Olney On Cubs, Dempster, Rockies, Betancourt

If ESPN.com's Buster Olney cast one of the 32 ballots for National League MVP, he wouldn't hesitate to vote for Ryan Braun if his production warranted it.  Here's more from Olney's column (Insider subscription required)..

  • The Cubs desperately need prospects and sources say they're essentially willing to buy them.  Chicago is okay with eating a large portion of Ryan Dempster's salary for the rest of the year to pry good young players away from an interested team like the Red Sox or Dodgers.  Dempster is being paid $13.5MM this season, which means that any team that traded for him now would owe him roughly $8MM.
  • Even though the Rockies record would indicate that they are in sell mode, rival officials say that the club doesn't present blockbuster material.  One evaluator said that the club has "pieces", but not major chips.  Reliever Rafael Betancourt and veteran Jason Giambi could be of interest to contenders.
  • Olney wonders if the Blue Jays' recent rash of injuries in the rotation will deter them from pursuing a starter or if they'll instead feel so strongly about the rest of the team that they'll pay a premium for someone like Matt Garza.

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