Orioles Close To Deal With Miguel Tejada

MONDAY: Tejada passed his physical and is expected to sign his minor league deal with the O's tomorrow, reports Roch Kubato of MASNsports.com (Twitter link).

FRIDAY: The Orioles are close to a deal with Miguel Tejada, reports Brittany Ghiroli of MLB.com (Twitter links). GM Dan Duquette told Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com that they'll watch Tejada work out at the team's complex in Florida on Monday before officially signing him (Twitter link).

"We've got to take a look at him first," said the GM.

Tejada, 37, hit just .239/.270/.326 in 343 plate appearances with the Giants last season before being released in September. The SFX client spent 2004-2007 and the first half of 2010 with Baltimore, hitting .305/.354/.481 overall. Tejada could provide some third base depth is Mark Reynolds continues to struggle.

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  1. Ryan Graywacz 3 years ago


    • chico65 3 years ago

      Someone’s got to remind Duquette that it’s not 2002 anymore

  2. SFEvl1 3 years ago

    Ya look at him falling and missing plays.

  3. Matthew Young 3 years ago

    He couldn’t be worse than Mark Reynolds.

  4. Jake White 3 years ago


  5. Guest 3 years ago

    Is this a joke? Miguel wasnt good the second time they signed him and has only gotten worse since then… why sign him a third time? Did this team not learn anything from their Vlad Guerrero signing last year? *shakes head*

  6. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Muh time machine is bwoken!
    Actually he came back because that Rafael Palmiero guy isn’t there to rat him out anymore; or, there seems to be a shortage of third basemen in the game with injuries to Longoria, Sandoval, etc., making Mark Reynolds LOOK more desirable and available. Go with the latter.

  7. I have a quick question…Tejeda a better player for the A’s or the O’s?
    I’m not a fan of either but he seems to have been a better Oriole although he won an MVP with the A’s.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      O’s. He was downright awesome for the O’s, and then they traded him to Houston right as he started to decline.

  8. Ray 3 years ago

    Couldn’t be that bad? Who know he could be useful.

  9. Guest 3 years ago

    Orioles are actually off to a good start. So typical they would attempt to sabotage it with an awful nonsensical signing like this. The only explanation is they plan on using him as an upgrade over Reynolds at 3B – the problem? Robert Andino (who is already on the roster) would be an upgrade over Tejada defensively, offensively, and on the basepaths.

  10. I am so confused by this.
    The Cubs aren’t playing Blake DeWitt.
    Chase Headley may or may not be shopping him.
    Why are the O’s dumpster diving yet again?

    Tejada is a 106 years old!

    PS From watching tonight’s game:
    I gotta tell you I had no idea that Eckersly is sooo critical. I know the O’s defense has been brutal, 3 errors in 2 innings. I know that’s not good. However, he’s really tough. He would give Jim Palmer a good run for his money! Where is Jerry Remy! I like Remy. If I have to put up with the NESN feed, Lefty demands Remy!

  11. EpiphanyinBaltimore 3 years ago

    Andino is already an everyday player at 2B, though.

    • SFrush90 3 years ago

      Tejada’s not a 2B.

      • thegoldenone 3 years ago

        No one said he was. Previous comment said Andino would be better than Tejada at 3rd. But the comment you replied to brought up Andino isn’t available to play 3rd since he’s playing 2nd already.

        • SFrush90 3 years ago

          I don’t know what you’re reading. What you said is false. There’s nothing said about Andino being better or playing 3B better than Tejada. I’m not denying he’s a better player, but that’s not what is said. From reading what the poster said, the reader (me) assumes he means Tejada would take over 2B because why else would he say, “Andino is already an everyday player at 2B, though.”

          I see what you’re referring to. Epiphany isn’t replying to what Guest said above him. Epiphany’s comment has no connection. You got confused.

          • thegoldenone 3 years ago

            It’s the comment directly after it. No he didn’t hit reply as it was at the bottom of the page at the time. But it’s not hard to see at all with his use of “though” his comment is in reply to it and not a statement in to itself. So no, I am not the confused one.

          • SFrush90 3 years ago

            Just because he said “though” doesn’t mean he’s replying to that poster. He might have, but also might not have. I’m not confused either. You could be wrong, I could be wrong. Who cares? Let it go. 

          • thegoldenone 3 years ago

            What is your point of telling people you might be wrong and then let it go. Your way of getting the last word in? Whatever and yes it’s very clear he was replying to him.

          • SFrush90 3 years ago

            Dude, I was simply saying we don’t know who’s right or wrong. I wasn’t even saying I was right. Seems like you’re the one who has to be right since you seem so adamant about proving me wrong.

