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2:02pm: The White Sox, Rangers, Giants, Dodgers, and other clubs are in on League, writes Scott Miller of CBS Sports.

11:19am: The Giants are still involved on Mariners reliever Brandon League, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, adding along with colleague Ken Rosenthal that the Dodgers inquired.  Yesterday afternoon, Morosi tweeted that the Mariners were discussing League with multiple teams.

League, 29, has a 3.63 ERA, 5.4 K/9, 3.8 BB/9, 0.20 HR/9, and 46.9% groundball rate in 44 2/3 innings this year.  He's allowed just one home run despite the lowest groundball rate of his career.  League has $1.71MM remaining on his contract and will be eligible for free agency after the season.  His earning power was hurt a bit by the loss of the Mariners' closing job in late May.

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  1. GoSox2012 3 years ago

    Mariners get:
    Dayan Viciedo
    Adisson Reed
    Nate Jones
    Gavin Floyd
    Simon Castro
    Tyler Salandino

    White Spx get:
    Felix Hernandez
    Brandon League
    Brendan Ryan.

    • John Kappel 3 years ago

      That is such an awful trade for the White Sox it is unreal.

    • the Mariners have come out and said they won’t trade Felix, so why would they trade him for that?

    • GoSox2012 3 years ago

      Forgot adding Wilhemsem.

    • This guy is a comedian.

    • flash2225 3 years ago

      Oh look! Another Felix trade proposition that wont happen (really he isnt getting traded this year), in a post that is not about Felix! How original! /end sarcasm

    • RiosFan 3 years ago

      It would be great the whitesox could get him, don’t think it would happen though.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      Way too
      Much from the major league roster to make this trade for the whitesox. Plus saladino will more than likely replace alexi if traded in the off season for prospects or replace beckham if he does not start hitting soon.

      • the_show 3 years ago

        Why would we trade Alexei? he’s a stud and at a reasonable price

        • jwsox 3 years ago

          Because saladino is a solid prospect with a plus arm plus power And a great eye (.360+obp) he is young and cheap) alexi could bring a pretty good prospect or two next season. But that’s also why I said maybe replace beckham who as we all know isn’t hitting and isn’t getting on base either

          • the_show 3 years ago

            I think Beckham is more likely

            Alexei with his gold glove caliber play and his clutch bat to me aren’t worth trading
            Alexei despite his free swinging is a very good player

          • jwsox 3 years ago

            to be honest they are both gold glove caliber gloves. Alexi is also more than likely able to be traded because he has a good contract and solid bat, Beckham is cheaper thus maybe the whitesox keeping him.

            My honest opinion neither gets traded and unless youks option is picked up(could happen) Saladino is the whitesox starting 3rdbasemen next season

    • HARRISON ROSE 3 years ago

      I’m a sox fan, and honestly what the heck is that!?! They’re giving up 3 of their most cost controlled big leaguers and reasons why they are in 1st place for 1.5 years of Felix!?! Who would play left field?

    • r u kidding me

  2. monkeydung 3 years ago

    while league would certainly help out the dodgers, i don’t think a righty bullpen arm is a top need right now. wonder if the dodgers are just trying to up the cost for the giants.

    • Thekid19444 3 years ago

      I hope so that good for Seattle

    • gmenfan 3 years ago

      Nope. He’s been traded to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers. Seattle demanded Belt in any deal for League so the Giants obviously passed.

  3. Scott Lawrence Russell 3 years ago

    i don’t understand the comment “one home run despite the lowest groundball rate of his career”. Those two statistics reinforce. each other.

    • flash2225 3 years ago

      Lowest ground ball rate meaning more balls are going in the air, they are just not leaving the yard.

    • Taylor Hope 3 years ago

      Yeah like flash said, I think by “lowest” this meant he had higher groundball rates in the other years,

  4. FelixFan 3 years ago

    The only way the White Sox could acquire Hernandez is by including Chris Sale, and Sale has almost as much value as Felix does. He’s not getting traded though, so this is talk for another day.

