Marlins Seeking Replacement For Guillen

It appears that the Marlins’ disappointing season will cost Ozzie Guillen his job. The Marlins are aggressively seeking a replacement for Guillen,’s Buster Olney writes (on Twitter). It’s not clear if Miami executives will fire Guillen before finding a replacement.

The Marlins acquired Guillen from the White Sox toward the end of the 2011 season, but the team fell short of expectations, finishing last in the NL East with a 69-93 record. Guillen has three years remaining on the four-year, $10MM contract he signed with the Marlins a year ago. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported last month that the Marlins would likely hire a low-priced alternative if they dismiss Guillen. Owner Jeffrey Loria will make the final call.

The Marlins talked extensively about Bo Porter before the Astros named the longtime coach their manager. Mike Lowell's name has come up in connection with the Marlins, but he won't be considered, according to the Miami Herald.

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  1. davengmusic 3 years ago

    This sounds like it’s quickly becoming a job no one wants.

    • Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

      There is no job security. Guillen was a disaster, but it really is impossible to please Loria…

  2. demonopie 3 years ago

    Take Bob Brenly, please.

  3. IndyJones35 3 years ago

    This shows Loria is desperate for someone to make him look good and Beinfest.

  4. mikimbin 3 years ago

    Adios payason,,Good bye…

  5. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    We will trade you Bobby Valentine.

  6. Jeff Ball 3 years ago

    Rays Bench Coach Dave Martinez. He was a finalist for the Houston Job. I hope he gets his chance.

  7. Karkat 3 years ago

    If Terry Francona is feeling daring about his blood pressure he could always interview for the job…

  8. Jasper 3 years ago

    I don’t know if this would make sense. Having seen a lot of Guillen (and having disagreed with his managing a lot too), I don’t think there’s much logic in cutting bait with that much money left on the contract after only one bad year. Ozzie is a decent manager who may not get you a perennial winner, but when you give him a decent team, he will make it competitive. Firing him now seems senseless, and like davengmusic said, this seems to be a job no one wants anyway.

  9. SublimeOne 3 years ago

    If they expected him to be anything other than a distracting psychopath with mediocre managing skills they must have never seen him in action before.

  10. Dave Martinez. If he doesn’t want it, I’ll do it until they find someone. Can’t hurt.

  11. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    I understand Bobby Valentine should be available.

  12. Guest 3 years ago

    Because it’s his fault Heath Bell was a complete bust and ownership gave up on the team halfway through the season. Ozzie’s probably praying he gets fired, he gets paid either way. Better than managing a bunch of losers for the next 3 years. Ownership sold Miami a bill of goods then cut bait. F them, Ozzie’s gonna be Ozzie either way.

    • thomstitute 3 years ago

      Honestly, Its not like they didn’t know what they were getting. Say what you will about Ozzie, but the team the front office assembled was miserable. If they had traded Hanley in the offseason they could’ve gotten a much better return. This team will be bad for the next 3 years.

  13. safari_punch 3 years ago

    Will the Marlins go after John Farrell too?

  14. ludafish 3 years ago

    Everyone needs to be fired. I do not understand how Beinfest has job security either. Especially when a report came out saying Jennings and Loria wanted to throw money at Fielder while Sampson and Beinfest said no. Nothing to do with Fielder, but how do you have two sides fighting in on FO? The same article says this happens all the time in this FO. Loria needs to man up and fire his son in law. Sampson is the worst, but he is safe cause of his lies to get us a stadium. Since Loria isnt going anywhere he needs someone to tell him to shut up (he pushed heavy to sign Bell, Reyes, and Buck to the objection of many of his people).
    On that note III_CC_You_Later said it down low,Ozzie is too oldschool. I dont like him as a manager.The season is not his fault but he did not help it and can not take this team in to the future. Plus the castro thing didnt help, then he comes out and defends Yunel Escobar for the maricon thing…he needs to shut up. The Escobar thing angered me immensely because after the Castro thing you would think that he would know when to keep quiet. He was also too quiet with his players this season, where was the firey Ozzie demanding more from his players? he was afraid of Loria and afraid from the Castro comments. Its a disaster in Miami. And most fans are so unrealistic around here, thinking next season will be better. NO, it wont. Next season i would be surprised if they won 65 games. All we have is Reyes and Stanton, when youre ace is Buehrle (not knocking him) you are in trouble.
    Such a frustrating season….needed to get that out there…

  15. Zemo Carpathian 3 years ago

    What about Bobby V? He is a free agent manager now.

  16. Daniel Kassebaum 3 years ago

    I love this, Loria and his stepson, David Sampson, and his friends Michael Hill and Larry Beinfest are all blaming this season on Guillen, sure not the best manager, but when he has to work with the worst owner in sports, and the worst front office in sports, I cannot blame him for this all.

  17. Mr_Marlin 3 years ago

    Guillen is not the problem. The problem is Beinfest.

  18. Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

    Beinfest may be a problem with the team, but the way they are run from an owner’s standpoint is just horrible. The saying, “It’s nothing personal it’s just business” is the antithesis of how Loria runs the operation. They had their manager in Girardi, and Loria blew it. Not that I think Girardi is a great manager with the Yankees, but the guy kept his players in line (namely Scott Olsen) when they stepped out. Once they hired Gonzalez, it was Sergio Mitre keeping Olsen in line…

  19. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Am thinking they need to invest in the scouting infrastructure and fire everyone currently involved in that area, rebuild from scratch.

    The team DID do fair in that regard under Henry you have to admit. maybe even rob from the Cubs/Red sox organizations where many in this area are at and get loria to develop scouting in other areas, other than south of the border for a change.

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