Mets Notes: Wright, Dickey, Pelfrey, Davis

The Mets will “turn over” the roster this coming offseason, team sources tell Adam Rubin of Here are the details, starting with the team’s franchise player…

  • Team officials remain optimistic that they’ll be able to retain David Wright long-term, Rubin reports. Mets executives hope the third baseman will succeed Tom Seaver as the unofficial ambassador for the organization once he retires as a player, according to Rubin. Wright told Rubin over the weekend that he hopes his next contract will cover the remainder of his playing career.
  • Relievers Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez are expected to leave as free agents after the season, Rubin reports.
  • Rubin hears from Mets sources that Andres Torres and Mike Pelfrey will likely be non-tendered this winter.
  • R.A. Dickey’s contract includes a club option for 2013 that will surely be exercised, but his long-term future with the organization is not entirely secure, according to Rubin. Mets executives seem wary of making a “sizable commitment” to the Cy Young candidate.
  • One Mets person said the team would require “a boatload” to part with Ike Davis, Jon Heyman of reports. The Red Sox had two scouts in attendance at last night’s Mets-Marlins game and could have interest in trading for the first time arbitration eligible first baseman, Heyman reports.

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  1. Rick Garcia 3 years ago

    if they require a boatload the Red Sox are probably not the best trade partner

    • dc21892 3 years ago

      Why? They actually have some nice pieces in their system. Look at what they got from LA. They have a good mix of almost ready and low minors prospects with middle to high ceilings. I’m not trying to overvalue this system, but with guys like Barnes, Webster, Ranaudo, de la Rosa and then Bogearts, Swihart, etc, its hard not to like it. I hope they don’t deal for Davis though. I’d rather them save the prospects and either sign Loney to play for the year or have Mauro Gomez handle it for a season.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Even without what they got from LA, Boston had more prospects at AA and lower than many teams.. Some fans here just look and know about names floated about and never heard of Jackie Bradley, Matt Barnes, Xander Bogaerts, Garin Cecchini, Brandon Workman.. It is quite comical.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          No, it’s that every team has really high upside players in the low minors. Every stud high school player or recent college draftee is viewed highly when they are in A-ball. Most of them lose their shine before even getting to the high minors, let alone the majors. When you get to AA and higher and are still producing and getting better, that’s when they start to get valuable(trade-wise) and you can start to pencil them into where they might fit on a ML team.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            3 of those (Barnes, Bradley, Bogaerts) are BA top 50 ranked I should have added. I left out Henry Owens even, simply because he was a HS player with no real play before a national audience at Barnes plus Bradley both had 3 seasons of collegiate ball. Bogaerts has been in the Sox system for 3 years. Cechini 2, Workman Collage and 2 nice seasons..

            Fans here just don’t pay any attention (many, not you i realize you and some others do) to most prospects unless they have been mentioned here dozens of times in articles and are MLB ready.

          • stl_cards16 3 years ago

            Those 3 are obviously the class of the system, at the moment. I don’t think there are many that actually follow MiLB and don’t know of them. I’m sure most fans here don’t recognize how deep the Cardinals system(or many other teams)is but I don’t feel its necessary to go out of my way to try to talk it up. All fans think their system is great and always know more of the non-top prospects than other fans.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            It’s (to me) the ones who repeatedly talk bad about systems and don’t know the 1st thing about them.

        • dc21892 3 years ago

          I forgot about Jackie Bradley, lol. But yeah their system was solid before nobody took the time to look though.

  2. jlasovage 3 years ago

    The sox need to leave davis alone if they want a boatload. I like tge idea of getting middkebrooks over to 1st letting aviles play some third and ciriaco at short with iglesias resign ross and papi. Pray to whoever you have to tgat pitching turns around under tge new coaching staff

  3. Rob 3 years ago

    If this team can get high quality prospects for Dickey and Wright I would do it. They problem is the Mets get minor leaguers or over hyped guys typically. They have really not gone for quality in a long time just try to fill gaps. I am thinking a Gio Gonzalez type trade for Dickey. look how it helped the A’s.

    • Joe Valenti 3 years ago

      I like this. The Mets don’t have the parts that justify bringing back Wright. If you can’t put a lineup around him in 2014 there’s really no reason to spend on him opposed to trading him for guys who can contribute in 2014 and on. It’s the same idea with Dickey. A pitcher in his mid-thirties is not someone you include in your future plans and they have pitching depth

    • ceraunograph 3 years ago

      The problem is we still have owners whose idea of a good prospect is Victor Zambrano. Until the Wilpons leave all the Mets can do is spin their wheels.

