Red Sox Receive De La Rosa, Sands From Dodgers

The Red Sox announced that they have received right-hander Rubby De La Rosa and outfielder Jerry Sands to complete their blockbuster deal with the Dodgers from earlier this summer.  In a related move, the club has designated catcher Guillermo Quiroz for assignment.

De La Rosa and Sands were already known to be the players to be named later in the August 25th swap, but the two sides had to wait until the end of the major league season to make that end of the deal official.  The other two prospects in the trade, pitcher Allen Webster and infielder Ivan De Jesus, already joined Boston. 

De La Rosa, 23, was sidelined for the bulk of the 2012 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.  The right-hander had a strong debut season in 2011, posting a 3.71 ERA with 8.9 K/9 and 4.6 BB/9 in ten starts and three relief appearances.  De La Rosa and Webster were considered to be the top pitchers in the Los Angeles farm system after two-sport standout Zach Lee.

Sands, 25, posted a .244/.325/.376 slash line with four homers in 251 plate appearances for the Dodgers over the last two seasons.  He also owns a Triple-A batting line of .288/.362/.552 with 55 home runs in 940 plate appearances during that stretch.

Quiroz, 30, has seen time for the Blue Jays, Mariners (twice) , Rangers, Orioles, and Red Sox across eight big league seasons.  He spent most of the year with Seattle's Triple-A affiliate, where he hit .278/.362/.483 with 15 homers in 89 games.

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  1. Who would of known..

  2. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    What a shocker. This was a well kept secret.

  3. Karkat 3 years ago

    I really hope De La Rosa works out. If he and Webster live up to their potential we suddenly have some marvelous pitching depth.

    • whosurpapa 3 years ago

      Sands could fill in if Sox cannot sign Ross. Looks like he can hit LHP well, but not RHP.

  4. SierraM363 3 years ago

    They also managed to tank their way to the 7th pick in the draft.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Nice.. You say the same thing about Houston, KC, Miami “tanking” their way to a top 10 pick every year?

      Boston has had **2** top 10 picks in 30 years.. How many other teams have had that few??

      • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

        To be honest, the Sox lineup after the trade was horrible. They were happy to get a top 10, protected pick after this bad of a year

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          It was bad.. shame only Lavarnway and iglesias are even close to making it and got AB’s in September.

          The lineup for the most part had retreads all month and was painful as a Sox fan and joyous to people who don’t like them to see.

          In another year.. Maybe year and a half some help will be available via prospects. myself? Wouldn’t rule out another top 10 pick next season if they devote to rebuilding, or close to it.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            it sounds like you now agree with the comment you attacked. They played a bad lineup and got a protected pick. Now a top flight free agent costs them a 2nd round pick, instead of a 1st rounder.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            You have not seen me wanting them to sign any large name FA, other than getting Ross back and maybe ortiz.

            I **was** wanting them to get Anibal Sanchez, before they collapsed and had the firesale to LA, but not anymore. don’t think it would help.

            When i reference any possible non rebuilding? it is if the FO decides not to go into full rebuild mode and i really doubt that the front running fan bas that makes up the majority of them will allow them to go into full blown rebuild mode without at LEAST getting back Ross, Ortiz and possibly plugging the rotation with another fix.

            while that ‘fix” might not be Sanchez. it could be another vet on an extremely ST deal


            As far as the lineup?

            They played the people the FO wanted to see as well as Valentine.. Ciriaco at every position on the R/S of the IF and CF. See if Gomez can hang around next year as a b/u 1b and PH. See if iglesias can be the starting SS yet, see if Lavarnway is ready.

            It would have been more rookies had Kalish been healthy. When they fell out of it.. Keep playing veterans, or see what the guys who can help next year can do, especially when some like Aviles are more than likely goners anyway?

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            I was saying that your comment to SierraM363 had a very condescending tone to it. Therefore, I said they realized it was a bad year and should get the most out of it.. including a top 10 pick. That was my interpretation. And it sounds close to yours as well. Thats kinda why I’m confused on what you’re writing about

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Ahhh.. It is some here who are acting like Boston really could have fielded a better team more than anything. Pedroia played 2 months with a torn muscle in his right hand and a broken bone in his finger is getting a pin inserted in it tomorrow. Ellsbury missed over a week, including the orioles series with some injury that never even came out in the press. Podsednik was hurt.. It’s like… WHAT/WHO were they supposed to be fielding anyway?? Bucholz was already over his career high for IP, lester got hurt on the slippery mound at Yankee stadium and had to come out early in the 5th IP after doing ok, the BP did fine until Bailey blew that one middle game.. It’s not like they were not trying.

