Quick Hits: Mets, Athletics, Storen, Izturis

The Mets announced that Johan Santana isn't expected to pitch again in 2012 after an MRI revealed inflammation in his lower back. The Mets say no surgery is required for Santana, who returned from a shoulder capsule operation to post a 4.85 ERA in 117 innings this year. Here are today‚Äôs links…

  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports suggests the Athletics will rely on internal options to replace the recently-suspended Bartolo Colon (Twitter link). If the Athletics do pursue outside alternatives Randy Wolf would be one option now that he has been released.
  • David Ross and Drew Storen have been impressed by MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner, Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com reports. "I'm a backup catcher, but he knew every detail of my career and my negotiations," Ross said. Weiner plans to continue to work on behalf of the players while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.
  • There's virtually no chance Cesar Izturis returns to the Nationals this year, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports (on Twitter). The infielder elected free agency earlier in the week.

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11 Comments on "Quick Hits: Mets, Athletics, Storen, Izturis"

3 years 12 days ago

There are three pitchers not in the A’s rotation I would rather have start than Wolf. I hope they don’t consider that move at all.

3 years 12 days ago

I highly doubt they would. Straily can come up, Griffin is almost ready, Blackley can start, i mean Tyson Ross is about the third best option… He’s starting tomorrow only bc rest for Blackley and Straily can’t come up yet.

3 years 12 days ago

Tyson Ross has 2.74 ERA in 13 starts in AAA, I think that’s well deserving of a start

3 years 12 days ago

Tyson Ross stinks every time they call him up. Straily can come up after 10 days.

3 years 12 days ago

Chris Carter used to stink every time they brought him up.

3 years 11 days ago

Yes, and when Carter did stink (as Jemile Weeks has all season) he was sent down. In the middle of a pennant race you don’t want Ross (5th best option) starting. Strailey, if he hadn’t just been sent down, would get the start. Then, Blackley, who pitched 5 + innings a few days ago, then Griffin, Billings and only then, maybe, Tyson Ross.
On a related note, Shane Peterson deserves the next call-up for an outfielder, not the thrice failed Mike Taylor.

3 years 12 days ago

Griffin, Blackley, Straily, and even Peacock are all viable options to replace Colon. They’re also all better than Wolf. They’ll need a spot starter for tomorrow, and Beane’s already said it will be Tyson Ross. After that, it’ll likely be one of those first three guys.

3 years 12 days ago

A’s don’t need outside starting pitching. Travis Blackley was great as a SP before Strailey was called up. A’s have a lot of depth in their rotation. Strailey will most likely be called up again after the 10 wait period

3 years 12 days ago

Why would we need outside starting pitching we have tons!

3 years 12 days ago

tigers might want to take a chance on Wolf, maybe. A’s? i’d rather call Mark Mulder just for an old-times buzz

3 years 11 days ago

Hope the Cubs sign Izturis for the rest of the year. Castro needs a day off occasionally, and the Cubs can use someone who can actually play shortstop naturally when Castro has a day off (when he gets one). Let go Valbuena and make room for Izturis….might as well have someone who can play defense, even if they can’t hit.