New York Notes: Headley, Mets, League, Yankees

A look at the latest out of Queens and the Bronx..

  • A source tells Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter) that Padres third baseman Chase Headley is not out of question for the Yankees.  Headley could play at third until Alex Rodriguez and could replace Nick Swisher if he leaves via free agency next year, Rosenthal tweets
  • The Yankees and Padres haven't exchanged names in Headley talks, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.
  • Although Mets GM Sandy Alderson is fielding calls for Tim Byrdak and Scott Hairston, he is more likely to retain the pair, a person familiar with the club's thinking told Andy Martino of the New York Daily News
  • Martino adds that the Mets have inquired on Mariners righthander Brandon League, according to a baseball source, but their interest in him and other high-profile relievers has fizzled.  That source expects a quiet few days from the Mets as the deadline approaches.
  • Before the Mariners traded Ichiro to the Yankees, they were deep in talks with the Giants and White Sox, according to Buster Olney of (via Twitter).
  • The outfielder liked the idea of playing for the Giants, Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle adds (via Twitter).

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  1. LazerTown 3 years ago

    You don’t pay for a significantly above average 3B for 2 months and then move then to the outfield, it doesn’t make sense. You pay the price for his defense and then throw it all down the drain. Ken rosenthal just suggests what people said days ago.

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      I read it more as this is what the yankees are thinking.

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks 3 years ago

        Now that Grienke is traded Headleys name is in every other post on here, which to me means all of these writers think he’s going to be traded. Yankees have weird Ideas of how to use him, pirates don’t have a spot for him, A’s Choice got injured and was probably what the Padres wanted, O’s won’t trade Machado or Bundy and don’t have much to offer after that. Should be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Sure put a gold glove caliber 3rd baseman in the outfield when you have a defensive liability at third. Nevermind that Headley can’t play outfield.

  3. Nick Swisher kills the Orioles, how in the world would Chase Headley fill in for Swisherlicious if he decided to test free agency waters? They are not the same player!
    If I am a betting man, I say Headley stays with the Padres and I betcha Byrnes is at Del Mar and letting ride on #3 in the 8th =P
    Please don’t trade Headley to the Yankees, Mr Byrnes! The thing in my favor is, I just don’t see a former Red Sox type doing business with the Yankees.

    • The real scoop here is that Cake is playing at Del Mar today. I hope for your sake that you aren’t a betting man because Cake isn’t scheduled to play there until August 4th.

      • That’s why I got rid of it LOL. TVG was talking about it and I originally thought they were. When I googled it, I was much chagrined to read that it was August 4th. The race info stays, because it is a grade two race.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      I don’t see Headley being traded for simply because the prospect cost is going to be prohibitive. I would much rather see them simply recall Brandon Laird at AAA who always starts off slow but has been hot of late (.319/,.365/.649 w/ 8 hrs in his last 23 games. He’s a righty that crushes lefties to the tune of a .917 OPS and could be a good platoon @ 3rd with Chavez who bats left and crushes righties (.850 OPS and 8/10 hrs).

      If they did trade for Headley then I would not be shocked if they packaged him with a younger player like Phelps or Adam Warren (assuming that they go with Sabathia/Kuroda/Nova/Hughes/Pineda/Pettite) in 2013 for more prospects. I don’t think they are ready to commit to Arod being a full-time DH next year.

    • what’s your offer for Headley, Machado +?

  4. Obviously what Ken meant was that Headley would play third until ARod returns, then ARod would shift to SS, Jeter would move to 2b, Cano would move to catcher, and Russell Martin would be the everyday DH. Makes perfect sense. At least until Brett Gardner is ready.

    • Thomas Dobbins 3 years ago

      This IS the Yankees we are talking about….they should petition the Commish for the right to use 2 DH’s…

  5. walnutfalcons 3 years ago

    The Yankees being the Yankees, I’m sure they have no idea that Headley has played a good amount of LF in the majors, and that “horrible” is too nice a word for what transpired.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Yeah I’m sure that’s lost on Cashman…all he looks at his batting average, gold gloves and all-star appearances….geesh.

