Rosenthal On Orioles, Liriano, Soriano, Diamondbacks

Let's take a look at the latest edition of Full Count from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (video link)..

  • The Orioles figure to make at least one trade before the non-waiver deadline and one source says they are the most aggressive team on Francisco Liriano of the Twins.  Multiple sources also say they're also aggressive on the Padres' Chase Headley.  Unfortunately for the O's, they lack chips beyond Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy, and aren't moving either player.  As a result, they could be open to discussing major league pieces like Jake Arrieta or even Zach Britton.
  • Alfonso Soriano's name has surfaced in the Cubs' discussions with the Dodgers, but the Cubs might prefer to wait until the offseason and make a better deal.  The veteran is on pace to hit 31 homers and post a .831 OPS.  After this season, he'll have two years and $36MM remaining and the Cubs could find him a home in the AL if they pay that down to about $12MM per year.
  • The D'Backs don't plan to trade Justin Upton now but they will likely move an outfielder this offseason between Upton, Chris Young, and Gerardo Parra.  Arizona has two young outfielders that they like in Triple-A in Adam Eaton and A.J. Pollock.

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  1. not_brooks 3 years ago

    Well, Liriano shouldn’t cost more than a couple of C prospects.

    And I doubt the Padres are going to get a Top 10 overall prospect for Headley, but the A’s could easily offer a better package than the O’s since the O’s aren’t trading Bundy/Machado.

    Interesting times… All I know is that it’s weird to be an O’s fan on the buying side of the trade deadline. I like it!

    Also, you’re linked to the wrong Adam Eaton there, Zach.

    • I was just saying the same thing last week about how weird it was being an O’s fan and on the buying side of the trade deadline. Lol. Hopefully we can do this for more yrs to come.

    • Headley is a top 3 third baseman at the major league level this season. He has hit .300 away from Petco.
      Padres are asking for a ML player and multiple top prospects for him.

      Since the Orioles have exactly nothing to offer in prospects other than Machado and Bundy …

      • marinest21 3 years ago

        I know it’s been stated that the Padres are asking for a Mat Latos-esque package for Headley, but I don’t think there is any chance a deal with the Orioles gets us a ML player plus either one of the former. While Grandal and Alonso were top prospects with the Reds, they:

        1. Were blocked at the MLB level by players viewed by the Reds as more valuable (Mesoraco and Votto)

        2. Were not regarded as nearly as high in the overall prospect rankings as both Machado and Bundy are.

        The Reds were more likely to part with the two plus Volquez because their prospects were in a jogjam, decreasing the leverage they had in a trade (and furthering the value the Padres could receive). I’d be ecstatic if either Bundy or Machado is included in a Headley deal, however I think it’s unrealistic w/o us having to give up additional pieces. The #1 prospect in the entire minor leagues and a five tool SS who is only 20 years old are not gonna be had with only Chase.

        • James 3 years ago

          grandal is a nice prospect, but in general not worth much more than schoop (both B prospects), Alonso also does not project too high, so i would put him on the same level as bridwell, delmonico or hoes.

          There are the parts there, but it is basically the rest of the hitters in the system past machado.

          • marinest21 3 years ago

            I would argue that both Grandal and Alonso were both rated as higher prospects than Schoop, etc. when they were dealt, however Schoop does play a premium position like Grandal and is only 20, so we should give him some time to see how he develops. Other scouting services rated Alonso and Grandal as fringe A prospects, but that is their opinion.

            Additionally, while Alonso doesn’t project to be the 30 HR bat we had at 1B in Adrian, he still is expected to hit around .290 with 15-20 HR and 85-90 RBI in his prime. He is only 25, has a high number of doubles this year, and hits the ball to opposite field very well so I think there is definitely potential for him to develop into the hitter he is projected to be. Hoes, Delmonico, and Bridwell are nice pieces to a farm system that was a lot thinner in years past, but I would still rate them as a notch below Alonso and Grandal.