            Should people like Matsuzaka and Cook not been out there? Yeah.. then, Matsuzaka does not start and Doubrant has to go and Doubrant is already WELL over his career IP and they were trying to skip starts already with him earlier. They could have maybe used a bunch of relievers in the final game and skipped Matsuzaka altogether.. What I wanted.. But too late now.

            Look at the Sox roster.. They just had people injured, or on the “dog” list and acting up, like Aceves and Aviles. Salty was the only one really healthy they could run out there, other than Loney and Loney can’t hit.

            My point.. Long winded.. How can you “tank” when there is nothing healthy, other than retreads and rookies??

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            My point is I think the biggest tank was the trade. Did they have to do it? Maybe, maybe not. They got rid of Crawford but opened up two giant holes at 1B and the rotation. They got two great prospects and two average ones, but of course it’s about the money. When they made that deal, they waved the flag on this year and at least next. My point is they are very happy that they got a top 7 pick

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            I didn’t want to lose Gonzalez. Can start and end there. Gonzo is signed to the best 1b LT deal out there and is still one of the best overall in the game. LA wanted him and paid dearly, mostly by taking beckett, but also the last year-2 of CC’s deal that also might be pretty bad.

            As for the prospects they got? I am not high on any of them other than maybe De LaRosa and since he hasn’t yet pitched for any of the Sox farm teams. Am going to withhold judgment on him so far. Webster IMO is a future reliever and de jesus might not even make it over the winter on the 40 man roster. Sands also not sure of, but time will tell next year.

            I think they went into full fledged sell off mode due to all the injuries and because LA was willing to take on both Beckett and CC’s deal. I do wish it hadn’t been made, especially if LA was willing to just take Beckett via a waiver claim anyway for free, or boston pay a small amount. That alone (16m AAV thru 2014) would have given them enough, coupled with 20m total loss with Youk and Matsuzaka to make enough moves to improve the club.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            finally down to baseball talk. I love these conversations, and hate the ones of team’s fans complaining at each other. I think the deal for the Bosox was something they felt they needed to
            do. With that done, I think if they want this to be done quickly, they need to clean house. Dustin Pedroia is signed through 2014 with a 2015 vesting option. Do the Sox plan to contend by then? Given this trade, I think no. They should put him on the market and see what they will get. It won’t be popular, but Boston isn’t the most popular franchise right now. If they do it now, its a way
            to get a crazy influx of talent quickly. Ellsbury will be gone soon and should be on the same path, although his dealing is more important because he’s leaving as a FA most likely. I’d let Ortiz walk- its 13-15M that is not well spent given they probably won’t contend. The trades of Ellsbury and Pedroia would really help the rebuild.
            In regards to the prospects, the Sox got a lot of talent for pitching, and some serviceable guys in the field. De La Rosa is a
            very rare talent- 100MPH who has a decent breaking pitch. If he harnesses his control, he has ace potential. Even right now, he is probably a #3 right now. Webster is honestly a bigger steal. I know you don’t seem high on him, but all the talk with the Dodgers is he was possibly the best pitching prospect in the system, and that included the likes of him, De La Rosa, Lee and Reed, among
            others. I am unable to link websites anymore, but go to True Blue LA, the SB nation blog for the Dodgers, and search for Webster. You will see they feel he has #2- #3 potential with a bright future ahead of him. DeJesus is a MIF who had a decent chance to play a large part in the organization until he broke his
            leg badly last year. He was jumped over on the depth chart and never given a chance again. He could be a fringe starter, but is probably a utility type. Sands has dominated AAA for two years but has not been given a chance at the MLB level. Look for him to get a shot at 1B or RF/LF next spring.
            Finally(sorry this is so long), I think the upper management was worried about this core for a while and when the problems arose with Bobby V and the players, management decided it’d be best to get younger. The Sox had an interesting combo of young
            and older players, but they probably felt that even with Beckett and Gonzo, they were 2+ years away and it wasn’t worth the money in the meantime. BTW the edit was just format issues

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Think Ells is a goner. They will either trade him away this winter/next year’s 7/31 deadline, or allow him to walk as a FA.