  6. throwitback85 3 years ago

    That first bullet needs fixing.

  7. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Why doesn’t A-Rod moves to RF? he has good speed and a he has a Cannon of an arm.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Old dog and new tricks aren’t a good mix. If he’s a “liability” (which I think is argumentative) at 3b then I wouldn’t expect him to be any better in the OF.

      • ARod's Ring 3 years ago

        Speed doesn’t play a role in 3rd base. and his arm would be waste playing DH.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Agility plays a role in playing the OF and it’s a position that at age 37 I wouldn’t expect him to quickly acclimate himself to nor to stay healthy. As for DH, I never suggested he be moved there, at least not this year or even in 2013.

  8. NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

    If the Yankees have enough quality prospects to trade for Headley with out using Williams, Austin, Banuelos, Campos, or Sanchez then I am all in for acquiring him. I also believe the yankees can find someone better than Jones to Hit vs lefties.

  9. Harris K. 3 years ago

    Anyone else jumping up with excitement knowing that the Mets are willing to trade Scott Hairston and Tim Byrdak?!?

    • Ugh don’t remind me about it…. the fact the Mets can’t even get a solid reliever via trade only makes things more sadder….

  10. Getting Ichiro in a Giants uni would have been a dream come true. San Francisco doesn’t take advantage of their strong Asian community enough.

  11. Maybe Betances or Banuelos, Williams and Austin could get it done. The Padres are asking for a huge package.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      So 3 top 100 prospects? Really? For Headley? Headley is a good player but if you’re trading 3 top 100 guys then you need to be getting a superstar back in return. Cashman should be fired for making that trade and Byrnes should be fired if he didn’t take it.

      • Headley is a top 3 third baseman in MLB this season and the short porch in RF in Yankee Stadium would make him a power threat every ab. A proven .300+/.850+ player is worth 2 top 100 prospects and another good prospect.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Headley is ranked as a top 3 3b in WAR largely because of his glove. Overall, do you really think he’s an overall better 3b than Beltre, Moustakas or Zimmerman?

          Also, not sure what you mean by proven .300+ guy? He’s never hit over .300 and while his career .346 OBP is decent it’s not elite. Also, he’s never had a OPS over .800 soooooooo…..Mi no comprendo papi?

          Just because we have a short porch doesn’t mean that Headley will pull it. Chase only has 9 hrs on the road so that doesn’t scream elite power and his 33 hrs as a lefty in 1,500 career AB doesn’t make me think he’s going to turn into a 25 hr guy just because he’ll spend half of his games in YS.

          Not saying he’s not a good player but no way is he worth Williams, Austin and Banuelos. Go back in history and see how many players were traded for 3 top 100 ranked players and then compare that player to Headley and tell me if you really think he’s worthy. Padres can demand the moon but that’s different than what’s realistic.

          • Amish_willy 3 years ago

            If you’re going to disect how a switch-hitting player like Headley would fare in the power department, it’s best to look even deeper, particularly when no park hurts left-handed bats as much as Petco. The contrast in park factors (HR’s) between NY & SD for lefties is huge, 145 vs. 68.

            Understandably, Headley has much better #’s as a lefty away then at home:

            Away – .308/.385/.463 – 22 HR, 54 2b in 815 AB
            Home – .231/.326/.335 – 11 HR, 38 2b in 720 AB

            It’d be much easier for these two teams to match up if the Yankees weren’t having the same injury problems with their advanced pitching prospects that the Padres are.

  12. Uncontested 3 years ago

    What the hell were the white sox going to do with Ichiro? Who is he starting over? Rios? Hes batting 310+ with 16 HR… De Aza? Hes doing far better than Ichiro is this year. Tank? too much power to sit him for a guy who can barely slap the ball for a hit anymore and is losing his legs.

