Cubs To Sign Paul Blackburn

The Cubs agreed to sign supplemental first round selection Paul Blackburn, Jim Callis of Baseball America tweets. The high school right-hander, represented by Adam Karon of Sosnick Cobbe Sports, will obtain a $912K bonus.

MLB recommends a $912K bonus for the 56th overall selection, which the Cubs obtained as compensation for losing Carlos Pena to free agency. Blackburn has a clean delivery and the potential for three plus pitches, Callis reports. 

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  1. terribleusername 3 years ago

    Oh nice. I was worried the Cubs would have to overslot Blackburn to keep him from going to college. This means they don’t have to underslot Almora now.

  2. Any chance Chicago would like to add Nick so they could have a pair of Blackburns in Chicago. I would think a dozen bats would be all the Twins would require in return…

  3. The town of Brentwood is very excited for Paul!  His father works for my wife as an elementary school PE teacher.

  4. baseball52 3 years ago

    He’s one of the top under 10 fingered players in the game!

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