Quick Hits: Quentin, Hagadone, A’s, Uribe

A few stray links to pass along as the NL All-Stars celebrate their third consecutive victory over the AL …

  • The Indians are trying to acquire Carlos Quentin from the Padres, but the sides "don't have much common ground right now," according to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Quentin is an impending free agent and figures to be dealt, as the Friars are unlikely to extend him with their ownership situation still in flux.
  • The MLB Players Association is considering filing a grievance on behalf of Indians reliever Nick Hagadone, who was placed on the minor league disqualified list after injuring himself in a fit of frustration following a recent poor outing, according to Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Indians GM Chris Antonetti said Hagadone was angry that he pitched poorly and not because he had been informed he'd been optioned to the minor leagues. Players do not receive salary or accrue service time while on the disqualified list.
  • The odds of the Athletics moving to Sacramento, as was recently proposed by the city's mayor, former NBA star Kevin Johnson, is highly unlikely, according to the Contra Costa Times. The A's, meanwhile, remain in stadium limbo.
  • The Dodgers may be in an active-roster bind with the impending returns of outfielders Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier from the disabled list, and though they could possibly cut ties with oft-injured and ineffective infielder Juan Uribe, that move remains unlikely, writes Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times. The balance of the $12MM owed to Uribe over the next season-plus would be tough for the Dodgers to swallow, Dilbeck explains.

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  1. Cobby 3 years ago

    Swallow it. Bye

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      It would be helpful to have a solution at third base before that happened. Got somebody in mind?

      • monkeydung 3 years ago

        Agreed. Though when/if there is a solution, DFA him. I said this yesterday: you have two solutions if you are Ned.

        1. Pay $12 million to make your team worse
        2. DFA him and pay $12 million to make somebody else’s team worse

        My only worry is that he goes to the Yankees and pulls an Andruw Jones, but with A-Rod & Chavez they are pretty set at 3B.

    • thebigbangdito 3 years ago


  2. meep 3 years ago

    who care how much uribe cost. he been hurt most of the time he been a dodger and when healthy done nothing. so cut!!!!!!!!!!!!! him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. padresfuture 3 years ago

    Chen Lee and Jorge Martinez for Quentin

    • NorCalTribeFan 3 years ago

      Lee is on the DL. Fairly serious arm problem. Allen and Martinez?

  4. b00tz 3 years ago

    It would actually help the Dodgers if the Giants picked him up. :)

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Hags will never reach his potential with Cleveland. they wanted him as the top prospect in the Vmart deal and have done nothing positive with him since, finally insulting him with this latest move.

    Left handed, mid 90’s heater and wipe out slider.. Good combo and for most teams, where pitchers have a history of doing well it would be fine, but this is cleveland where they go and do the opposite in most cases.

    Send him back, Boston would gladly take him back and attempt to undo the errors of the last 3 and a half seasons since he left in the VMart deal.

    • Sure.. the Indians will send Hagadone to the Red Sox.. in return for the big lefty  with the mid 90’s heater and wipe out slider, the Sawx can send either Bryce Brentz or Daniel Bard.. call it even

      As far as the errors.. the error was the Sawx not resigning Vmart. Giving up the three players (Masterson, Hagadone and Price) is perhaps one of the most lopsided trades in the recent history of the Sawx.. and not in their favor…

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        to make matters worse, they got stuck with matt barnes, the #13 overall prospect in baseball. had to take another kid, too, some 19 year old lefty with a 13 K/9. lame

        they’re hurting at the catcher position, too. a 2.5 WAR platoon at the break is just not gonna cut it, guys. we need to be on the hook for $39M through v-mart’s age 35 season

        easily the worst trade ever, good call man

  6. ChristianCole24 3 years ago

    The A’s moving to Sacramento would be a great idea. The fans in Sacramento love baseball which is the reason why the River Cats are one of the most supported Triple-A teams. It’s not like Oakland draws anyone out unless the Red Sox are in town.

    • jpkinney7 3 years ago

      Fans thinking baseball is for The Fans.   Ha!  Corporate Money grows on trees in the Silicon Valley. 

    • MichaelKirschbaum 3 years ago

      Sac town has about the sam population, as oakland. A’s would have the same problem they do now

      • corey23 3 years ago

        tell me the populations in the surrounding cities of sacramento and the drive times to sac…. now tell me the populations of the cities surrounding san jose/oakland and the drive times.

        won’t happen, all around sac is nothing.

      • NorCalTribeFan 3 years ago

         I like Sacramento a great deal, but there is no way that town could support both the Kings and the A’s.  Before the recession, Sacramento was growing quickly.  Today, they have real housing issues and the growth, I believe, has leveled off.  There may be a day when that town could support a major league franchise, but not today.

        Further, I don’t think there is ANY American market that is a good target destination for an MLB franchise.  Maybe Portland.

        The A’s are in a difficult spot.

  7. Bob9988 3 years ago

    Uribe for Figgins?  Though im not sure either team would want to.

  8. inkstainedscribe 3 years ago

    Believe it or not, Uribe would be an upgrade over Jack Wilson … if the Dodgers ate all of his salary.

  9. theophilus166 3 years ago

    I think everyone knew it was a terrible signing when Ned signed Uribe to a 3 year deal for 21 million or so after he had a career year at age 30 in which he hit 24 home runs and hit .248.   I know you can never predict the future, but when everyone says it’s an awful signing from the beginning, you have no excuse as a GM when you want to cut him halfway through his contract.   Uribe is hitting .201 in his year and a half with the Dodgers, and has 5 home runs.  Pathetic.

  10. = ) 3 years ago

    Forget about trading Uribe.. I say, sell him to any team in Japan lol.

  11. BT310 3 years ago

    can we cut Ned before he makes another deal.

  12. b00tz 3 years ago

     im ok with this

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