Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Chipper, Indians, Haren

The Braves, Cardinals, Orioles, and Rangers will make baseball history later today, when they participate in the first ever Wild Card play-in games. The winner of the NL match-up moves on to face the Nationals while the AL winner will advance to play the Yankees. Here is the latest from around the baseball blogodome…

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  1. johnsilver 3 years ago

    ” but when healthy, Lowrie is a middle of the order bat that can hit
    twenty plus home runs and play a premier position with above average
    defense at shortstop.”

    That article on Lowrie is full of sentences exactly like that.. WHY does Houston think Boston traded him in the 1st place? HE CAN’T STAY HEALTHY!!

    • Bob Bunker 3 years ago

      I still would have preffered to keep him though. Would have been a solid SS to have while Igleasis is still developing.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        They needed a closer at the time.. Probably figured didn’t have the money to spend on one, had that ill conceived idea to convert Bard into a SP and hadn’t made the Bailey deal yet.. It wasn’t a “bad” deal on the surface really.

        I liked Lowrie, but he never is going to be healthy and Weiand is nothing.. I doubt he is ever even a back end SP in the NL. Melencon has a chance of being a fair 8thIP guy, maybe just a middle reliever. The worst deal they made was the Bailey one and it hasn’t come to fruition yet..Wait until Miles head gets a little more type space here..

        Head was the **1** guy myself didn’t want to see go in that deal and he CRUSHED at High A and AA for Oakland and guess what position he plays??? 1b.. Something Boston needs…

  2. Bob Bunker 3 years ago

    If Dan Haren is only worth 8 million then i think he would love a 3 year 36 million deal with a 4th year option. However, i think that blog post undervalues his past performance.

  3. Rob 3 years ago

    Hey Mets why don’t we develop our young players and let them contribute. Why would we even think about trading our young hitting and pitching when they are still affordable? Really need to have a plan here.

  4. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    Moving Soria to the rotation might be exactly what the Royals need. Adding him to a mix that could include veterans like Guthrie, Hochevar, and Chen and young guys like Duffy and Montgomery could make for a pretty strong rotation. If they could lure someone like Dan Haren in as well, then they’d really be cooking with gas.

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