Draft Signings: Diaz, Blach, Cubs, Red Sox

Here are the latest mid-to-late round draft signings…

  • The Mariners have signed third rounder Edwin Diaz for $300K reports ESPN's Kiley McDaniel (via Keith Law on Twitter). The right-hander was slotted for a $186K bonus.
  • The Giants have signed fifth rounder Ty Blach for a straight slot $225K, reports Jim Callis of Baseball America (on Twitter).
  • MLB.com's Carrie Muskat reports that the Cubs have signed fifth rounder Anthony Prieto ($200K), 10th rounder Chad Martin ($10K), 13th rounder Bijan Rademacher, 16th rounder Michael Hamann ($100K), and 22nd rounder Eduardo Orozco ($1K). Chicago has signed 21 picks so far.
  • The Red Sox have signed sixth rounder Justin Haley and 19th rounder Iseha Conklin according to WEEI.com's Alex Speier (on Twitter). Haley's slot number was approximately $164K.

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  1. Bob George 3 years ago

    Doesn’t that put the Red Sox over their budget and they lose their next 2 first round picks? There was a report last week that said Boston had only 13k left to spend before they would go so far over budget MLB would punish them with loss of their next 2 first round picks (they would already get fined for going over budget).

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      That’s assuming that Johnson and Maddox sign for slot, which they aren’t expected to.

  2. cubs223425 3 years ago

    No, they have to go more than 20% over to lose 2 1sts. They’d just lose 1.

  3. How does the Mariners’ 3rd round pick have a lower slot than the Giants’ 5th round pick? I think Diaz’s slot should be higher than $186K.

    And now that I click on the Twitter link, Law was saying that he was $186K below slot. So the slot should be $486K.

    • Wes Whitenack 3 years ago

      We have to get Zunino at like 4.3M compaired to a 5ish slot value. But given the whole Z and his dad (a scout) are friends so they should work out something to help the team.

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