            Trade him if they don’t make any NEW FA acquisitions (my hope) this winter and as for Pedroia? Honestly think he sticks around Boston long after 2015. 1 reason is they don’t have anyone close in the system above High A ball who is a 2b (Sean Coyle) and another at short season A Ball (Mookie Betts) that even remotely have a chance.

            Ellsbury, to me is the key and it doesn’t matter if they plan to rebuild.. Or contend.. IMO? he needs to get traded. I don’t see the Boras represented Ells signing a LT deal before he reaches FA. Was there a chance? Sure, but there just isn’t so a full season of Ells trade value is worth a lot more to someone than a half season and I don’t care about trying to show him as doing better.. just move him for a decent prospect.. Start Jackie Bradley at Pawtucket next year and by the end of the season Bradley is ready.

            Bradley was ranked top5 prospect by BA in both the CA and EL last season, don’t see why he wouldn’t ‘rock” the IL either.

            Kalish will be healthy start of next year, he can play CF, Ross knows the position well after playing it at Miami by default for years (tho it’s his worst defensively) the NEW manager can give Lin a chance.. The (probable) best package of defender + arm in the entire system, or even bring back Pods.. lots of alternatives for half a season at CF.

            LF?Pods again a possibility to platoon. probably going to bring in some waiver wire refugees also over the winter and feel them out, along with Sweeney who will be back.

            Ross **must** come back as have noticed.. Someone must have proven punch in the OF.

            1b? i want them to approach Youk with Valentine gone for a figure about half (5m) what he made before. The guy can still “stick it” well at 1b.

            SS. Iglesias, or Ciriacco.. Easy call. Ciriaco gets exploited early now because he swings at everything? let iglesias take over.

            C. Salty by default, unless someone is willing to over pay in a trade. he walks after next season and no chance do they give him a LT deal at 10m AAV.

            I posted a Soxprospects com partial scout report here a few days back on Webster, shouldn’t post the entire thing, but here is parts of it:

            Ground ball pitcher, with lean, projectable frame. Solid makeup.”

            is smooth, but he can short-arm the ball on occasion, losing his release
            point. Fastball sits 92-94 mph and tops out at 97 mph.”

            “Fringe-average command. Needs improvement”

            “Likes to pound
            strike zone with fastball. Needs work mixing arsenal in upper levels
            and beyond.. Profiles as a middle-to-back-end starter at the major
            league level.”

            Admit only seen 1 video of him and no games yet.. looking forward to seeing him some next year with the PawSox on MiLB to get a better read, but what I read, is exactly what see for another guy Boston has at Pawtucket named Alex Wilson who was turned into an 8th IP reliever last year.

            De LaRosa have seen a cpl videos on and does interest me, heard he was not hitting “quite” 100mph earlier this year, but normal when just getting back from TJ. If he can refine his slider think it was that read was only fringe average and develop a changeup? WOW.. Ya know?

            Think we both talked a bit too much.. A pleasure and like u said.. Nice talking about the game itself rather than rants :-)

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            I think the Sox have to be realistic with Pedroia. If he will stay beyond 2015, thats one thing. But if theres a chance he walks, deal him now. IMO, if you’re gonna rebuild, just do it. Pedroia brings a ton in a trade, no doubt. Multiple years of control could bring in an ace pitcher prospect or a very good IF/OF prospect. If he’s dealt, let Iglesias take SS and Ciriaco at 2B.

            I think you should really try to see Webster. He is a guy who, like I said, was very highly regarded in the Dodger system, and many had him above Lee by the end of the year

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Think they would dump John Henry in the Ocean rather than Tea in Boston if pedroia got traded. LOLOL

            Especially after the team just moved 3 other players in some fans mind where were icons, they just finished in last place, Ellsbury is about to leave via FA.. The NE Media and fans would literally eat them alive.

            I am 100% for a rebuild, but not even I am for moving Pedroia, even though like you said he would be worth a king’s ransom with 3 years of extremely affordable control and one of the top 3 2b in the game with the bat and glove.

