Yankees Like Dempster; Dodgers Eyeing Garza

Ryan Dempster held the Red Sox scoreless for seven innings in Chicago today and even picked up two hits to provide his team's offense with some assistance. Here's the latest on Dempster and his teammate, Matt Garza:

  • Several contenders, including the Yankees and Dodgers, covet Dempster, Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
  • Two scouts at today's game said the Yankees prefer Garza to Dempster, David Kaplan reports (on Twitter).
  • Dempster told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports that he doesn’t pay attention to the rumors, though it’s flattering to know teams are interested in him. “I’ve been itching to get back to the playoffs,” Dempster told Rosenthal. “I just wanted another opportunity. I never got it. And we’ve struggled since then.” Dempster is a clear summer trade candidate, as I explained yesterday.
  • The Dodgers are interested in Garza, Rosenthal reports. Garza, 28, has a 4.04 ERA with 8.3 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 71 1/3 innings for the Cubs this year.

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  1. ChiCubs13 3 years ago

    It will be a long summer if these two get traded, but hopefully it will be worth it for the future.

    • the_show 3 years ago

      Honestly it is going to be a long summer either way…might as well get some value with your trade chips

      • ChiCubs13 3 years ago

        That is true, but it will be even longer running out a bunch #5 starters every day. But I will take the value for the future over the present.

        I hope for Dempster he gets his shot at a ring. Class guy.

        • no problem trading garza and/or demp, but I shudder to think what theo and jed think is value in return. More like volstad, wood, stewart?

          • ChiCubs13 3 years ago

            You can’t use those trades as what they think is value for Dempster and Garza. The trade that brought in Stewart was a change of scenerey for him and Tyler Colvin. Getting Volstad was to rid ourselves of Zambrano and his 5 anger acts this season that he would have had in Chicago, and getting Wood, Sappelt, and Torreyes was a solid deal so far. Wood is what is expected, Sappelt is a filler, and Torreyes could be something. It’s not like Marshall is excelling over in Cincy.

          • inmateprof 3 years ago

            OK, seriously, you can’t honestly justify these trades.  They were awful.  We got terrible value.  I agree with sheilendr.  We have got nothing for the players we traded since Theo took over.  Name one.  Rizzo is probably the best 4A player out there, but that’s about it.  Now that Dempster and Garza are performing well, we better get some value.  I know the Theo worshippers will find some way to tell us how brilliant they were, but look at the stats, our record, and the record of our minor league teams.  If Hendry made these deals, Cub fans would crucify him.

          • Eric Foster 3 years ago

            Value? Zambrano was a contract dump. We would have been just as happy with Volstad as we would have with a little plastic helmet full of soft serve.

            As for Marshall- Why would a non contender hold onto a lefty bullpen guy? He brought back a starter with upside and a decent 2B prospect.
            120-150 innings of Wood is more valuable than 25 holds and 5 saves from Marshall.
            Making Marshall a starter would have been a better option than letting him toil away in the pen.
            They sold high. That’s what smart teams do.

            Rizzo? A 4A player? I really shouldn’t even call you out on this. Wrigley Field is pretty conducive to power hitting left handed hitters. 4A lables are for guys in their late 20’s.
            Cashner was a young kid coming off some potentially serious, big picture arm problems. 

            This is all common sense.

          • Kyle Mayhugh 3 years ago

             A contract dump in which the Cubs saved no salary? Not a very good contract dump…

            I loved the Marshall trade, and the Rizzo trade has turned out better than we ever could have hoped. But it’s okay to admit that the Zambrano/Volstad trade was a flop.

          • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

            There’s a difference between a salary dump and a contract dump. There’s no denying that Zambrano had to go. Keeping him in Chicago would have been a disaster. By including as much money as we did, we were able to get something of some value (Volstand) in return for him.

          • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

            I would have been really happy if Hendry had made any of these deals. Would you have preferred that we signed Fielder or Pujols in the offseason, saddling the team with yet another enormous long-term contract?

          • inmateprof 3 years ago

            No Mr. Strawman, that’s not what I would have preferred.  If you are going to dump players/contracts, get some better value.  That is the definition of rebuilding.  Zambrano did not “have” to go.  Theo wanted him to go as seen by the fact that we are paying 15 million for him to pitch in Florida.  Now we have a bunch of number 5 starters that have not produced.  Theo has not gotten squat in any of the signings or trades.  They have been disasters.  I didn’t say anything about signing Pujols.  Theo wants to rebuild, and so do I.  But, he’s done a crappy job of it and I’d hope Cub  fans would hold him accountable, and stop giving him idol status.  

