Ben Sheets To Retire

Ben Sheets will retire after he pitches tomorrow, Mark Bowman of reports (on Twitter). Sheets, who joined the Braves midseason after missing the entire 2011 campaign, said he will never pitch again.

Sheets, 34, made eight starts for the Braves this summer after missing a year to recover from flexor tendon surgery. He posted a 3.54 ERA with 6.1 K/9 and 2.4 BB/9 in 48 1/3 innings for Atlanta this year, re-establishing himself as a legitimate MLB starter.

The Brewers selected Sheets with the tenth overall pick in the 1999 draft and he spent most of his career in Milwaukee. He put together a number of strong seasons with the Brewers, including a memorable 2004 campaign. Sheets posted a 2.70 ERA with 264 strikeouts and just 32 walks in 237 innings that year, finishing eighth in the Cy Young balloting. In ten MLB seasons, Sheets has a 94-96 record, a 3.78 ERA and 1323 strikeouts in 1595 2/3 innings. He has earned more than $52MM as a professional, according to Baseball-Reference.

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  1. sourbob 3 years ago

    They must have told him he isn’t going to make the postseason roster or else he’d have waited.

  2. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I take it he has been informed there’s no room for him on a post-season roster? Seems like an odd time to come out with this.

    • Robert Berner 3 years ago

      Agreed. Kind of a shame he would even announce this and take attention away from Chipper’s last days (regular and postseason) with the Braves. He should have announced this after the season. Disrespectful to Chipper.

      • fireboss 3 years ago

        They’re playing in Pittsburgh, Chipper isn’t playing and the hoopla was over this weekend with I and 100,219 of my closest friends filled the stands at the TED. Sheets is a standup guy and true pro. There’s no disrespect here for Chipper in any way , shape or form.

      • Jeff 3 years ago

        Ben Sheets isn’t Chipper Jones, but he’s still a guy who had a good career. He deserves a classy exit.

  3. Infield Fly 3 years ago

    What a shame, but with his injury history perhaps it’s best.

    Have a great retirement, Mr. Sheets. When you were able to pitch you really had some good stuff!

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Sad, he really only had 2 good ace-like seasons.

    • he should have gotten a lot more attention for Cy Young in 2004. He was ridiculously good.

      • Andy Repinski 3 years ago

        Right? But that was back when whoever had the most wins would win the Cy Young. No Brewer was even eligible for that 20 year period or so.

  4. This sucks. He finally gets back and he’s done. Jaysus.

  5. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    I never got how he finished just 8th in Cy Young voting in ’04. 32 Walks in 237 innings? That’s 1 per start! Just proof that everyone is human and that he was by far an above average talent when he was healthy.

    • withpower 3 years ago

      I just checked out that ’04 Cy Young ranking on B-REF and I have to agree. Going by things like WHIP, Ks, ERA, ERA+, and IP it seems pretty clear Randy Johnson and Sheets were the top two.

      Obviously the W-L records must have been the deciding factor [Clemens went 18-4, Sheets 12-14].

  6. Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

    Chipper’s potential retirement seems to be infectious…

    • thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

      It’s not potential he’s going to retire

      • Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

        So was Brett Favre, need I say more? When he goes a year without playing, then I will label Chipper as retired. Since it didn’t happen yet, it is still a potential retirement…

        • thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

          Kerry Wood is still in potential retirement by that definition

  7. I seem to have a feeling he will try again at some point. Just a hunch. 😉

  8. Matthew Young 3 years ago

    He could retire on that $10 million he stole from the A’s.

    • you can call it stealing, but I doubt he was trying to get hurt.

      • ALEX 3 years ago

        this just in mariners to move in fences at safeco field

    • toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

      The A’s gave him 10 million dollars knowing he had just had surgery to repair his elbow, not to mention his fairly ridiculous injury history. So he tears the same tendon in the same elbow that was just surgically repaired and you’re shocked? It’s not like the A’s didn’t see that as at least a fair possibility.

    • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

      What a bad signing that was…

    • CowboyJames 3 years ago

      comments such as these should be moderated

  9. davbee 3 years ago

    Huge Brewer fan here. When he was on (and healthy) there were few pitchers who combined his control and un-hittable stuff (especially that nasty 12 to 6 curve ball). One of my all time favorites. Thanks for the memories, Big Ben. Wishing you a great retirement.

  10. Wainwrights_Curveball 3 years ago

    Can’t have him on the postseason roster. Too bad, the guy was a nice story this year. Maybe he’ll reconsider and give it one more shot. He still has some stuff in the tank. But if he really is done, I’m glad he was able to come back and finish things this way.

  11. toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

    One of my all time favorites. That curveball made many a batter look silly

  12. David Mata 3 years ago

    Why bother rehabbing and returning if you’re going to quit?

  13. Rob 3 years ago

    Wow 52 million for 94 wins

    • Andy Repinski 3 years ago

      Prolly has the career worst run support for any pitcher ever, pitched for some bad Brewer teams, and that year in Oakland didn’t do any good.

  14. Mike Waszack 3 years ago

    He’s going out healthy — for the first time in the past couple attempts. He’s made a lot of money, he got to have a chance to pitch a relatively healthy portion of a season…he’s got nothing left to prove. Ben Sheets gets to go out on his own accord — injury isn’t forcing him out this time around. Makes perfect sense.

  15. Truth Factor 3 years ago

    Maybe Mark Prior should call it quits as well.

  16. Andy Repinski 3 years ago

    He needs to retire a Brewer, we still love him here.

  17. Did Fredi Gonzalez already say that Sheets would not be on the roster for the postseason barring injury? I had hoped that his career would have been longer than it was.

  18. Jeff 3 years ago

    Shame. Was hoping he’d compete for a bullpen spot next year.

  19. Not surprising… he was done in late August, he didn’t have the velocity anymore. Said his arm felt tired. You could see it when he pitched. Wasn’t the guy we saw in July. He hadn’t pitched since going on the DL. Came back in the middle of September but hadn’t seen any game action. I don’t even think he warmed up in the bullpen.

    I’m not surprised that he’d call it quits. It would have been hard for him to get another job. I’m just glad that he did get the opportunity earlier this year, and that it was with my Braves. I wish him the best.

  20. LazerTown 3 years ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t pitch in the postseason at least. I am guessing it has to do with his injury history, and just proving he had it still in his last season.

  21. kray1000 3 years ago

    A little surprising for me. But his stuff didn’t seem the same to me this season. He must have felt the same way.

  22. a5ehren 3 years ago

    No room for him on Postseason roster. Braves are probably going to carry Medlen, Hudson, Minor, and Maholm as their 4 starters.

  23. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    I wondered if this year was his one last shot to see if he could do it. Just because he managed to pitch for awhile doesn’t mean that he wasn’t having discomfort.

    I’m glad he can go out after having at least some modest success.

  24. Jeff 3 years ago

    I really think he could have continued as a BP pitcher. He had a nice resurgence in August, but that’s all it was. Hopefully the Braves keep him on dial, or give him a shot to coach- I think he’s too good to not be in baseball.

    Supposedly, as he was getting ready for MLB, he was pulling the old Greg Maddux stunt of telling folks how an inning would go. Gilmartin picked up the most from it, one reason why I think Gilmartin deserves a chance to compete in ST for 5th starter next year (though he should be in AAA if Teheran or Delgado have a good spring)

  25. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    Several players such as the man of the article have left the MLB for one year yet they came back and way to be condescending.

  26. Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

    Did you really expect me to respond positively after you have frivolously nitpicked on every word I used? Really, “potential” and the phrase “going to” mean the same thing…

  27. jb226 3 years ago

    No, they don’t.

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