Mets Notes: Trades, Qualls, Lidge, Street

The Mets' deadline discussions with other clubs have not started "in earnest" and have been limited to cursory conversations so far, a baseball source told Adam Rubin of  Apparently, teams that might be sellers were largely unwilling to concede they were ready for that position yet.  The official also projected that trades across baseball will likely be more about absorbing salary than parting with prospects.  Here's a look at the Mets tonight..

  • A team insider told Rubin that the players available now might not be worth acquiring for the Mets.  Players available now such as Chad Qualls and Brad Lidge likely wouldn't be gamechangers for the Mets.
  • The Mets are already actively working to get bullpen help and called the Padres to ask about Huston Street, a source tells Andy Martino of the New York Daily News (via Twitter).  Street's prior issues with bench coach Bob Geren would also not be a factor if there is a fit.

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  1. Superbrain786 3 years ago

    These relievers are like Pokemon, gotta catch em all!

  2. LastingsMilledgeHigh5 3 years ago

    no harm in taking a flier on one of those guys i suppose, but they definitely need a lights out reliever soon

  3. NickinIthaca 3 years ago

    I have a hard time imagining that Street’s problems with Geren won’t be a problem – at least on the field.  I can’t imagine Street is going to want a bench coach he referred to as the worst coach he ever played for.  And I’d assume Geren has heard the quote and has his own feelings on it.

  4. LittleZemo 3 years ago

    No one wants Chad Qualls. He’s worse than what the Mets have.

  5. bigpat 3 years ago

    Qualls and Lidge are gamechangers, you bring them in and you lose the game. 

  6. Street would be a nice fit for us.

    Familla+Murphy+Turner for Street and Quentin hmm

    • no way in hell do i give 2 infielders and familia for another injury prone LF and a reliever with health issues

      • Did you even bother to look at street’s numbers he is arguably the best closer in the NL right now.Carlos Quentin is a big right handed power threat acquiring both from SD would fix our needs.

    • MetsEventually 3 years ago

      Why would someone want Turner and a future reliever in Familia? If anything it’s going to be Matt den Dekker for Huston Street. 

      • Familla has good stuff and if Minaya is anywhere within the Padres organization he has to be whispering to Hoyer his potential.Den Dekker is a 4th outfielder we may get chump change for him.Den Dekker just got demoted to AA.As far as Murphy he has proen to be a everyday player who can hit for a high averege and spray the ball but can also play a variety of positions on the field amd he can be under team control for a while.Grant it his defense is averge at best but his offense is above averge to say at the least.

    • Kappy32 3 years ago

      Murphy is definitely a candidate to go, but not Turner & probably not Familia. What you proposed isn’t enough to get both of them & the Mets aren’t trading Familia, Harvey or Wheeler. A package that includes Mike Matz, Corey Vaughn, Jenrry Mejia & Murphy would land both of them. Mejia is expendable because the Mets keep moving him to a RP when he is clearly a better SP. Matz is a solid prospect from Long Island NY, and he’s a lefty, but he’s coming off TJ surgery. Corey Vaughn is the big factor here, I believe. The Padres are always looking for young, quality OFs & Vaughn could fit that bill. Vaughn has shown flashes of great promise & has also shown bust potential. As for Murph, I love the guy but I would be surprised if he’s a Met come August 1. He’s a man without a position & the Mets have a lot of 2B prospects that could come up & make a difference. One note that could be nothing or could be something, the Mets had Wlmer Flores playing 2B the past couple games. He’s having a monster season & could be called up to replace Murphy when he’s sent away. Another candidate is Reese Havens; Havens & Flores have a lot higher upside than Murphy & Mets fans need to realize that before they go crazy with losing Murphy. Quentin would be a perfect fit because Duda is not cutting it in right. When you look at his horrendous defense & compare it to his .240-.260, 10 HR output as a “power hitter” he doesn’t belong in the starting lineup.

      The Mets are going to be very active this deadline with money to spend finally. Look for them to be serious players for Myers from the Astros too. He won’t cost a prospect & will be more of a salary dump. He is similar to K-Rod past year where he has a vesting option the Astros can’t afford if he finished 55 games. I see the Mets taking on his entire salary with no prospect exchange, maybe a very low, C- prospect, and him moving to the 8th inning guy or even back to the rotation once Gee starts crapping the bed again.

      Let’s Go Mets!!!


      • Familla they probably wouldn’t trade your right.However like you said Mejjia could be a replacement and I think your talking about Steven Matz not Mike Matz.He is coming off TG surgery and could be the end piece of that deal.Here is a revised trade

        Matz+Mejjia+Vaughn+Murphy/Valdespin (more on the murph side)

  7. My ass there wouldn’t be problems between Street and Geren. Could Street have thrown him under the bus any more? “Least favorite person in baseball ever”? I don’t see that functioning XD

  8. Novito 3 years ago

    Sure hope its just for cash considerations. Relievers are almost always flash in a pan players. They can be great 1 yr & trash next. Albeit that can happen to any player its mainly relievers. I def dont wanna trade Murph for a reliever.

  9. lefty177 3 years ago

    I met Huston when he was with Oakland & he talked about how if Oakland wanted to trade him he’d be fine with that but he hoped that where they traded him he would want to stay there the rest of his career, he sounded sincere about it

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