-year, $100MM deal could work for the Rangers and Josh Hamilton, Heyman reports. One agent says a seven or eight-year deal worth $25-30MM per season seems more appropriate, assuming there’s protection for the Rangers. For more on Hamilton’s next contract, check out this post from earlier today.

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11 Comments on "Heyman On Montero, Rivera, Rodney, Hamilton"

3 years 3 months ago

7-8 years with $25-30 million per? HAH

3 years 3 months ago

7-8 years with a 50% chance of cloudy judgement

3 years 3 months ago

Must be Borass!

3 years 3 months ago

No it’s Michael Moye, and Boras would probably say that about one of his own clients. Yes even you Landon Powell.

3 years 3 months ago

 reality is that if it wasn’t for Josh’s personal demons, there is no way he would get anything less, he’d probably get an arod type contract.

but are the rangers not protected if he slips up? I mean his next failed test he’s out of baseball for life, I assume he wouldnt get paid in that circumstance

3 years 3 months ago

 John Heyman, you should really proofread your work… I mean 1 or 2 typos is acceptable but it looks like you hammered that out and didnt even read over it

3 years 3 months ago

including the last paragraph where he spells Capuano’s name 3 different ways in I believe 1 sentence

3 years 3 months ago

The Mets exercised the 2013 option for Terry Collins last September. Anything beyond that before this season is over is unnecessary. 
That aside, he’s doing a terrific, Manager of the Year-worthy job. 

3 years 3 months ago

” That aside, he’s doing a terrific, Manager of the Year-worthy job.”

To quote Yogi.. It ain’t over, till it’s over.. Remember.. The orioles, Tribe and Nationals are all in 1st place right now.. Plenty of time for the Mets’ wheels to fall off yet.

3 years 3 months ago

How about Fernando Rodney? I don’t think a single person thought he could have the success he’s had so far.

3 years 3 months ago

This amount of success, yes. But the Rays always seem to do well on the bargain bin.