Indians Notes: Cabrera, Choo, Lindor

While the Indians would like to upgrade their rotation, they aren't interested in rental players,'s Jerry Crasnick reports (on Twitter). Here’s the latest on the Indians, who have a 50-49 record after defeating the Tigers last night…

  • Asdrubal Cabrera would appeal to a team like Oakland, but the Indians would have to be blown away to move their shortstop, Crasnick reports (on Twitter). 
  • The Indians are very likely to hold onto Shin-Soo Choo now that they’re just 3.5 games out of a playoff berth, Jon Heyman of writes (Twitter link).
  • Rangers GM Jon Daniels should trade for an impact hitter and a starting pitcher, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports writes. The Rangers had a scout watching yesterday’s Tigers-Indians game, so Morosi suggests Choo could be an option for Texas. The Rangers also scouted Justin Upton, but it sounds as though Arizona won’t move the outfielder before the offseason.
  • Though no players are off limits, a trade "would need to be exceptional" for the Indians to part with top prospect Francisco Lindor,'s Jordan Bastian reports (on Twitter).

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  1. Dylan 3 years ago

    What would it take to get Chisenhall or is an implied untouchable? Phillies would def. have interest in him.

    • Dana Edson 3 years ago

      More then you would be willing to pay for him.

    • WisBrave 3 years ago

      I’m sure he’s not untouchable, a pitching prospect with some upside should do it.

      • Dana Edson 3 years ago

        As an Indians fan I promise you he is untouchable unless we are blown away by the offer and it would cost way more then he is worth. Which isn’t much plus he is injured right now. Not sure why you would trade for an injured player on the 60 day dl list.

        • Hermie13 3 years ago

          Indians fan as well and I would be pretty surprised if Chiz was untouchable.

          Would definitely take something very nice to move him (was a top 30 spec before losing his prospect eligibility last year). Still young and has big time potential.

          Why would someone trade for an injured guy on the 60-day DL? Well the Rockies did for Ubaldo last year (Alex White). If you’re out of the playoff picture why does it matter if the guy is on the 60-day DL, provided the injury isn’t something super major (like a shoulder for a pitcher). Chiz’s injury being a broken arm shouldn’t be cause for too much concern.

          • Phil Smith 3 years ago

            As another Indians fan, everyone is available for the right price, but that’s the case for every player in every organization. Do the Phillies have another young piece that could improve this club in an area that Chiz can’t or won’t? I don’t think they do. I think Chiz is gonna be here for a long time….

      • Hermie13 3 years ago

        Pitching prospect with some upside likely would not do it. Agree he’s not untouchable but the Indians do not have a 3B right now. They have 2 guys that were both minor league free agent signings (Hanny in 2011, Lopez this year) currently manning the position. They would need something very special to move Chiz. You’re talking about a kid that’s 2 baseball years younger than Kipnis. Still loads of upside in that bat.

    • Hermie13 3 years ago

      Hunter Pence and some cash??

      Tribe would have to throw something else in I’d guess but that’s one guy I wouldn’t mind (and sounds like he’s available)

      • Dylan 3 years ago

        Phillies aren’t going to do that for a guy that won’t play the rest of this year and may have long term effects from his injury.

        • Hermie13 3 years ago

          Long term effects from a broken arm? Very, very doubtful but I guess you never know. Doubtful the Phillies get much better for him since Pence is having a down year and makes a lot (just look at the Hanley return).

          Also, there sounds like there’s a decent chance Chiz will be back this year. Chiz himself seems to think he could be back in a few weeks. We shall see though.

          • Dylan 3 years ago

            Hanley deal has no effect on Pence deal. Completely different.

          • Hermie13 3 years ago

            Not sure on completely different but do agree they are different situations (Hanley better track record, but bad attitude hurt value).

            Thing that will hurt Pence’s value is that teams will wonder why Pence is even available (if he really is, maybe rumors are false). Only reason that makes much sense is money and when teams think you’re trying to move someone due to money, the return for said player takes a hit.

