Twins Designate Sean Burroughs For Assignment

The Twins have designated Sean Burroughs for assignment, the team announced. The move creates room on the roster for Drew Butera.

Burroughs, 31, had just two hits and one walk in 18 plate appearances for Minnesota this season while playing both corner infield spots. The former top Padres' prospect resurfaced with the Diamondbacks last season after spending four years away from the game.

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  1. Double_Up 3 years ago

    No surprise there, Burroughs sure fell apart fast.

  2. Twinkilling61 3 years ago

    For Butera!

  3. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Clearing a spot for Jorge Cantu?

  4. It’s about time. Now, if we could just get rid of Liriano…

    • nick1538 3 years ago

       The problem is, there is no one to replace him…

      • rootlinuxusr 3 years ago

        Bring up a AA arm – got to be better than Liriano at this point. Maybe Wimmers?

        • nick1538 3 years ago

           That would be rushing Wimmers who already struggled last year with command.  Scott Diamond (already on the 40-man roster) would get a shot first. 

      • Anthony Swarzak or Brain Duensing can. Kyle Waldrop can replace one of them. 

        • nick1538 3 years ago

          That would weaken the bullpen, which is improved from last year.  Duensing can’t consistently get out right handed hitters and Swarzak is too valuable as a swing man.  Scott Diamond will get a shot first. 

  5. Bernaldo 3 years ago

    Terry Ryan caved in to Gardenhire’s incessant whining to have Butera back.  Butera proved over two seasons in the big leagues (and four in the minors) that he cannot hit.  He does not belong on a major league roster and there is no need for a third catcher with the Twins struggling so badly right now. This is a really stupid move. 

  6. This shows how much puull Gardy has.  This is a stupid stupid move by Terry Ryan.  Butera is a horrible hitter!  One of the worst (if not worst) hitter in MLB last year.  Management needs to tell Mauer to man up or rescind that monstrous contract of his.  Gardy always has a man crush on a mediocre player and unfortunately this one is worst than the last (Punto).  I don’t understand the urgency of this.  Doumit is a very capable catcher and he CAN HIT!  If anything they should have called up Diamond and sent Liriano down and see if someone claims him.  I am tired of Francisco, he has zero mental toughness andno idea how to pitch at the major league level.  All he does is throw throw throw and hopes to get someone out.

  7. I feel like they weren’t sure if Morneau would go to the DL with his wrist and they called up Butera to back up Mauer in case Doumit would have to fill in the DH spot for a while. Turns out Morneau is fine and they just let Burroughs go because it’s not like he was doing anything positive anyway.

  8. 0vercast 3 years ago

    Now that both Hughes and Burroughs are gone, who’s the Twins backup 3B if Valencia goes down?

    Casilla maybe?  With Plouffe at 2B.

    • plouffe played third in the minors and last night. did quite well.

    • nick1538 3 years ago

      Carroll has played 3B as well.  Not the kind of power you would like to see from the hot corner, but an option. 

  9. ClintB92 3 years ago

    I really dont think Burroughs was given a chance here.  This is crap because while Butera is decent deffensively, he cannot hit at all.  The way they were using burroughs he didnt have a chance to succeed.  I really thought they should have platooned 3rd base with burroughs going against rightys and valencia against leftys.

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