          • ChiCubs13 3 years ago

            You’re judging Theo and Jed on less than a year’s time with a team that was a complete disaster under former management. Now they haven’t stuck gold but none of the signings or trades were that bad except maybe the Zambrano and Volstad. But either way Zambrano had to go. You can’t keep giving out chances when he just does the same thing over and over. It was addition by subtraction with Zambrano. There’s no way Zambrano would have pitched the way he has in Chicago.

  2. the_show 3 years ago

    Dempster’s quote is a nice way of saying please trade me

  3. Joey E 3 years ago

    dodgers trade for garza. trade billingsley this offseason, sign hamels anyways (extend garza too).

    boom. huge splash from new ownership

    btw, not saying i dont like Bills. just in my my crazy scheme, he’s expendable with guys like Nathan Eovaldi and Rubby De La Rosa on top of lilly, capuano and harang. sure Garza might cost Eovaldi or De La Rosa, but both? idk

    • ChiCubs13 3 years ago

      You can hand over Kershaw too while you’re at it.

      • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

        Cubs couldn’t get Kershaw with their entire 25 man roster. 

        • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

          I don’t know. If the Dodgers aren’t convinced that Dee Gordon is the answer at shortstop, a Castro-Kershaw trade isn’t impossible.

          • its beyond impossible! kershaw is NOT getting dealt unless in a couple years the dodgers decide they cant resign him. while castro would be an improvement over dee, hes not worth kershaw…like East Coast Bias said hah

        • ChiCubs13 3 years ago

          Sorry, I thought people knew I wasn’t being serious. But It could be possible if it was a Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and another prospect maybe? I’m not sure, just a random thought. I don’t know if I’d do it though.

    • dempster wouldn’t probably cost both, but garza would.

    • Ned might be able to find a taker for Bills but it would basically be a salary dump with a low level prospect or two coming back. Can’t really expect much more at this juncture. You’d have to hope that he heats up down the stretch and performs well in the playoffs in order to warrant a juicier return. (if the Dodgers make it of course. Fingers crossed!)

    • Mike C. 3 years ago

      Dodgers farm system is light on talent.  Eovaldi most certainly will be in a trade for a SP. 

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

        Trading a starting pitcher to get a starting pitcher never made much sense to me, and even less so for either of two starters who are certainly no better than the player being dealt.

  4. I am surprised the headline didn’t read like this instead:
    Yankees Like Dempster, Dodgers Eyeing Garza, and the Orioles sizing up Soriano
    Seriously, though Dempster has has some pretty lean years and others were sprinkled with success. I wonder what his new team will be getting if and when the Cubbies trade him? Plus, he isn’t cheap with his final contract year being at 14 million. Heck, Brett Myers is only 11 million. He could always be stretched out as a starter again.

    PS If Kevin Gregg is “Captain Chaos”, Carlos Marmol is a General! Holy Cow!

  5. Chauncey Scott 3 years ago

    Yanks will not get any serviceable arm, is my feeling. All teams are gonna ask for is the top tier pitching prospects. Years ago, when the Jays wanted Hughes or Joba for Halladay, they should’ve done it. You’d also want to say the same for Johan. However now, they need to sit tight, and ride this thing thru. They have the best record in the AL, after weathering the Joba, Mo, and Gardner storms, and it hasn’t even gotten hot yet. 

    I know the minor league stats for the Killer B’s haven’t been dazzling, but sometimes guys don’t flourish til they get the show. We need to stay the course.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Halladay is making $20M and Johan $25M.  It would have been nice to get them, but it is a very steep price to pay in prospects and then paying market value.  If the twins had taken the best package they would have been better off.  Hughes and melky, or ellsbury and masterson would have been both better.  But both teams didn’t want to give up prospects and cash.

      I think that hughes and joba would have been better if not for all the funky stuff when they came up.  Look how ian turned out, and he was the worst of the lot.

    • Vmmercan 3 years ago

      Agree on Halladay but don’t agree on Johan, and no because of how their careers progressed. Trading for Halladay was a time when nobody else was available and they sorely needed an ace. Cashman said himself he didn’t trade for Johan because he knew CC was walking the following offseason and would only cost money, money that would be coming off the books in the form of 81 million, hence adding Burnett and Tex too.