  4. NickyNoodles 3 years ago

    Any chance Ellsbury is on the block? The Mets could use a CF’er w/ some speed. Perhaps his injuries have made his pricetag go down.

    • Jeff Hill 3 years ago

      Yes he most likely will be but they will probably want Zach Wheeler and a couple of other middle tier prospects.

      • Zack Wheeler? He’s untouchable, Wheeler AND other prospects? They may want that but they have no chance in hell of getting it.

        • Yea Zack Wheeler isn’t going anywhere he’s apart of the Mets future rotation no chance he gets traded period.

    • rwdavis22461 3 years ago

      Your half correct his price tag in a trade maybe down but remember he has a big contract and not the Mets policy under Sandy to pay over 12 million on one guy has not been yet that 12 is per season and Ellsbury makes 16+

      • Jim 3 years ago

        Why make things up? Ellsbury made about $8M in 2012 and is arb eligible in 2013.

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    2.6m is over 1m too much for a middle reliever (Ramirez) losing velocity and who has issues with control.

    Can’t blame the mets for letting him go. Ramirez will have serious problems getting half what he did in 2012.

  6. ceraunograph 3 years ago

    This is all such a moot point. The Wilpons have no money and no desire to spend. A contract extension for Wright or Dickey will be that much less SNY profit for themselves. Everything else is just posturing so that when they don’t offer him a contract they don’t get eviscerated in the tabloids.

  7. ceraunograph 3 years ago

    The Wilpons must have evidence that Selig knew about PED use. There’s no other explanation for them continuing to own a major league team.

  8. The Twins are scouting players like Ike that are young, cheap, productive and controllable for several years because they are going to be looking to move Mauer. Their team is in a severe downturn and need prospects, young controllable players and salary relief. A prime candidate to move Mauer to is the RedSox where the dimensions of Fenway as well as their opening at 1B is coming with Loney leaving. Mauer’s days of catching are over and the Twins know they can not afford him and rebuild the team at the same time. Ike Davis would be a very suitable player for them to replace Mauer with and the trade with the RedSox where they may be able to get lavernway as a catcher in return would allow the Twins to trade a few prospects the Mets way. IK a lot of you will say the Twins won’t do this, but I ask you…why wouldn’t they? The Twins move of Mauer won’t be popular in Minnesota but you can’t deny that moving him would help the organization rebuild and the regain financial flexibility to make moves to build a better team.

    • Jim 3 years ago

      I don’t see the Sox paying $23M a year for a catcher who shouldn’t catch any more or a 1B who who has topped 13 HRs exactly once in his career. They just got lucky unloading some bad contracts, no need to take on another.

  9. ed27 3 years ago

    Ellsbury doesn’t fit for the Mets–he’s a Boras client who will be a Free Agent after the 2013 season. If he has a decent year they won’t be able to afford him given what they will be forced to pony up against the bidding from other teams. If he has a bad year, then it will just be another poor acquisition.

  10. why would mets trade ike davis for prospects not smart listen/to/ elsbury liister lets listen

  11. wnymetsfan 3 years ago

    I think the point is that in order for the Mets to move Davis they would need to get a lot back in return or in other words they are not looking to dump him for nothing. He hit 30 home runs after struggling for the 1st two months of the year. If they move him they would want to replace that power plus more.

  12. mlbscout6 3 years ago

    I don’t get that either….I mean, dude can hit, but so can 25 of the 30 other starting first baseman in the league. Now Paul Goldschmidt, would be worth a boatload of prospects.

  13. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    even in some categories where he underachieved he still hit 31 hrs and near 90 RBI for only two guiys on the roster that hit over or close to 90 . The real Ike can hit for better average the hrs are not a shock. I think next season he will be better but he also needs others around him to help that. he was out most of 2011 and he had valley feaver in spring training that slowed him down. but he is not a 230 hitter he will bounce back next year.

  14. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    He is still considable young a very good glove as well as the power and RBi potential in even a mix results season.

  15. 25 years old, 31 HR, 89 RBIs (one game left, could break 90). Compare his career numbers thus far to David Ortiz at 25 (1997-2001): Ike is at .251-57-185 despite missing 100+ games last year (on DL). At the same age Papi was .264-38-163 in 330 ML games (Ike will likely end 2012 playing his 339th game). I’m not saying Ike will ever be David Ortiz or Ryan Howard caliber, but the potential is there. He could be that good. He could even be better than David Wright. That is why the Mets won’t trade him without a good prospect package in return.

