NL East Links: Guillen, Phillies, Lerner, Mets

As Adam Greenberg enjoys his second career Major League at-bat, here's the latest from the NL East…

  • Ozzie Guillen hasn't been told anything about his status with the Marlins' and while he has spoken to owner Jeffrey Loria over the last few days, Guillen's job status hasn't been discussed, writes Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald.  Spencer speculates that Loria won't make a "formal announcement" if he decides to retain Guillen as manager.
  • The Phillies may be more cautious with how they spend this winter, as GM Ruben Amaro hinted to reporters (including's Todd Zolecki).  "There are some guys who have some track records, but what guarantee do we have that some of the guys that we may sign for a significant amount of money are any better than the players we have in this clubhouse?" Amaro said.  The general manager also complimented his scouts and said no changes will be made to the scouting department in the offseason.
  • The Nationals' division title is the culmination of owner Ted Lerner's vision, writes Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times.
  • Earlier today, ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reported on several of the Mets' offseason plans.

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  1. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    Hope this means they’re targeting Angel Pagan. He’s got a good skill set for what they need in Center Field and isn’t going to have the risk Bourn and Upton will. (Plus, he shouldn’t cost a draft pick).

    Really, if I’m Ruben, I’d like to sign the following:

    Pagan for Center Field
    Scutaro/Keppinger for Third Base

    The only big name guy out there I’d want is Swisher (and Bourn if his market absolutely collapsed… which more than likely won’t happen). But, if they can avoid giving up a draft pick this year, I’d be all for it. Scutaro and Keppinger, I feel are good situational hitters and that’s something the Phillies have lacked… really for years.

    I’m wondering if they’re going to go with a platoon system in Left and Right between Brown/Mayberry/Ruf/Schierholtz/Nix. Which I’m fine with. (especially since Brown’s capable of being an every day Right or Left Fielder) and a platoon system can really strengthen a bench.

    They also shouldn’t need to spend money in the bullpen either as they have Aumont, Antonio B., DeFratus, Horst, Stutes, Lindblom, and Rosenberg… in addition to Papelbon.

    Something I’d watch for: Melky Cabrera. Are the Giants going to offer him a qualifying offer? If not, I might target him over Pagan in Center field. Would really add some power to the middle of the line up (if he wasn’t all juice)… and he would also help balance the line up a bit.

    Citizens Bank Park is a great place for a guy like him to re-establish his value on an Adrian Beltre type deal.

    • fighterflea 3 years ago

      It’s a tired bunch of bats dragging their way to the finish line. Utley has become a singles hitter, Howard a non-hitter. Mayberry I’m ready to right off. Martinez and Wigginton happily are soon gone. Unhappily Nix remains as he’s signed for next year. Charlie Manuel fancies himself a ‘players’ manager’ and hitting guru but most of the bats in his lineup look cooked. Darin Ruf has been explosive. The Phils, to their discredit, had no idea what they had in this guy since he didn’t fit a stereotypic image of what a big league player should be. This off-season Amaro has to ask himself if he’s in the right line of work; Charlie Manuel has to ask himself if he still has the fire in the belly. They both looked miscast in ’12.

      • word 3 years ago

        I was secretly hoping for the Phils to pick up Dexter Fowler. Centerfielder, Righty, 26, coming off a good year and made around only 2 mil. Colorado is seeking pitching, why not give a little since Stutes and Herndon will be back next year….just saying.

        • fighterflea 3 years ago

          Fowler’s home/away splits are terrible Since he’d be playing 3 games in that Colorado park instead of 81, the Phils have to ask if he is worth it. I think they’ll come up with a ‘no.’.

    • Jim C 3 years ago

      The bullpen and outfield are their two biggest weaknesses. If that’s all Amaro does then the 2013 Phillies will be no better than the 2012 Phillies.

  2. OptimusSmoltz 3 years ago

    I hate to be that guy, but that was his first career MLB at-bat and his second MLB plate appearance.

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