  6. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    Dempster is a huge regression to the mean candidate I would be afraid of that especially in the AL East he has an xFIP of 3.75, for comparisons sake Garza is 3.54. Garza will obviously cost more however given his age/salary.  

  7. Jorden 3 years ago

    Ned, “We want Dempster and LaHair”
    Theo, “We want Eovaldi + 3 top prospects”
    Ned, “We want Garza and LaHair”

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      You always ask for more than you can get, and settle for less.

    • Bob Salek 3 years ago

      lahair and Dempster for de la rosa + A ball prospect 
      LaHair and Garza for De La Rosa + 2 AA prospects

  8. bigpat 3 years ago

    If you have some scrub former top prospect then you can probably get either of these guys since Theo seems to be in love with those types.

    And yes I’m fully aware that the Pirates have dealt with more than their fair share of these types as well. 

    • kittycatman 3 years ago

      What player of any value are you referring to that Theo has given up to get the type of player you described? Surely you aren’t talking about Tyler Colvin.

      • Vmmercan 3 years ago

        My best guess is this is an Andrew Miller reference…

  9. Guest 3 years ago

    I am a Yankee fan but I have to say, if they get Dempster I am going to be sick, they have a huge pool of the talent already. Its not even fun anymore when teams like the Royals, Mets, Padres don’t stand any change and every big name player goes to one or two teams. It takes the whole fun out of winning

    • Slopeboy 3 years ago

      I agree with your premise, everyone should have a chance.But I’m sure you don’t remember the years 1965 through 1976, or 1982 through 1996. Most Yankees fans don’t know or recall those years and think that Yankees dominance is a birthright or at least a given. I’ve lived with those terrible teams and know and appreciate how things are now.

      Same thing for the older Red Sox fans that have suffered even more than Yankees fans. I’m a Baseball fan first and a passionate Yankees fan second, and it’s more fun when everyone competes equally, but I make no bones if my team continues to win when they abide by the rules.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         You mean the CBS (NYY) and Haywood Sullivan/Jean Yawkey (Boston) were not the teams Boston and NYY fans want to recall 1st and foremost? I kinda’ recall some highlights from 1 CBS NYY team..

        Bobby Murcer, falling into the RF seats at Fenway, as in ALL THE WAY and robbing Yaz of a HR.. Umpire ran all the way out to see if he had the ball and he wasn’t even up when the umpire got to him.. his legs were poking over the wall and nothing else was on the TV (Saturday broadcast back then Joe Garagiola.. u might even remember the game) and why the fenway faithful didn’t take the ball away from Murcer goes to show how gamesmanship at that time was 1st.. Now that guy would have been mobbed.

        • Slopeboy 3 years ago

          Frank Robinson did the same thing. Leaped high in the air to ‘steal’ a HR in the bottom of the 9th with two outs, one year. I was one of the 12,000 fans who was sitting not too far away in RF and could actually see Robinson feeling around on the floor for the ball after landing in the seats. Finally he came up with ball in hand and the ump made the out call to end the game.

          Robinson left with a smile on his face accompanied by a chorus of curses and catcalls.But no one attempted to confront him physically, as in those
          days, there was a bit more respect for the professional athlete. As you say, that doesn’t happen today.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             That would be sick if it probably wasn’t so exciting to have been there ATM..

            The game sure has changed in that regard.. Respect has changed. Think it began in the mid-late 70’s when people began throwing objects onto the field.. Remember at fenway they would throw things at Mickey Rivers after the Bill Lee injury during that huge brawl. Rivers in the paper had like a 5″ long bolt he brought in from CF that was thrown at him once. Then at Yankee stadium remember they used to throw raw hot dogs at him. That was when I (at least) thought the game started slipping from a professional point of respect amongst the fans and went beyond just booing.

            Rivers started wearing a helmet at Fenway’s CF after that ‘bolt” incident.

  10. MB923 3 years ago

    @MaineSox:disqus , to continue on from here

    “Until guys get enough innings for stats to stabilize WAR jumps around
    because the stats can swing crazy amounts with just one outing.  And
    sorry, but did you use 2 years WAR because it makes your point better? 
    Generally speaking you would use 4 years, and over their respective last
    four years Dempster beats Pettitte in WAR, ERA, FIP, xFIP, K/BB, and SIERA.”