  2. No Neck 3 years ago

    Granted I’m just a guy who watches on TV, but I don’t see AJ Pollock being a major league success. I’d rather stick with the OF core they field with Upton, Kubel, Young, and Parra and try to win with that. If they are concerned with salary issues, then Young is the one who should go, even though he has much better CF range than Parra, which is where he’d end up.

    • I don’t think one should judge Pollock by a 50+ AB sample size. He has torn up the minors and appears to be generally well thought of by scouts. Probably will never be a star, but a good outfielder is very possible.

    • Upton? Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful girl and I would do her in a heartbeat. But I’m nonetheless not too sure I’d want her in my outfield on my MLB team.

  3. JimnJan 3 years ago

    Britton for Liriano sounds OK to me, a Twins fan. Big upside, reasonable risk for whoever gets him.

  4. NatFan05 3 years ago

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think that link is to the right Adam Eaton, unless the Diamondbacks have decided to turn a 34 year old SP into an OF

    • It’s not as bad as when he got checks for the other Adam Eaton and had to return them.

  5. If Zach Britton were traded for Liriano and Morneau. I could live with that.
    I would rather see Matusz and Arrieta traded for Liriano and Morneau.
    I just don’t see much movement here. I mean we got Hunter starting tonight.
    Liriano starts tonight. I don’t see anyone being pulled from the game to jump on a plane and head for their new team. I see a lot of smoke, but no fire.

    • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

      If Zach Britton were traded for Liriano and Morneau, I think everyone involved with the Orioles organization “could live with that.”

    • not_brooks 3 years ago

      If the O’s took on all of Morneau’s contract, the Twins might even make that deal.

    • mstrchef 3 years ago

      I have no use for Morneau. $14MM per and I’m still not sure he’s over his concussions yet.

      • Well he is hitting around .260 and I saw him get his barrel around some high fastballs. I would like the O’s to gamble on him. He played well last night. I dunno. This I do know, I am sooooo tired of watching Reynolds strike out. His erratic play and waiting for him to consistently take the ball the other way, when it presents itself. He always wants to swing for the fences and that is why he is batting around .208

        • mstrchef 3 years ago

          I totally agree on Reynolds. I wish they had cut that bait off the line a month ago.

      • he’s become a platoon player (def. not worth $14 million) who kills righty pitching, but can’t hit lefties. He’d be worth acquiring as long as either the prospect return is minimal, or the Twins eat most of his salary.

    • Liriano starts tomorrow afternoon. He’ll make that start and get traded Monday or Tuesday. If the Orioles are the team that wants him the most- and he doesn’t wet the bed tomorrow- they’ll have to offer Britton. Ultimately, I don’t think Baltimore is the team that’s going to trade for him… but that would be my guess for the return price.

      • On the topic of Britton, his name was never mentioned as a trade candidate till now. Actually, I am surprised there isn’t more arm waving from O’s fans about this. He was considered untouchable.

  6. asovermann 3 years ago

    The real Adam Eaton’s numbers just scream “I play in the PCL”, not sure he’d be a difference maker in the MLB.

  7. JTrea81 3 years ago

    Orioles have chips beyond Bundy and Machado. They have Nick Delmonico, Jonathan Schoop and pieces like LJ Hoes and Xaiver Avery. They would have to take most of them, but a deal could be struck. They are all replaceable.

    • James 3 years ago

      did not see this, and make the same case above. i left avery off, but he is good…. i also like bridwell a lot

  8. Rbraz 3 years ago

    Brittion and Arrieta for Morneau and Liriano. Twins pay half of Morneau’s salary

  9. Arrieta/Matusz for Liriano. Maybe a PTBNL, i don’t know.

  10. Why would the Padres WANT wither Arrieta or Britton? Neither has shown they can be successful against MLB hitters. That’s a fail.

    No Machado or Bundy, no trade possible unless a third team is involved.

  11. James 3 years ago

    The Os have a better system than you think past Machado and Bundy.

