Rosenthal’s Latest: Saunders, Quentin, Cards, Pirates

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has a new Full Count video up. Let's recap…

  • Teams looking for rotation help should call the Diamondbacks about Joe Saunders. Arizona wants to get top prospect Trevor Bauer into their rotation, but right now there's just no room.
  • The identity of the Padres' new owner will not be known before August, leaving the front office to make its own call on Carlos Quentin prior to the trade deadline. They could keep him and make him a qualifying offer after the season (entitling them to draft pick compensation), though they'd be gambling on future payroll before knowing the new owner's plans. The safest move could be trading the outfielder.
  • The Cardinals will wait to hear more about Chris Carpenter's status before making a move for a veteran starting pitcher in the wake of Jaime Garcia's shoulder injury. St. Louis wanted Jeff Francis badly, but the timing wasn't right; Garcia appeared to be healthy when Francis hit the market.
  • The Pirates have inquired about a number of corner infield bats, including Kevin Youkilis, Chase Headley, and Bryan LaHair. Some of those targets are more realistic than others, plus the trade market has yet to really materialize. There are far more buyers than sellers, though Pittsburgh has the pitching depth to swing a deal.

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  1. The Padres will be lucky to average one run a game if they trade Quentin and Headley at the deadline. 

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      pitching is an even bigger issue than hitting for the padres, though that has a ton to do with injuries. I’m not a fan of trading Headley but its obvious he is under valued by the organization, if he gets traded gyorko probably gets promoted and hits decently (though as a complete player his ceiling is far lower than headleys who has a war of about 10 in the last 2 1/4 seasons)

  2. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    going to take at least 1 of the top 5 (cole/taillon/bell/heredia/marte) to get headley

    • Bucn24 3 years ago

      you are being a bit greedy

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        not at all, a top 5 3B in his prime.

        • LOL…not usually one to reply with a ‘jerk’ tone, but let me help you…

          Longoria, Beltre, HanRam, Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, A-Rod, David Freese, Brett Lawrie, Mike Moustakas.

          Those are all 3B I’d rather have than Chase Headley. He’s not even top 10 in the MLB.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            chase headley has an ops over 950 on the road and plays terrific defense, your delusional if you think those 3B’s (save longoria and wright) are better than headley.

          • Zico 3 years ago

             I’m delusional to think Miguel Cabrera isn’t worth having over Headley at 3B? I could make a case for every single player I listed over Headley if you care to hear it, unless your fanaticism will deafen you.

        • pirateswillwinin2013 3 years ago

           your delusional

    • If the Pirates give up any of those players for Headley, I will personally fly out to what ever dream world you live in and buy you a steak dinner. There’s no chance that the Pirates’ management gives up any sort of top prospect for Chase Headley.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        then they won’t get chase headley or any significant player

  3. formerdraftpick 3 years ago

    Interesting on the Pirates inquires. I hope they can work something out for at least one of the three mentioned.

  4. bigpat 3 years ago

    Will the Padres even have a payroll over 10M after this offseason? I know Quentin is injured a lot, but instead of spending their dollars on scrubs like Bartlett and Hudson, they should invest in someone who can actually hit in their park. Also Street will be off the books, they will barely have anyone over the minimum and should have no choice but to spend money somewhere. 

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      the padres will have a payroll of approximately 80 million going into next year after the offseason shakes out, the moves would have nothing to do with money. I’d like to see them going after Anibal Sanchez (imo the most underrated starter in the majors) and BJ Upton in the offseason.

      • bigpat 3 years ago

         They would have to sign so many players to get their payroll to that level, where did you hear that from? Even if they sign a front line starter, keep Headley and Quentin, they’d probably still be under 50m.

    • IF Moorad had been the owner, the Padres had promised to have a payroll in the $70-80 million range in 2013. With the team up for sale there is no telling what the payroll will be. Likely more than the $55 million they had this year, but no telling exactly what it will be.

      NO ONE can hit consistently in Petco. League average since it opened is .219 compared to .251 in the rest of the parks.

  5. sch1989 3 years ago

    I’d offer the Fathers Rudy Owens for Headley. I absolutely want Headley out of the three. I do not want LaHair whatsoever. Youk would come cheap IMO. 

    • bigpat 3 years ago

      I would probably rank Youk, Headley, and LaHair in that order but I’d go in for Quentin and Willingham at all costs. Each of those guys can hit in the 4 spot of the order and take a ton of pressure off Alvarez and Jones, the lineup would really fall into place. I would platoon Tabata and Jones in the outfield or just trade Tabata because I think he’s useless.

      Headley can get on base but that’s about it. I’d like a guy who can hit some home runs here and there, and though I do like Youkilis, he’s more name recognition at this point than production.

      • sch1989 3 years ago

        It seems like Youk’s production has went downhill every year he’s been a full time player. Plus he’s 33 and I’m not sure I can trust him right now.. I’d take him, but I’d be skeptical. I think if Headley didn’t play in Petco, his numbers would be a lot better. Plus he’s cheaper and younger than the trio.

        I would love Willingham but I don’t think the Twins trade him yet due to his contract. Quentin would be an absolute want, but I think bigger clubs who would mortgage their future a lot more confidently than we would will land him.  

    • Not getting Headley for a guy with a ceiling of a 4th starter. 

      Figure it this way, if his name isnt in Pirats top 5 prospects, not going to get a guy with a .950 OPS away from Petco this season.