    And are you using 4 years becuase it makes your point better? I can use the past 5 and 6 years which would make Pettitte’s Much better (although 2 of those years are with Houston). You said the last few years which is usually 3 years and the last 2 years including this year (at their current rates), Pettite has been better than Dempster. It’s fair to say Dempster has been better over the last 4 years but Pettite has been better the last 2+ years. Just like how CC Sabathia has been better than Justin Verlander (26.4 WAR to 25.1 WAR) the last 4 years, but Verlander has been better than Sabathia the last 2 years (13.4 to 12.4)

    I’m very sorry, but Ryan Dempster, a lifetime National League pitcher, is not an upgrade over Andy Pettitte, a lifetime (minus 3 years) AL East pitcher. There are stats that prove Dempster sucks against the AL (Over 200 innings and a 4.68 ERA).

    And I don’t care if Pettitte is older, he’s a proven effective pitcher in this division and only ONE time in his 17 year history has he had an ERA+ below 100. Dempster has had an ERA+ Below 100 in 8 years.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      Most of that came as a reliever for Dempster (they only made him a starter in ’08), so it’s hard to say that it is really all that relevant to him now, as a starter.  And I used four years because it is a standard sample size to use, not for any other reason.

      • Yanksfan4everVT 3 years ago

        MaineSox….stick to your Red Sox, please. I would honestly not take Dempster over ANY of the Yankees top 5 starters. Now that Pettite just went down for quite some time, obviously, he would be an upgrade over Phelps, Garcia, or Warren. CC is obviously better as is Kuroda. I honestly feel like Kuroda gets nowhere near the credit he deserves, the guy IS a legit #2 starter. Nova is very young and frankly has been pitching great lately and I believe that he will only continue to get better. When Andy gets back there is no way in heck that I would take Dempster in a big game over him either. So, unless maybe you take Hughes out and put him back in the pen I see nowhere for this guy to go. 

  11. the_show 3 years ago

    Dempster has a lifetime ERA of 4.78 against the American League…not sure he is a good fit in the AL

  12. LazerTown 3 years ago

    tbh they would be crazy to get dempster.  He is really not an ace and theo/hoyer will ask for a huge haul.  The cost is not worth it to the small possible upgrade, they do still have phelps if a starter gets injured.

  13. Slopeboy 3 years ago

    After the way the Andy Pettitte situation turned out, I’m not about to say the Yanks don’t need Dempster, but I’m wondering where he fits in at the moment.What are the Yankees going to give up to obtain him? Again, I’m assuming that they’re not going to give any of their current starters and who would he replace on the staff other than Garcia?
    Can’t see them giving up any real prospects, especially when he’s due to make $14MM next year. The article appears to me like a reporter writing stuff just to fulfill a dateline. Anytime you write about the Sox or Yanks it gets more attention. Certainly, I’ve been wrong before, but this is what this article seems to me.

  14. Vmmercan 3 years ago

    So you’re saying the Yankees should give up talent to acquire a guy who currently has no spot in the rotation because he might be an upgrade over our mop up and 7th arm in the bullpen and there may be an injury where he might outperform Phelps and Garcia?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have Dempster as an insurance policy, but something tells me the Cubs don’t value him that way.

  15. NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

    If anything Hughes would be the one in the Bullpen.

  16. Sky14 3 years ago

    So if you were gm you would trade a bunch of quality prospects for a starting pitcher to move him to middle relief and a center fielder to move him to left?

  17. Mike C. 3 years ago

    Why pay prorated $14 million for a middle reliever in Dempster?  They are at the cap threshold and may have to pay a luxury tax on top of it…

  18. Ptk123 3 years ago

    So you would put a starter with a 2.14 ERA in the bullpen before him? What would be the point in the Yankees trading for Dempster to use him for MR????????

  19. Ptk123 3 years ago

    Yeah let’s use small samples of his career to judge how well he is against the AL.

  20. the_show 3 years ago

    He has had plenty of outings against the American League to give one pause

    Jake Peavy talked about the other day how much more difficult it is pitching in the American league

    There’s no doubt this is a better league,” Peavy said.
    “It’s a different league, it’s a deeper league. It’s a tougher league to
    pitch in. I’ll stand by those comments 100 percent. There’s more money over


    “It seems like the free agents end up over here. We
    took the two best players out of the NL last year and we got them over here
    this year. You don’t get to face the same bottom of the order over here, so
    it’s not what it is in the NL. That’s not taking anything away from the NL. But
    as far as a pitcher, you have to work a little bit harder in this league. It’s
    a well-known fact.”