    Schoop- a middle infielder with pop, should have stuck at SS, but machado is now also at the same level… he should be the top of their list to move (also Baseball america preseason 82 overall prospect). this year he is hitting 247 with 12 homers as a 20 year old in AA.

    Hoes- another guy without a clear position, started at 2nd and moved to the OF. Still a solid c+ prospect in AAA hitting 289 this year with not much category juice, but his floor is looking like major league 4th OF with upside of average MLB regular. also correct age at 22 in AAA.

    delmoinico- at 19 doing ok in A ball, has solid upside.

    There are about 15 guys in that system that a B- down to C prospects. A collection of one of them with schoop, hoes or delmonico (all 3 i think of as at least B- guys) could land a big name

    • TheManFromMarsCircular 3 years ago

      Agreed, if they dealt Schoop and Arrieta with a roster player they could probably snag Headley.

  12. not_brooks 3 years ago

    Jean Segura is a B prospect. There’s no way the Twins get a better headliner for Liriano than the Brewers got for Greinke.

  13. basemonkey 3 years ago

    The guys the Os are supposedly offering are a touch younger and also projected top rotation guys in Arrieta and Britton, who haven’t yet found consistency yet. Liriano has had more MLB success, and is further along, but he’s also logged more service time. The net effect of such a trade might just be that the Twins are swapping for a similarly talented pitcher but buying a little more time, in addition to probably adding some depth in an extra prospect.

    If I were the Twins, I’d prefer Arrieta due to the great flashes he showed at the start of the year, and his raw stuff. At that time he was hitting an easy 96-98 mph late sinking fastball, and an excellent tight curve. As an Os fan, I’d love to hold onto him.

  14. not_brooks 3 years ago

    #2 starters don’t walk five hitters per nine.

  15. mstrchef 3 years ago

    I thought that I read Segura was the Angels #1 remaining prospect now that Trout and Richards are in the majors?

  16. mstrchef 3 years ago

    Sure they do. Look at Edinson Volquez.

  17. not_brooks 3 years ago

    Of course, there’s a huge difference between “per nine” and something that Liriano did in one exceptional game.

    Oh, and look at that! He walked 10 in 12 innings in the two starts before his 15 K game! And then two starts after his 15 K game, he gave up seven runs in less than three innings!

    Sorry, guy. Liriano has a 5.18 ERA and a 5.0 BB/9 rate over his last 235 innings. At 28, he is what he is now: An inconsistent strikeout pitcher with no command who can toss a gem every once in a while.

    That said, he’s still a desirable asset. Just not a #2 starter.

  18. not_brooks 3 years ago

    He is. But he’s still a B prospect.

  19. basemonkey 3 years ago

    Yes, he was their #1 but in terms of scout grades he’s a B.

  20. mstrchef 3 years ago

    Ok. Makes me wonder whether the Brewers were specifically targeting a SS prospect or if they just couldn’t wait any longer and took the best available offer.

  21. not_brooks 3 years ago



    #2 starters don’t walk five hitters per nine and post 5.00+ ERAs and get demoted to the bullpen in the middle of the season.

  22. mstrchef 3 years ago

    This generally be true. So if he’s a #3 starter, that makes him better than 4 of our 5 current starters.

  23. Lookouts400 3 years ago

    And not in exchange for Arrieta or Matusz.

  24. and Greinke is FAR better than Liriano

  25. James 3 years ago

    Segura is closer to a high B, to a very low A prospect. the problem with all of the guys they got for grienke is that they are all nowhere near ready now, and segura in particular has a very low floor.

  26. James 3 years ago

    actually of the big names to come through their system in the past few years, arrienta was the least regarded. Tillman and Matutz were A prospects at one time, britton was a high B, and arrieta only a solid B. They just cannot develop pitching.

  27. James 3 years ago

    you think they do not like schoop, delmonico, hoes, bridwell, and the rest of the guys that make the Os a deep system.

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