          • EpiphanyinBaltimore 3 years ago

            I was replying to the poster who stated that Andino would be a better 3B than Tejada. That doesn’t seem relevant, since Andino is already playing everyday at 2B and isn’t available to play 3B anyway.

            I don’t really think Tejada has much left in the tank, but I don’t really have a problem with a little depth over there. Neither Betemit or Reynolds can field. 

          • SFrush90 3 years ago

            There we have it. 

            Tejada is pretty terrible. I wish you guys good luck because over here last year, he brought nothing good to the field aside from one walk off win. 

          • Carl Langley 3 years ago

            Andino might go to third once Brian Roberts comes back, whenever that is.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      Who has proven that he is a very good defensive 3B. Move Andino to 3B, call up Antonelli (who can draw walks and was thought highly enough that the Os signed him to a MLB deal in the offseason) and platoon him and Ryan Flaherty at 2B to see if either of them are pieces for the future. 

      Makes infinitely more sense than wasting time on a player who you know is old and terrible at just about every facet of the game. No reason to dip into that empty well for a 3rd time.

  12. Eric 3 years ago

    This isnt a bad move.

    Just some defensive insurance at 3B.

    Good job Duquette

    • SFrush90 3 years ago

      Defensive insurance? Lol. I watched him at 3B/SS with the Giants and he was terrible with the glove and the bat. I’d be pissed if I was an O’s fan. 

      • Eric 3 years ago

        I’ll take my chances over Reynolds anyday

        • SFrush90 3 years ago

          Trust me, Tejada’s terrible. I guess there’s only going up from last year. I wish you good luck then.

          • Eric 3 years ago

            You dont need to tell me the type of player Tejada is he played for us before way before he did for you.

            I know his offense has declined and probably defense too.

            But seriously watch Mark Reynolds field balls at third base one time and you will agree.

  13. “Hes a veteran presence that plays the game the right way. Hes a professional hitter too” 

    • In all seriousness though these moves are marginal and have higher upside than downside. We just sometimes get crazy about because of players resumes and history. 

  14. mstrchef13 3 years ago

    If this doesn’t light a fire under Reynolds, I don’t know what will.

  15. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    both Wilson Betemit and Robert Andino are better players than Tejada at this point in his career.

  16. goredsgo 3 years ago

    im shocked everyone is bashing tejada when last year was the first time since 99 his BA was lower thatn .251

  17. Where was Coletti on this one?

  18. Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

    The O’s did not go after him. He went to them begging for a chance. I think its good for the O’s to give him a chance. He can be a veteran off the bench if he makes it back. Big IF

    Right now he is a maybe. If he shows something he will go to AAA and have to earn his way onto the roster. 

  19. Tejada passed his physical! Of course Tejada passed his physical, he’s in pretty good shape. The problem is physicals don’t take into account the fact that you’re old and slow. What the O’s should have done was a reflex test to Tejada to see where he is. I mean Mike Schmidt retired around the same age as Miguel is right now. Schmidt’s fielding skills were done and so are Miguel’s.

    PS What the O’s really need is pitching help!

  20. Huff's dog 3 years ago

    Somewhere in San Francisco, Brian Sabean is shaking his head and laughing….

    • Flharfh 3 years ago

       Or planning on how to reacquire him for his veteran leadership and intangibles

  21. Rabbitov 3 years ago

    I either need to be getting Miggy with it or Wiggy with it at all times.  This satisfies that need greatly. I am appeased. 

  22. MonsterPike 3 years ago

    They already have a Bill Hall down on the farm. Maybe they are planning on bringing him up, therefore signing Tejada to replace him at the AAA level, LoL!! 

    And just Maybe the O’s are planning on offering Flaherty back to the Cubs?

  23. The Real D Guar 3 years ago

    Tejada is symbolic of Oriole failure over the past decade. Great to see them bring him back to act as the cooler to this young team.

    • yeah…because a guy who posted 150 RBIs is a failure.  He was a good player on a bad team.  Everybody is getting obsessed over a signing for a player that has a slim chance of being an everyday starter.  He’s just an option and the best option (Reynolds, Betemit, Tejada, Hall, Andino) will get the starts.  It’s as easy as that.

  24. Chris 3 years ago

    Isn’t he getting old

  25. What’s everyone freaking out for, he signed a minor league contract, with his performance the last few years, he will have to perform better than good to get back in the show, the move may be more about him mentoring some of the O’s minor league players, their 2 best prospects are shortstops down in Bowie, they may use Tejada to help the one they are trying to convert into a 3rd baseman since he made that transition himself

  26. Nicholas Grimson 3 years ago


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