  21. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Says the guy that pitches in the AL Central?  HAH

  22. thegrayrace 3 years ago

    Peavy was pitching in Petco before. Of course he’s going to complain.

  23. MaineSox 3 years ago

    The Yankees rotation is not stacked.  Even if he regresses all the way to his average numbers since being converted to a starter he’s better than 4/5 of that rotation.

  24. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Agreed, so why would they trade for him?  Theo will ask for prospects on how he has pitched, not based upon him regressing.

  25. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Dempster is definetely not worth that.  Some years he is very good, and some years he is mediocre.  I have never really been a big fan of him, and dont think he would be much of an upgrade if any over their current starters, and they have garcia and phelps still if someone gets injured.

  26. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Pettitte, CC, Kuroda have all been decent, the only one that hasn’t been as expected out of the 3 is CC, who is a stud.

    Hughes has been pitching pretty good recently, had a very bad april, but since then has been decent in may, and very good in june.  Nova has shown a good ability to win games even if he doesn’t get everyone out. 

    I don’t see the point of trading for him.  He won’t push cc, pettitte, or kuroda out, and hughes and nova are very good #4/#5

    Much better backend than most teams, and they both got big upside, and both are only 25.

  27. Slopeboy 3 years ago

    No. I’m familiar with your destain for both Hughes and Nova, but honestly, would you trade either one straight up for Dempster? Sentiment aside, who would you rather pitch in a big game, Dempster or Pettitte? Kuroda is about equal in ability, as well as salary, so if you put a gun to my head, that’s the only trade I’d make reluctantly for Dempster.

  28. MaineSox 3 years ago

    Because he’s been better than at least three, and probably four, of those guys since 2008.  And Nova has pretty much reached his upside according to most any scout you ask (he’s never been thought of as anything more than a #4-5 starter).

  29. MaineSox 3 years ago

    I’m skeptical of the idea that Pettitte can keep up any semblance of success, but even leaving him out of it I would put either of Nova or Hughes in the bullpen for Dempster.  You wouldn’t have to get rid of either of them, so you would have them for future seasons and, especially for this year, Dempster is the better pitcher.

  30. LazerTown 3 years ago

    For a 35 yo pitcher.

    regardless it is a luxury that the yankees do not need, going forward I would not view him as much of an upgrade over hughes or nova, and the cost isnt worth it.

    They HAVE allowed the 2nd fewest # runs in the AL so far this year.

  31. Slopeboy 3 years ago

    I can understand your being skeptical of Pettitte’s success, but don’t believe the hype. He’s not any different than in the past. He’s never been a lights out pitcher, he’s basically been a pitcher who has always worked with men on base, a battler and that’s what he’s been since his return. he threw a lights out game against the Reds the other day, but that was surprise to everyone, including him. He knows how to pitch and has yet to labor in any game. Don’t look for him to fall apart.

    Neither of the younger pitchers are going to the BP for Dempster, who would only replace Garcia and that would be only if the Cubs dumped salary and took a nobody in return. You would be more familiar with Theo, but I can’t see him doing something like that when dealing with Cashman

  32. MB923 3 years ago

    You’re skeptical about Pettitte, but you’re Not skeptical about Dempster? 

  33. LazerTown 3 years ago

    For those complaining about the yankees pitching: they have allowed the 2nd fewest # runs so far in the AL.

    No reason to give the farm to theo, they are better off without him.

  34. baseball52 3 years ago

    A bullpen arm? You’re insane. They’ve been in the starter market, which is basically just talking to the Cubs. He’s going to start.

  35. MaineSox 3 years ago

    That’s fine if you don’t think the upgrade would be enough to warrant the cost, but that’s a different argument.  He would be an upgrade and that guy was talking about trading for him and putting him in the bullpen – that’s just silly.

  36. CubsWorldChampsPleaseB4IDie 3 years ago

    Hahaha, just wait til July 30th!!!

  37. CubsWorldChampsPleaseB4IDie 3 years ago

    Or after the Rays get Garza back!! Sweat, sweat, sweat!

  38. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    Not a haul. Dempster can be had for a 5-10 prospect and fringe prospect with upside. 
    Garza will command a haul.

  39. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Doubt that gets it done, they can get better in draft pick compensation.

  40. LazerTown 3 years ago

    agreed with not giving up any real prospects.
    He is a free agent after this year though, according to cots.

  41. LazerTown 3 years ago

    True, about him not being worth it.

