2013 Payroll Commitments

While teams like the Dodgers and Yankees have already committed to nine-figure payrolls in 2013, others have less than $15MM committed to the '13 roster. Cot’s Baseball Contracts has compiled each team’s payroll obligations for 2013. Here's the list, starting with the largest commitments:

  • Dodgers, $193.8MM
  • Phillies, $133.1MM
  • Yankees, $119.1MM
  • Cardinals, $92.8MM
  • Angels, $92.3MM
  • Tigers, $90.2MM
  • Rangers, $84.4MM
  • White Sox, $83.3MM
  • Giants, $81.0MM
  • Reds, $74.1MM
  • Twins, $68.3MM
  • Marlins, $67.5MM
  • Blue Jays, $61.3MM
  • Nationals, $58.6MM
  • Diamondbacks, $55.0MM
  • Mets, $54.5MM
  • Orioles, $53.2MM
  • Brewers, $52.4MM
  • Rockies, $46.5MM
  • Red Sox, $45.6MM
  • Cubs, $41.8MM
  • Mariners, $40.5MM
  • Royals, $34.9MM
  • Pirates, $27.9MM
  • Padres, $26.0MM
  • Athletics, $23.0MM
  • Rays, $18.6MM
  • Braves, $15.2MM
  • Indians, $11MM
  • Astros, $5.5MM

Please note that these figures don't include club or vesting options or figures for players whose salaries will be determined via the arbitration process. The totals include commitments to players no longer in the organization.

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