          • Dylan 3 years ago

            Despite some reports,Phillies are listening to offers not trying to trade their power rh bat for anything.

        • Hermie13 3 years ago

          For what it’s worth, the injury he had was nearly identical to the one Asdrubal Cabrera had in 2010….the year before he belted 27 HRs and made the first of his back-to-back All-Star teams…

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Question for Choo and Indians fans.. What ever came out of his military deferment from Korea? I know there was some chatter a few years ago, but do not remember if he was ever given permanent dismissal from the Korean draft.

    Could play into any kind of Boras planned FA deal after 2013.

    • Dana Edson 3 years ago

      They won the baseball classic or got close don’t remember which and his requirement was dropped .

    • tacko 3 years ago

      Choo received an exemption from South Korea for winning a gold medal during the Asian Games back in 2010.

      As for the WBC, South Korea never won, though they’ve gotten fairly close both times. Japan’s the only country that’s even won a WBC.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Thanks both of you. Appreciate clearing it up on how he got his exemption :-)

    • In this past off season Choo trained with the South Korean army.

  3. itsmewade 3 years ago

    Yunel? Pass. Rollins? Pass. Scutaro? Eh. Asdrubal? Yes, please.

  4. The_Silver_Stacker 3 years ago

    If the Indians were further behind in contending for a playoff spot, I would be curious to see what Choo would be able to get the Indians back in a trade. In my opinion Choo is one of the most underrated players in the game. .292/.383/.476/.859 line so far in his career not bad at all.

    • Dana Edson 3 years ago

      The only problem is he is a Scott Boras client which may hurt his trade value because we all know Scott sucks the max contract he can for clients and would most likely increase the chances they would be paying for a rental player likely to test free agency.

      • The_Silver_Stacker 3 years ago

        Ahh, I was not aware he was Boras client. That is a HUGE obstacle for any team interested. Thanks for informing me.

  5. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    Yeah, there’s probably no way Oakland is getting Cabrera, sort of a pipe dream like Starlin Castro would be

    • Dana Edson 3 years ago

      It would take alot more then the A’s would probably be willing to part with since they believe in internal development more then acquisition through fa/ trades. But I do think that they have a deep enough farm system that if they were willing to deplete it that it could happen in another alternate universe. Ive heard you guys have a ton of pitching depth in your system and thats something the Indians lack severly.

      • Phil Smith 3 years ago

        Cost for Asdrubal would be Choice, a high-end pitching spec (Parker, Peacock, Straily, Milone, etc.) and probably a reliever, if not more.

        • Inbillywetrust 3 years ago

          Seriously guy!? Lol 4 pitchers, 2 of which already are dominating … And then more? Come on … It would be Michael choice, peacock, green, Michael taylor and maybe another young arm like cole

    • baseball52 3 years ago

      Starlin Castro is a no dream. You’re just flat out not getting him.

  6. OaklandFan22 3 years ago

    Asdrubal would be awesome!

  7. Hermie13 3 years ago

    This isn’t the first time the A’s and Beane have shown some level of interest in Cabrera. Tribe had shown interest in Dan Haren before he was dealt to the D’backs. Cabrera’s name was one that came up there. Thinking then was Cabrera wasn’t a guy that could be a central piece in a deal like that (couldn’t hit enough I think was the arguement). Obviously the A’s did very well getting some kid named Carlos Gonzalez in the deal though (so not bashing the A’s)

  8. Im an Indians fan and there is no way in the world the Indians would move Asdrubal so all you As fans can shut up

  9. Dustroia15 3 years ago

    Jacoby Ellsbury and Jose Iglesias


    Shin-Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera

    …maybe adding a mediocre prospect one way or another to even it out.

    • The_Silver_Stacker 3 years ago

      The Indians would be getting shafted big time. Cabrera is a well rounded SS with pop, and Iglesias is a good fielder with no bat.

  10. robert 3 years ago

    That is bull if the Indians trade more players from their starting line up the Indians will never ever improve

  11. IMABIMAB 3 years ago

    Choo is better than Ellsbury. Iglesias is token.

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