Athletics Designate Anthony Recker For Assignment

The Athletics announced that they designated catcher Anthony Recker for assignment. The move creates 40-man roster space for Brett Anderson, who is being reinstated from the 60-day disabled list. The A's optioned Dan Straily to Triple-A to create roster space for Anderson.

Recker appeared in 13 early-season games for the Athletics, but he hasn't played at the MLB level since May. The 28-year-old has a .265/.358/.435 batting line in 229 plate appearances at Triple-A this year.

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  1. Guest 3 years ago

    .894 OPS post Allstar break in AAA. Hopefully he can latch on with an east coast team, closer to home.

  2. D.j. Wilson 3 years ago

    Dammit why Straily!?!?! We need him!

    • MaCmAnSuX 3 years ago

      I agree, I’d rather them option Milone and put himself back together for the rest of the month than send Straily down.

      • D.j. Wilson 3 years ago

        Yes yes yes!

      • thegoldenone 3 years ago

        Milone has less options left and they don’t want to burn it for only 11 days.

        • leachim2 3 years ago

          It wouldn’t burn an option. He would have to be optioned for 20 days to lose an option

          • thegoldenone 3 years ago

            Since its 20 days total in the year having to be in the minors, Does it count for Straily with the days before he was on the 40 man roster?

          • leachim2 3 years ago

            No. He must be on the 40 man roster.

      • Patick L 3 years ago

        Yeah both Milone and Parker are pitching more innings than ever before. That is one reason why Melvin wants to go with a 6 man rotaion.

  3. MaCmAnSuX 3 years ago

    The guy is probably just a AAAA player. He’s put up solid numbers in AAA the past two years. However, in the majors this year, his bat speed seemed slow and he had trouble catching up to fastballs. I have a feeling he’ll make it through waivers and stay put in AAA, but if he does get picked up by another team, best of luck to you Recker.

  4. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    Huh, good move, although I’d rather them keep Straily and send down a reliever. This is fine too since Straily will only be in AAA for 11 days. Hopefully he can reach the 200 K plateau there.

  5. Straily will be back up for sure, but the problem is I think he’s trying to strike everyone out, if you watched his games his Pitch counts is up way too high (lots of 3-2 counts) and is usually taken out of the game early

  6. itsmewade 3 years ago

    I would have rather seen Straily stay and move Scribner down for 11 days. I seriously hope the conversation between Straily and management was a very positive one for Straily so he doesn’t go into a funk because of two starts. Delicate situation for a young guy like him.

    • corey23 3 years ago

      his last start was pretty darn good so I think he’ll be okay. I’m sure they prefaced it well.

  7. Old Scouting report on Recker that I found:
    Anthony Recker is a power hitter who doesn’t bring a whole lot else to the table. He’s 25, and catchers can develop late, but he needs to improve his contact, plate discipline, and defense to be a starter. He’ll need to improve two of them to be a backup.
    My question is did he improve at all defensively? Does he have any kind of arm?

    My Edit: Well this went over like a lead balloon, oh well…

    • oyoyoy 3 years ago

      He’s a big strong guy, but he’s slow moving behind the dish, didn’t block particularly well, decent arm. His hitting is what it is.I have no idea why he was on the A’s at all. They got him off the 40 man and in return, the River Cats have a catcher.from the Cubs. Nothing to see here.

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