  13. briankoke 3 years ago

    Maybe ARod’s 30 million dollar bat wouldn’t get hurt every 5 minutes if he was a full time DH. It’s the Yankees… they can fill the hole in free agency.

  14. Slopeboy 3 years ago


    you do realize that A-Rod was HBP, right?

  15. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Come on dude…why bring a silly thing like facts into the equation?

  16. briankoke 3 years ago

    I didn’t know what his injury was, but it doesn’t change my point. He hasn’t played more than 138 games since 2007. Why not make him the full time DH so he can play 150+ games?

  17. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    I don’t think Headley is worth a top 100 prospect honestly. His attributes, which is basically his glove, don’t add up to that. Now, the Padres are definetly within their right to ask for a top 100 guy but I don’t see it happening.

    Regardless, I think if the Yanks were to offer something like….

    Ramon Flores-one of Dellen Betances, Adam Warren or Brett Marshall-one of David Adams/Corban Joseph then I think they would listen.

  18. greengrove 3 years ago

    Road numbers…
    .279/.378/.488/.866, .378 wOBA, 147 wRC+ ~ 2012
    .330/.399/.465/.864, .376 wOBA, 147 wRC+ ~ 2011

    His best attribute is not his glove, my friend.
    Even at their ceilings, your prospects wont put up these numbers. Headley is proven. And he’s a proven stud.

  19. Headley is the best bat available. Headley is a top 3 third baseman in baseball this season. Headley hits .300/.850 on the road and with the short porch in Yankee Stadium he will have a .500+ slg.

    Padres are asking for a Latos-like package (a ML pitcher and 3 of Reds top 10 prospects who were ALL 1st round draft picks) and they dont have to trade Headley.

    Yankees will have to pony up at least two players in their top 5 prospects PLUS another prospect or two if they even hope of getting Headley.

  20. Not even close to enough. Latos like package is what Padres are looking for.

  21. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Where are you getting these numbers from my friend?

    Career road vs home:
    .298/.366/.448 w/ 30 hrs in 1,328 PA vs /235/.324/.341 om 1,217

    2012 road vs home
    .272/.374/.489 w/ 9 hr vs .258/.345/.363 w/ 3 hrs

    How is that a proven stud?

    Plus 8 of his 12 hrs came before June 1 and 4 of those came in 2 games when he tagged the same pitchers twice. He’s a good player but please stop with this stud stuff.

    If you think the prospect package was light then cool…but let’s not act as if this guy is Evan Longoria please. He hit 3 hrs on the road last year…that’s not studdish.

  22. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Headley is the best bat available.- No one is acquiring him based off of his bat.

    -Headley is a top 3 third baseman in baseball this season- Largely because of his glove.

    -Headley hits .300/.850 on the road and with the short porch in Yankee Stadium he will have a .500+ slg.- Has very little power, even on the road as shown with his 30 hrs in 300+ road games.

    -Padres are asking for a Latos-like package (a ML pitcher and 3 of Reds top 10 prospects who were ALL 1st round draft picks) – Not sure where you heard that’s what they are asking but how dare anyone compare a (then considered) studdish #1/#2 type 24 yo pitcher with 4 years of team control to a relatively weak hitting 3b whose already 28 and a free agent w/ 2 years of control.

    -and they dont have to trade Headley.- Absolutely true…keep him. No one will come close to giving up 3 top 100 prospects for him. NO ONE.

  23. greengrove 3 years ago

    I like how you questioned my numbers and then posted almost the exact same numbers (mine were as of a few days ago…)

    And home runs? All you’re pointing to is that he doesn’t hit a lot of home runs… That’s like proving Albert Pujols isn’t an offensive weapon because he doesn’t steal a lot of bases.

    Career road splits of Chase Headley (top) and Evan Longoria (bottom)


    Pretty dang comparable… And Evan Longoria is about as good as it gets for 3rd basemen.

  24. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    If stealing bases were an attribute you expect for a 1b then you would have a point. If SB had the same value as a HR then maybe you would be right. But that’s not reality.