      • pirateswillwinin2013 3 years ago

         your not going to get a top 5 prospect for a guy who has a career high 12 HRs and whopping OPS of 773.

        • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

          sure we are and easily, since start of 11 he has a road OPS of 900, petco neutralizes his “overrall basic offensive numbers” but if you look at stats that do actually matter with context, you see that a top 5 3B in his prime with team controll till 2015 is worth a lot.

    • You do not want to give up a lefty with that much talent. Have you looked at Owens number this year they are fantastic! I say we bring up Owens see how he does in the majors and if he performs give the Padres Bedard and a lower tier prospect like Lambo

  6. #FreeTrevorBauer

  7. Lahair most probable of that trio to be traded. Rizzo is tearing up AAA.

  8. tomymogo 3 years ago

    I’d like for the Braves to get busy. First sign Bourn to 4 years 52 million. Then sign Martin Prado to 5 years 60 million, and last but not least sign Brian McCann to 5 years 80 million. 

    Those are the 3 main priorities of the offseason, after that maybe look into signing Carlos Quentin to 3 years 36 million with a vesting option worth 12 million for a fourth year.

    That would mean they would have 53 million invested on those 4 players + Uggla that is 66 million in 5 players, and none of those 5 players are pitchers. Tim Hudson has a 9 million club option which I think they should and will take but that’ll be only one year, and after that Hudson will be 37 and he should start making less money. The arbitration guys are coming in bunches, Kimbrel is a guy that will make a lot of money with the way he is going. Beachy, Hanson, Heyward, Venters are other notables.

    All in all, I think the Braves have a great future, and would definitely be a world series contender for the next 5 years if they could at least have a 100-110 million payroll that can be possible. But maybe they need to win the World Series this year or I don’t see Liberty Media doing it.

  9. tomymogo 3 years ago

    Why do people want Jeff Francis? the guy is injury prone, a career ERA of 4.78 and getting worse every year. He is awful

  10. CubsFan5 3 years ago

    Brandon McCarthy seems like he could be a fit in Pittsburgh. He’d be an upgrade over Correia. 

    • pirateswillwinin2013 3 years ago

      Correia won’t be in the rotation long with Karstens coming back soon. Plus we have Rudy Owens and Jeff Locke pitching extremely well in AAA. We have a lot of SP depth in the ML and in AAA and when Kyle McPherson gets healthy he will get a shot in the ML too. We don’t need pitching



    • CubsFan5 3 years ago

      You guys don’t have the money for Youk. Not to mention he really is in a decline. 

  12. who could pirates get for tabata, rudy owens, robbie grossmen, and jeff locke?

  13. Justin Gray 3 years ago

    I’d guess that Owens and Locke could fetch a decent rent-a-player.  Tabata’s been bad this season but is under team control for a long time. He’s probably worth more to the pirates than to any other team for those reasons.  Grossman is struggling in AA this year, so i doubt he has much value at all.

    I could see one of Locke or Owens being included in a deal this year. 

    I could see the Pirates getting a corner infielder and a solid 4th outfielder type.

    Headley or Youki  and a Jeff Francoeur type.

    • pirateswillwinin2013 3 years ago

       Headley would be nice but not for what this SD Fans think he’s worth… They should try and get a package of young upside arms from the buccos like a Kingham, Holmes, Cain, ZVR, Glasnow, Dodson, etc and Position players like Rojas Jr. Polanco, Osuna, Harold Ramirez, etc.

  14. DempseyK 3 years ago

     I would like Headley also, I think his bat would play well at PNC park.  But no way he is worth a top 5 prospect.

  15. If its for Headley, send Lincoln, Kingman, and Gorkys Hernandez (1 MLB ready young P, one young starter, and a young 4th OF).

    If its for Youk, send Hanrahan, Correia, Polanco, and Grossman for Youk, Lavarnway (blocked by Salty and Shoppach), and maaaaaybeeee Xander Bogaerts?
    Boston clears out a blocked catcher, an old 3B, and gets a closer, a long-reliever/spot/5th starter, good young OF prospects. 
    Pitt gets a 1B/3B/leadership, and a catcher for the future not named Tony Sanchez. 

    •  Headley would command a lot more than that.

      • Really? 
        A 27 yr old starter who would lead your team in ERA, K/9, and WHIP. 
        Hernandez could probably start in the Padres OF.  And Kingman is a good pitching prospect.
        That seems more than enough for a kid approaching 30 that wiffs 130 times w/ 12 HRs.

        • Not a Padres fan, but as a fan of the D Backs, I see Headley a lot. He’s one of the more underrated players in the league. Brad Lincoln is not going to be the headliner of a package for Headley. Too many question marks for that. I could see an Alen Hanson type being a headliner. Maybe they could get away with Marte and Lincoln + lower ceiling guys.

          Youkilis should be much cheaper than Headley.

  16. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    Here are some facts on Chase Headley when compared to other 3B
    War since 2010: Third (10.3)
    Defensive value since 2010: Third (18.3)
    wRC+ since 2010: 11th (114)
    SB since 2010: Third (35)

    He is the most underrated player in baseball

    • The WAR is only high because the team is so bad that without him they would not have much it doesn’t mean he is the third best 3B in baseball. It is a non-standardized stat

    • Todd Smith 3 years ago

      After reading these comments, I feel like he might be the most overrated player in baseball.  Good grief.

  17. Because Logan Forsythe already is playing 2B and doing well so far.

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