    It would be dumb playing him as a setup man too.  His market value is based upon him being a #2/3 starter for a playoff team.  It would not be smart to pay that price and not use him in the right situations.

  42. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Garza is overrated.  He is really not the #1 starter that people are selling him as, and although he did pitch in al east he did show he couldnt dominate it.  His era in the 3 years with tb?  3.70; 3.95; 3.91

    If i am going to ship a boat load of prospects i would want more value than that. 

    If the rays want to trade for him go ahead, he would certainly be better than cobb, but i think that the rays would be better suited getting a real dh

  43. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    Simple supply and demand. He is the best pitcher available out of anyone right now.  Lester’s ERA the last 3 years (not including this one) is 3.41 3.25 and 3.47.  He is considered an ace, and his ERA is just .5 under Garza.  He is obviously a very solid #2 starter in any rotation, and has proven he can pitch in the playoffs and the AL East.  IF he is traded, the Cubs will and SHOULD get a haul of prospects.

  44. the_show 3 years ago

    He gave specific reasons why it is harder and none had to do with ballparks

  45. LazerTown 3 years ago

    I really don’t see lester as a complete “ace”, i see him more as a very good #2.

    Ace for me is more: Verlander, Weaver, CC, Lee, Halladay, strasburg, kershaw, lincecum, cain….

    He is their ace, but not quite in the top tier of pitchers, because to me he really doesn’t dominate every game in and out, and he only usually wins 15/16 games on some very good offensive boston teams.

    If i am going to trade for a pitcher i would see if Marcum is available because he would come cheaper, and had better success in al east, or call philly at the deadline if they are out of it, but they really have too many pieces to try and sell.

  46. Kyle Mayhugh 3 years ago

     No, they can’t. A 5-10 prospect is generally better than a supplemental pick.

  47. Vmmercan 3 years ago

    If the guy has a 3.27 era in his last 8 starts in the AL East and is not yet 26 years old? Heck yes.

    That said, there is no point in trading for Dempster as middle relief.

  48. MaineSox 3 years ago

    Not nearly as skeptical, no.  Pettitte is 40 years old, hadn’t pitched in a year and a half, and struggled in the minors before being called up; Dempster obviously isn’t a ~2.00 ERA pitcher, but he’s been a very good pitcher since the Cubs made him a starter in ’08 and isn’t coming back from retirement.  Not to mention Dempster has been a better pitcher the last few years than Pettitte was the last few years before retiring.

  49. MB923 3 years ago

     Yeah he didn’t pitch in a year and a half but that don’t mean he forgot how to pitch. Don’t forget pitchers who get TJ Surgery also don’t pitch for at least a year to a year and a half. I’m not comparing retirement to surgery, but don’t leave out that Pettitte did well his final year.

  50. MB923 3 years ago

    Dempster has actually Not been better than Pettitte. Dempster has a slight edge in WAR this year but he’s made 5 more starts, Pettite is at a better WAR ratio (if you know what I mean)

    And Pettitte has a better WAR his previous 2 seasons (2009 and 2010) than Dempster (2010 and 2011)

    Dempster is only an upgrade over Hughes, Nova and maybe Kuroda. I’d take CC and Andy over Dempster anytime

  51. MaineSox 3 years ago

    After TJ surgery guys are constantly working at getting back to the game; in retirement guys don’t do any sort of baseball activity at all.  Plus, guys coming back from TJ surgery are rusty, so I don’t see how the comparison should make me trust Pettitte more.

  52. MaineSox 3 years ago

    Until guys get enough innings for stats to stabilize WAR jumps around because the stats can swing crazy amounts with just one outing.  And sorry, but did oyu use 2 years WAR because it makes your point better?  Generally speaking you would use 4 years, and over their respective last
    four years Dempster beats Pettitte in WAR, ERA, FIP, xFIP, K/BB, and SIERA.

  53. MB923 3 years ago



  54. Bob Salek 3 years ago

    it was also his first year starting for the Cubs, let alone starting in the playoffs, and was last minute deemed the number 1 starter. Demp is much more seasoned today, he knows himself and he knows how to pitch. I think with what happened to his daughter, he learned a lot from it and applies it to his pitching, to just push threw everything. His sliders got just as much bite as anyone, and he can throw it for a strike. And he is an asset in the clubhouse. With Dempster, you’re not getting the guy who walked 8 guys in the playoffs, you’re getting the guy who also won 17 ball games that season.

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