  5. kcgregory 3 years ago

    this is not the Broxton you’re looking for

  6. Helmut Kormalis 3 years ago

    Would League close if he goes to SF? They refuse to use “brittle” Romo and they keep giving Casilla chances….he has been good except for a recent stretch. Bottom line: Is League really that much of an upgrade over Casilla?

  7. doyers 3 years ago

    they could be trying to get League to replace josh Lindblom in the bullpen since the phillies are said to have interest in him for shane Victorino.

  8. This guy would certainly be the biggest trade of the offseason hes in a league of his own

  9. Can JD and company just trade for someone already…

  10. Andrew Rodig 3 years ago

    I a Giants fan pass on League unless it’s for a box of doughnuts. K Thanks.

  11. esasc4 3 years ago

    by my count the dodger and rangers both have said they are in on 30 players a piece, there isnt but 25 on an active roster. What are they doing? buying a whole new team each?

  12. I’m sick and tired of hearing who the Rangers are getting. Can they just get it done, always the last one up the totem pole…

  13. Tyler Sekula 3 years ago

    League would be a nice pick up for the Giants. Use him as the closer this year and then the 8th inning/set up man when Wilson returns next year. Would help their bullpen drastically.

  14. jwsox 3 years ago

    remember how this thread used to be called Mariners close to trading League?

  15. Axtell71 3 years ago

    M’s looking at Belt, Giants looking at League…why hasn’t this deal been done yet?

  16. gmenfan 3 years ago

    It’s being reported now that it’s League to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers. Done deal.

  17. harmony55 3 years ago

    In his recent analysis of trade values, FanGraphs columnist Dave Cameron ranked Felix Hernandez No. 17 and Chris Sale No. 31. I’m a Seattle fan, but the difference in trade value is not huge.

  18. jwsox 3 years ago

    He doesn’t think sale has the same trade value, that’s why he said almost as much. A cy young caliber pitcher under team controll for 4 more years at a cheap rate who is also left handed. Yeah that’s pretty high trade value.

  19. Joey Doughnuts 3 years ago

    They are actually pretty close I’d say. Sale has a much more friendlier contract, under team control longer, and is younger, and also damn dominant. Then you factor in Sale’s health concerns (which are important) and yet to prove he can handle a 200 inning workload, and you have yourself a pretty even swap. So would you rather have the expensive, healthy pitcher who is amazing, or the younger, cheaper, also amazing pitcher, but who could have health concerns? It’s a real tough decision, IMO.

  20. WillieWildkat 3 years ago

    Wow this thread is real twisted. Are these comments representative of the baseball acumen of the avg Mariner fan or is just an outlier?

  21. John Kappel 3 years ago

    Plus, Sale has more cost control/team control then Felix does so I would argue that makes the difference almost zero.

  22. mozelpuffski 3 years ago

    that is why sale is as close as he is per fangraphs.

  23. PennMariner 3 years ago

    Team and cost control are already factored into those rankings…

  24. jwsox 3 years ago

    Believe me Kenny Williams nor real whitesox fans think we will ever get king felix.

  25. WillieWildkat 3 years ago

    Why would the Sox give up anyone of value for Felix, when they would simply go out into the free agent market and pursue another ace in the offseason? You don’t trade three key pieces in the middle of a pennant race, regardless of whom you might be pursuing. And Brendan Ryan? Really?

  26. jwsox 3 years ago

    Health concerns have been over rated he has never been on the dl and just had normal pitching soreness that caused don copper to over react and use power that was above him which is why robin and Kenny pulled him from the pen right away. He has “dead arm” now but that’s normal for a guy who is at close to his max innings ever they are being cautious with him because they know he is a true ace and a main stay in the rotation for years to come, I mean come on you would be safe with a guy who is a first time major league starter who might win the cy young.

  27. John Kappel 3 years ago

    My mistake then.

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