    Also, poor argument weighing Headley’s road splits vs Longo. The only reason why we are doing that is because people want to excuse Headley’s home numbers ALTHOUGH the only thing that stadium does to a hitter is limit their power. It doesn’t do anything to hamper batting average or OBP.

    Also weak of you to compare Headley’s road vs Longo’s road and not include the fact that Longo has nearly twice as many road HRS (57 in 1,282 PA) vs Headley’s 30 in 1,328.

  25. padresfuture 3 years ago

    You are wrong on just about every point. Everyone interested likes his bat…. he is an on base guy and a doubles machine, plus he is a very smart baserunner. Find me 10 guys in all of baseball that have better OBP than Chase over the last 2 to 3 years. I would not consider a .450 (which is what it is when he does not play at petco)slugging pct to be very little power. Yes, it has been suggested repeatedly by analysts and Byrnes that a Latos type package is the asking price. I agree though that the padres are not going to get 3 top prospects. They will end up with 1 elite prospect or 2 very good prospects i fthey trade Headley.

  26. Odawg8 3 years ago

    Its what they’re looking for, I’d say they’re pretty unlikely to get it. Plus he said that Schoop/Matusz was the start of the deal, not the whole thing.

  27. greengrove 3 years ago

    1) Specific attributes that are tied to position are no longer a norm in todays game. The most commonly used proof of this is the similarity in numbers between 2nd and 3rd basemen, whereas the common fan would expect more power on the hot corner.

    2) “The only thing that stadium does to a hitter is limit their power.” Don’t just make things up, because that is just not true…

    2011 MLB park factors (The last full year, feel free to look at others years, as they are just as bad or worse)

    0.819 (Runs) 0.862 (Home runs) 0.883 (Hits) 0.904 (Doubles)

    Yankee Stadium:
    1.131 (Runs) 1.267 (Home runs) 1.036 (Hits) .989 (Doubles)

    1.000 is average. Petco is not a pitchers ball park just because of the length to the fences. The heavy ocean air holds balls up in the air for longer periods of time, allowing them to be caught. The park does NOT only limit home runs.

    3) Home runs again. Fans love the home run, baseball executives know this as well as you and I. But home runs are extraordinarily overrated in terms of value to a teams success. I do not know why you are so hung up on home runs.

  28. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Haha…not only are there more than 10 players w/ a better OBP than Headley from 2010-present but there are 9 3b alone that have a better OBP than him. Still, he has good value but I would be shocked if he nets 1 elite prospect (top 50 overall) let alone 3 top 100.

  29. padresfuture 3 years ago

    Ok. But, when you consider his career road OBP, which is prudent given his home ballpark is Petco, he ranks 4th among 3B behind only wright, longoria, and youk. Keep in mind Youk has split time between 1st, 3rd, and Dh. For all intensive purposes he is one of the better offensive and defensive 3B in the game.

  30. padresfuture 3 years ago

    Another way to look at Headleys value… name me one player that is likeley to have a better overall offensive and defensive profile than Headley over the next 2.3 years and will make less money than Headley over that period.

  31. mike trout

  32. bryce harper

  33. andrew mccutchen

  34. ryan braun

  35. robinson cano until he signs his extension

  36. buster posey

  37. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    So far your argument has been he has a great road OBP and plays good defense. That still doesn’t add up to the package of 3 top 100 or 1 elite (top 25) prospect. Sorry.

  38. padresfuture 3 years ago

    Yes, this is my bad for not specifying 3B.

  39. padresfuture 3 years ago

    You left out that his road slugging is not below average and that he is a smart baserunner… both are offensive attributes. Never said he will pull 3 top 100.

  40. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Because he loses value if he can’t at least play a position. He’s had a -0.2 UZR since 2009 so he hasn’t exactly been a liability as people suggest.

  41. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Well that’s sort of what the arguement was. The fact that some people suggested that he was worth 3 top 100 or at least 1 elite and 2 other good ones.

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