Non-Tender Candidates

By my count, 213 players are currently arbitration eligible.  More than 70 of those can be considered non-tender candidates.  The deadline for teams to decide is November 30th.  Non-tendering a player makes him a free agent.  Below is my subjective list of non-tender candidates.  Please note that not all of them will actually be non-tendered.  Click here for MLBTR's projected salaries for these players, if they are tendered contracts.

Position Players

Robert Andino
John Baker
Daric Barton
Kyle Blanks
Brennan Boesch
Emmanuel Burriss
Drew Butera
Alexi Casilla
Jesus Flores
Lew Ford
Ben Francisco
Sam Fuld
Jack Hannahan
Brett Hayes
Jonathan Herrera
Travis Ishikawa
Paul Janish
Dan Johnson
Don Kelly
George Kottaras
Brent Lillibridge
Casey McGehee
Nyjer Morgan
Wil Nieves
Jayson Nix
Steve Pearce
Brayan Pena
Omar Quintanilla
Ryan Raburn
Mark Reynolds
Ryan Roberts
Sean Rodriguez
Adam Rosales
Brendan Ryan
Gaby Sanchez
Nate Schierholtz
Geovany Soto
Ian Stewart
Drew Stubbs
Ryan Sweeney
Taylor Teagarden
Andres Torres
Luis Valbuena
Wilson Valdez
Eli Whiteside
Bobby Wilson


Alfredo Aceves
Manny Acosta
Scott Atchison
Brad Bergesen
Dallas Braden
Bill Bray
Joey Devine
Edgar Gonzalez
Clay Hensley
David Herndon
Rich Hill
Philip Humber
Tommy Hunter
Jair Jurrjens
John Lannan
Kameron Loe
Kyle McClellan
Charlie Morton
Peter Moylan
Logan Ondrusek
Josh Outman
Manny Parra
Mike Pelfrey
Rafael Perez
Kevin Slowey
Jose Veras
Chris Volstad
Cory Wade
Jerome Williams
Brian Wilson
Mike Zagurski

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20 Comments on "Non-Tender Candidates"

2 years 8 months ago

Scott Atchison? Really? Yes.. He is 36YO and had that dreaded “strain” of the UCL over the summer, but came back fine.. There couldn’t have been more than 4-5 relievers in the AL with better numbers than him who pitched as many games and he only made 500k

Late edit:

Just noticed Rich Hill is on this list also. He will get tendered also. Just came back from TJ and had his usual arm troubles, but was the 1st in line LH specialist as always when he was healthy. His refined delivery is absolute murder on lefty batters, just hard on his arm. I don’t see him getting non tendered either when he “only” made 725k last year.

Mike Foss
2 years 8 months ago

someone loves the sox even though they’re terrible…

2 years 8 months ago

Yeah.. Like since they were this bad before. Fan of them since the early 60’s :-)

2 years 8 months ago

Isn’t that what a “fan” is? You’d prefer he just acts like the Sox don’t exist until they’re in the playoffs again? That’s not what being a fan is about.

2 years 8 months ago

Paul Janish will stay in Atlanta I believe, but if he can’t hit .200 he won’t last long.

2 years 8 months ago

I refuse to believe that Andino will be non-tendered. I think that would be a huge mistake, if the O’s decided to let him go. However, I will root for him for whatever teams that he winds up playing for in 2013. I do enjoy watching him.

2 years 8 months ago

Think ur Orioles need to figure out a way to keep Reynolds moreso than AAAA retread Andino. he may have had a fair season, but is it really worth offering arbitration to a below average utility guy, who has little power, poor glove and strikes out 30% of the time with poor plate discipline?

Remember him from the Marlins, he really wasn’t anything special and the guy made 1.3m.. get another guy just like him from the scrap heap.. Billy Hall, Nate Spears (DFA’d few days back) that will be everywhere over the next few weeks, or sign a better utility person altogether.

Jimmy Jack
2 years 8 months ago

Boesch could really benefit from a change of scenery I think. Not sure why he fell apart this year.

John Donovan
2 years 8 months ago

You really think Brian Wilson will be non-tendered. I can’t stand him or the Giants, but I find it hard to believe they would just cut him loose seeing as he is a three time All Star closer..

2 years 8 months ago

He’s likely to be non-tendered because he’ll get paid too much through arbitration. The idea is to non-tender him and resign him to an incentive-laden contract since he’s coming off his 2nd TJ surgery of his career. If the Giants straight up cut him though, I would be thoroughly surprised.