  16. NickyNoodles 3 years ago

    He’s also under club control until 2017, on the cheap. So, why wouldn’t a young 1B who can knock out 30HRs, solid defensively and under club control for the next 5 yrs be worth a boatload?

  17. Joe Valenti 3 years ago

    “I mean, dude can hit” and can play gold glove caliber defense… i don’t understand where your argument is?

  18. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    PG is a good player in Arizona i do not see him moving anytime soon.

  19. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    The only possible replacement in the infield would be Valdespin for Murphy if they can move Murphy in a trade but other then that the infield should stay about the same in 2013 . We sure need a bonefide RF . Sure CF as well but i can see us bring up Kirk and use the resigned Hairston and Baxter there as well in CF . and Duda and sometimes Bay in LF.

  20. mlbscout6 3 years ago

    So was Chris Davis, and what did the Orioles give up to get him? And to the guy who said gold glove caliber defense, I hate to break it to you but only 2 players at each position has GG caliber defense, and it’s not always the person who gets the gold glove.

    I’m just saying, his skill set is not as uncommon and therefore valuable as one might think. Nationals found Mike Morse for Ryan Langerhans. I already mentioned Chris Davis. He is young and controllable sure, bu he’s not elite at his position. The elite players at his position are Votto and Pujols and the like, followed by the next generation of Goldschmidt and Singleton. Ike isn’t in same stratosphere.

  21. johnsilver 3 years ago

    You left something out..

    David ortiz had massive holes in his swing and approach up until 2003 and was why the twins non tendered him over a paltry increase over 950k after 2002. Davis, nobody can foresee the massive increase in plate discipline, nor changing his entire approach at the plate to “cover” his weak areas at the plate and substantially increase his numbers across the board.

  22. SL 3 years ago

    Not to mention the Growth Hormone.

  23. johnsilver 3 years ago

    No doubt. Even now however.. He still covers the plate and everyone is tested 2x per season. Boston showed him a different way to “attack” the zone,other than PED’s of course and the approach paid off.

  24. Totally agree we need to worry far more about the OF and Catcher positions more so then the Infield this offseason along with the bullpen.

  25. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    if we score more runs next year it will help the bullpen whomever is there . it is stressful that you may only get a 1 run lead when you get in night after night they need to get offense so it can be 2 or greater runs. Mets rarely had cushions to give their bullpen.

  26. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    the Rangers traded him because he was not hitting for Texas . now i forget what Texas gave got i know Texas gave a starting pitcher as well to Baltimore with Chris Davis.

  27. For sure this is why I hope they get a good power OF bat this offseason because we desperately need it in the lineup heading into 2013 and beyond.

  28. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    The Mets from top to bottom keep praising Wright saying he was the face of the team now prove it. That is what i say. This year Wright to me at least had his best MLB season sure he had better stats other years but his combine game his throwing and hitting got alot better he took on the leadership role when he was ready for it. It was a more matured David Wright i was tough on David before this season. I became more of a fan. Steroids or not. A-Rod is no longer the best 3rd baseman all around in NY that belongs to David Wright now. David can still get better. I do not think A-Rod will ever be the A-Rod of old its hard to expect he gets hurt now where before he was always healthy.

  29. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    When i say power its not only hrs its timely hitting doubles as well. the Mets score at times but single digets they got to go and score more runs in a inning then they do. It does not only have to come from the Outfield it can come from many other places.

  30. Oh yea for sure I don’t mean just home runs either I mean a bat that can get these guys in to score already because we had a lot of guys that could hit singles and doubles at times like Murphy but the guys up to bat after them couldn’t get them in to score at all (Josh Thole being a huge example of this).

  31. rwdavis22461 3 years ago

    its all about crooked numbers. Look we can blame Thole or this or that guy but remember they are what they are . Too expect Thole to be a hr hitter is unfair i am not saying you said that but we got to be fair we like as fans when things go wrong to point fingers. I asked one thing from Thole from 2011 to 2012 is be a better defender behind the plate i did not expect his offense to suffer . First when you ask something from catcher who are not named Bench, Carter or Piazza who are offense guys . you have to be realistic not all guys have power behind the plate. Well Bench was the complete player . Carter was too but when he came to the Mets his defense was slightly going on the decline due to age and injurys due to being a catcher. Piazza got a bad rap as a defensive catcher a big guy who did not have a weak arm but it was far from accurate it took alot for him to throw out runners but he block pitches ok and was not a bad game caller to say Piazza was not a good defensive catcher was unfair at times. But we know Mike was brought in for his power not so much for his defense. He lived up to his reputation here. No complaints. Thole is not in that mode I think its sad that thole will not be more then a backup catcher on a good team.

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