NL Central Notes: Cardinals, Greinke, Reds

There’s confusion in baseball front offices as executives navigate the trade deadline for the first time under the sport’s new collective bargaining agreement, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan writes. Last offseason MLB and the MLBPA added one Wild Card berth per league and changed the rules regarding draft pick compensation. Here’s the latest from the NL Central…

  • John Mozeliak traded Brett Wallace, Clayton Mortensen and Shane Peterson for Matt Holliday in 2009, but the Cardinals GM told Passan he probably wouldn't make the same trade today because of the new draft compensation system. 
  • Mozeliak also explained that teams are demanding significant returns with two weeks to go before the trade deadline. "The ask is high," he told Passan.
  • Brewers manager Ron Roenicke is thinking about 2013 and beyond when it comes to Zack Greinke’s place on Milwaukee’s roster, Yahoo’s Tim Brown reports. "Yes, I'm concerned right now, but I'm also concerned with next year and the year after," Roenicke said. Greinke will miss his scheduled start on Wednesday as the Brewers look to get him some rest.
  • The Reds are drawing more fans this year, so John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer suggests the team can probably take on payroll at the upcoming trade deadline.

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  1. I’m hoping the Reds can do something about the leadoff situation and get a LH hitter for the bench. Picking up Pierre and Kotsay would do wonders for this team.

    • Chris Stephens 3 years ago

      I’d rather have Quentin and Victorino

      • I would too but not at the price they’ll come at.

        • yeah I like Victorino, but the price to get him is too steep. I would hate to make the same mistake that San Fran did last year and get a player for 3 months and either not get into the playoffs or Victorino under perform expectations.

        • victorino only has 1 year left so there no money there just the 9.5 mil he get then he gone

    • Gunner65 3 years ago

       If we’re going for Pierre, we might as well ask about Lance Nix while we’re at it … he has more pop than Kotsay and was having a really good year for Philly before his calf strain. Should be activated within the next week.

    • brandondc 3 years ago

      My vote is for Pierre or Span and Willingham. Would cost more than I’d like to give up in terms of prospects but we really need the help with Votto out. Dangit shouldve traded for Youk..

  2. So John wouldn’t trade guys that he knew were going to be scrubs for a proven commodity even if he wasn’t going to a draft pick back? WHY NOT?

    • To be fair, two of those guys were very highly rated at the time. 

      • Well if he said he wouldn’t do a similar trade, that would be okay but he should have no problems making that same trade again. 

  3. Jdobb 3 years ago

    Cardinals just need to get Garcia back and get middle relief. Play Shoemaker everyday at 2nd base. They also need to think about Beltran in CF with Craig in RF and Burkman at 1st.

  4. Brad Lewis 3 years ago

    Mo is saying he wouldn’t do it because if the Cardinals didn’t resign Holliday then he wouldn’t get draft compensation. A huge risk to empty your prospects and not have a chance to reload and not keep the player you traded for.

    • Yes but I imagine teams were trying to acquire Brandon Wood when we a top prospect and the Angels probably wish they made one of those deals.

  5. Justin Upton would be the best pick up, Money wont matter once Arroyo’s deal is over in the ve3ry near future

    • Arroyo has a lot of deferred money spread out over the next couple years I believe.

    • chipperday 3 years ago

      Upton is a overpriced/overrated option. Might as well keep Stubbs/Heisey platoon to get similar numbers overall at cheaper price.

  6. The Cardinals need relief. End of story. They also need to do what they can to salvage as much of their top prospects as possible. What a wonderful world this could be, huh?

  7. chipperday 3 years ago

    Denard Span would be a nice option for the Reds. His contract isn’t too pricey either.

  8. Mo is the best GM in baseball, end of story.  He won the Series for us last year with the mid-season pickups, and what he did with Pujols and Beltran was the right thing to do. i trust whatever he does will be good for the team, either now or in the future.

    • you guys had the best GM in baseball but not anymore he with the reds now yea his name Walt jockety…………………..

  9. reds2012 3 years ago

    What do reds do now that Votto is out 3-4 weeks? does it make us bigger players?

  10. He has Chris Carpenter mentality…. Fans would love him!

  11. IndianapolisCardsFan 3 years ago

     I wouldn’t hold your breath until then…

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