Nate McLouth On Release Waivers

The Pirates have placed outfielder Nate McLouth on release waivers, Michael Sanserino of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports (on Twitter). If McLouth clears waivers he'll be granted his unconditional release and hit free agency.

The Pirates designated McLouth for assignment six days ago following a disappointing encore in Pittsburgh. McLouth signed a one-year, $1.75MM deal with the Pirates this past offseason after spending two and a half years in Atlanta. The 30-year-old posted a .385 OPS in 62 plate appearances back in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Guest 3 years ago

    Cubs should pick him up just for organizational depth.

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Shame he isn’t RH and awful.. ANYONE RH and awful is better than the soon to be off of the DL Darnell McDonald..

    • Karkat 3 years ago

      I hope the Red Sox just release him once he gets off the DL. They really can’t justify sending anyone down to keep him on the team. Although, that hasn’t stopped them before. Still a miracle we have Scott Atchison on the team…

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Don’t think they will. I always thought mcdonald was just Francona’s personal pet.. Much like Billy Hall was before him, but evidently McDonald has smoozed his way up to Bobby V as well somehow..

        They are better of with glove only Lin, who can at least play stellar “D” than McDonald whom fails miserabley at every aspect of the game.

        Atch have liked since Boston brought him back from Japan and is a case of the opposite.. Nobody will keep him on the roster long enough.. He’s not great, but he is a fair middle guy who can go up to 3IP. At least Valentine is letting him have his chance now. Francona never did.

        He (IMO) would give less stress than Padilla in the 8th inning setup role with his Bill Lee jr ephus pitch also and Atch’s cutter has really made him a decent weapon this year. Also don’t remember his velocity as ever being up to 92 before, which it has been on many occasions this season.

  3. bigpat 3 years ago

    .386 OPS- Is this real life??? 

  4. Michael Brown 3 years ago

    The future answer to obscure trivia questions of 2000’s era of baseball everywhere…

  5. Sorry to see Nate end his career this way.  He refused a minor league assignment from the Pirates after going on all winter about how he never wanted to leave Pittsburgh and was finally home.  I can’t see him getting a major league job without first working back up through the minors, and anyone who watched him play the past year knows that he needs a complete overhaul offensively.  Just don’t think it’s in the cards for Nate to make it back to the show.  Great guy who just forgot how to hit.

    • Michael Brown 3 years ago

      The question is can he pitch…

      Oh that’s right he throws right handed, and can’t hit the cutoff man from shallow center. Well there goes that chance.

      Good ole’ Nasty Nate.

  6. withpower 3 years ago

    Honestly if he’s willing to go to AAA I’d like the Yankees to take a shot in he dark.  Maybe he could even take Dewayne Wise’s position, who is also not hitting this year.  I know Wise is up mainly for defense, but I’d like to see what Kevin Long could do to get Nate straightened out.

    This guy was a legit bat for a while there.  It’s not even like he was that much of a late bloomer, either.

    • Slopeboy 3 years ago

      That’s pretty much what I’m thinking.Wise has shown absolutely nothing and Gardner has been way too slow to heal. I can’t see him being any worse than Wise.

  7. David Silverwood 3 years ago


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