International Signings: White Sox, Mariners, D’Backs

A couple of notable international free-agent deals to pass along …

  • The White Sox have agreed to terms with Dominican right-hander Victor Done, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America. The 16-year-old Done has a good delivery and throws a hard fastball and sharp curveball, reports Badler, who adds that the South Siders have "significantly increased" their international presence over the past year.
  • The Mariners have signed 16-year-old Brazilian left-hander Luiz Gohara, whom many teams regarded as the best pitcher in this year's international signing class, according to Badler. Gohara's fastball already touches 94 mph, reports Badler, and he throws a good slider. (h/t to Andy Loretta of Baseball Latin America, who first passed along a link to a Portuguese-language report of Gohara's signing).
  • The Diamondbacks have signed Venezuelan outfielder Jose Ordaz, according to Badler. Ordaz, who turned 16 on Saturday, is a left-handed hitter with a "broad skill set" and a chance to stay in center field. 

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  1. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 3 years ago

    When a 16 year old out of another country signs do they get some sort of schooling here? I’ve always kind of wondered what life is like for those kids

    • Tommet 3 years ago

      If you sign with a professional organization you don’t go to school. You choose one or the other

      • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 3 years ago

        Wow. I knew that was true for getting drafted, but it seems wrong to allow at 16-year old to go into baseball without even getting to the 11th grade…

        • Tommet 3 years ago

          yeah because you have to be dedicated to the team’s practices and workouts. If you go to school you won’t have enough time to workout with the team

        • blagblag4488 3 years ago

          In Mexico, many kids stop at 8th grade; there isn’t public high school. I don’t know what the case is with the Dominican or Venezuela though.

          • In Mexico there a lot of public high schools and universities, even one of the best college in Latin America is a public institution (UNAM)

  2. Loving all of these White Sox Signings, its certainly going to help our farm system over the coming years! 4 signings since July 2 and getting a guy from Venezuela in January!

    • lolpods 3 years ago

      it’s been criminally ignored for years. thank god the organizational philosophy has radically changed in player development. there’s a reason the farm has been as bad as it is.

  3. davengmusic 3 years ago

    Git ‘R Done!

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