Padres Designate Jeremy Hermida For Assignment

The Padres announced that they designated outfielder Jeremy Hermida for assignment. The team selected the contract of left-hander Andrew Werner and optioned right-hander Brad Boxberger to Triple-A in related moves.

Hermida signed a one-year, $800K contract with the Padres last offseason only to spend considerable time on the disabled list with a strained hip flexor. The 28-year-old appeared in just 13 games for the Padres, but he also played in 44 games for San Diego's Triple-A affiliate, posting a .252/.318/.358 batting line in 170 plate appearances.

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3 years 5 days ago

Always thought his swing was tailor made for Yankee stadium.. Loves to pull the ball.. Too much in fact and when it takes little to get one out at Yankee stadium to right.. He may have had a fair career as a 4th OF/PH there.

Another guy who spent his career at miserable places for his power. Land Shark, Petco, Oakland and Fenway for a guy who doesn’t like to go to LF. probably too late now for him to get another chance at a more friendly stadium, but the talent he had when he 1st came up.. he sure had the hype from Fish fans and their brass. More than Willingham and Ross. Rotten with the glove as Willingham however.

3 years 5 days ago

He spent it at AAA where it’s actually crazy hitter friendly. Petco did not Petco this guy.

3 years 5 days ago

Understand that :-) Actually tho? The entire PCL is hitter friendly. Is why in very 1st post said was wondering if it is now “not too late”. Sometimes hitters get so out of whack after years and years of literally going up against a wall that they lose it. Change things that worked in the past, have coaches that constantly tinker with their swings etc.. I wonder if any of those apply and he is just so out of whack as to the talent he once had. It’s not like he had this huge, long swing or anything, he didn’t.

Maybe somehow (if he even wants to continue) someone can look at video over video and maybe figure out what he was doing that worked before at least as good as it did and work to get back to there at least, like to square one and work his way back. He is not old and has been sliding since his year 25.

Think of him as a hitters version of an Andrew Miller maybe I should have said. Someone (if they can be found) to spend hours, days, even weeks to figure out what has been changed and get him back to that point.

I do think he has the talent to be a decent player in a stadium that is friendly to his power, but those are few and far between.

Long winded response here and I apologize, but there was a reason.. I think Dan Duquette will take a flyer on him if he is just released. he fits the profile of scrap heap player Dan used to grab and turn into gold with Boston decades ago. Get a coach to work with him for days, or weeks to fix his stroke.

I wonder if Merv Rettenmund is still with the orioles? he used to be fabulous with orioles kids in their system.

3 years 5 days ago

nice logic and guys have risen out of deeper holes but i think this guy’s done. probably needs 100s of at-bats. is there a team desperate enough for a DH to give him those? and has he really earned that chance?

3 years 5 days ago

Has he put enough bad playing between now and that one good 2/3 of a season back in 2007 that we can write him off? Let’s see how many hopeful people suggest their team picking him up this time… I’m guessing that number is going to be much lower than the last few times he got let go.

3 years 5 days ago

” Let’s see how many hopeful people suggest their team picking him up this time.”

Epstein tried that in 2010, but it was not a good situation for him in Boston.. The guy just couldn’t lay off trying to still pull everything and then he was in a platoon situation as well, he was playing LF rather than RF where most of his time prior to 2008 was and half his 2009 games. Just a bad situation all around for someone who is actually worse with the glove than Hammer Willingham at RF.

3 years 5 days ago

Remember when he was the next Ruben Sierra?

3 years 5 days ago

He’s been pretty bad the last few seasons he’s gotten some run in the majors. Tend to agree with johnsilver — he likes to pull the ball.

Still he had that one big year [I don’t know if he was largely platooned, or if it was a BABIP situation] and the middling years that came after it were still pretty similar in walks and home runs [doubles numbers really collapsed along with his average, though].

Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, but I think he could help a team out if he could get going.

3 years 5 days ago

He probably clears waivers and stays with the club at AAA. They can always put him back on the 40 man roster if something happens to one of the everyday OF’s and they end up on the 60-Day DL.
Would like to see the Pads have used this move to make room for Gyorko.