Orioles Notes: Overbay, Lowe, Chavez

In our poll this afternoon, more than 3,300 MLBTR readers told us that they believe the Orioles will finish the season with an above-.500 record but will not qualify for the postseason. Baltimore came into the day in a four-way tie for the two AL Wild Card spots. Here's the latest from Charm City, courtesy of The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly

  • “No, we are looking around every day,” said GM Dan Duquette when asked if the Manny Machado call-up means they are closing the door on acquiring players from outside the organization.
  • The Orioles have expressed some interest in the recently released Lyle Overbay, but they might not have room for him on the roster.
  • There's a sense that Derek Lowe will wind up back in National League once he clears waivers tomorrow, but the Orioles could have interest according to Connolly.
  • Endy Chavez is expected to clear waivers tomorrow and will likely accept an assignment to Baltimore's Triple-A affiliate.
  • We had some more Orioles links earlier this morning

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3 Comments on "Orioles Notes: Overbay, Lowe, Chavez"

3 years 21 days ago

Boston should tell Derek Lowe that IF he really wants to play for Boston?? He has to stand on one of those dual, side by side BP mounds.. Next to Aaron Cook.. Get two of those retreads from Pawtucket and have both Cook and Lowe throw like 70 pitches, their sinker only and whichever has the best?? That one gets to stay.. The other is adios..

Neither is really worth a roster spot, but since they insist on beckett starting, Doubrant showing he is worn out.. They gotta’ just about use one.. Unless Wake is taking calls that is..

3 years 21 days ago

the orioles need some better players,but acquiring derek lowe and lyle overbay is not the way to go. they have passed up on much better qualified players. the orioles will not make the post season this year.

3 years 21 days ago

The Orioles don’t need anymore worn-out mops’. No thanks to those two…