            The only player (other than Ells) I could possibly see moved during the 2013 season would be Jon Lester and only him after he restablishes his value, so that would be a *distant* possibility and really doubt they will even move him.

          • lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

            Thats kinda my point though. Because the media is already mad that Gonzo and Beckett, among others, were dealt, it’d be a great time to deal Ped as well. The media would blow up, so would the fans, but everyone is so angry, how much angrier can they get? Otherwise, if you wait a year and a half and then realize he won’t be resigned, people will be complaining it should have been done years ago and if it happens then, this media circus would start back up. Kinda a way to avoid 2 bad PR days; just take it all at once.

            For him to be dealt though, we are talking kings ransom. He is a top flight 2B, and you don’t see that often. One other note- Robinson Cano potentially hits FA next year. Him being on the market could hurt the Sox. If they think they will trade Ped, they either need to do it now, or wait 2 years. And that difference is huge in the return

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Cano will not hit FA next year, you know the Steinbrenner’s will never allow that. They paid Jeter 57m for 3 years when he was way past his prime. They will gladly give Cano 17m+ over 6-8 years and probably before ST next year.

            I think Pedroia will cost a lot more than the 10m he is due each year until 2015 or course after that, but he won’t hold them up for a fortune. They probably can sign him to an extension before the 2015 option in the 13-15m and 4-5 year range. Only way I don’t see the team going that route is if Coyle has a breakout season next year. His entire game (size and all) have been compared to Pedroia.

            Won’t see him moved before the conclusion of next year regardles is my feeling for almost certain anyway. he is one player they will use as a foundation.

        • Healthy, not so much. I happen to like the Ellsbury/Pedroia combo at 1-2. Ortiz at 3. 4 is a gaping hole. 5 I’m happy with Middlebrooks or Ross (assuming they are resigning him, as it appears they will). The other can hit 6. Salty is a pretty strong #7. The holes are the 4 hitter, the 8 hitter and the 9 hitter.

          The rotation sports 3 lefties with great stuff (Lester, Morales, Doubront). Whether or not Morales & Doubront can harness their talent and Lester bounces back, there is no team in baseball that can say they have that many power lefties able to start at a moments notice. Add Buchholz, and the rotation has a lot of young talent heading into 2013. Add Lackey, and you actually have a pretty strong starting 5 (if they make no moves, which they will).

          Are they playoff contenders now? Unlikely. Can they win a world series in 2013? Not really. But if they can find a bat to replace Gonzalez behind Ortiz and pick up a veteran arm for the rotation, this team is going to surprise a lot of people in 2013 and finish well over .500.

  5. BlueJayMatt 3 years ago

    Now send De La Rosa to Toronto and you can have Farrell

    • SierraM363 3 years ago

      How about we trade you Lackey.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        My pick for comeback player of the year..

        2 seasons of pitching with a partial torn ulner collateral tendon and in pain. Says he is throwing now without pain for the 1st time since he was with Anaheim. not that he will ever be the Ace he was with the Angels, but hoping at least a solid #3 at best and #4 who can eat innings at the worst.

        • PWNdroia 3 years ago

          Pretty hard to predict without seeing him throw a single pitch…

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Oh for sure.

            Lackey, pitching without pain is a plus sign.

            Lackey ALWAYS attacked hitters. This was not some guy who fiddled around the plate with junk, but had a nasty slider and 92-4mph FB, decent change also. A fighter and not a wimp like Matsuzaka.

            I think he will help a little at least stabilize the back end of the rotation.

        • dc21892 3 years ago

          Actually a ligament. Not trying to start, just saying. Agree about possible comeback player of the year though.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Nah.. I shoulda’ gotten it right anyway. LOL. I knew it was UCL.. How the heck UCL is a tendon I turned it into is beyond me. LOL

          • dc21892 3 years ago

            Lol, yeah. Was just saying cause a tendon is actually much easier to recover from. Ligaments are just so fragile.

  6. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

    A guy sitting in front of me at Dodger Stadium this week was wearing a Sands jersey. That was $200 well spent.

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      $200?!?! I recommend you do some looking around next time you decide you want a jersey.

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

        Okay then, $100 well spent if you bought the cheaper one. I don’t need to shop around since I don’t buy player jerseys. Take a guess why.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          Online you can get jerseys for under $30. Same as you buy here.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            In that case then you can probably score a Jerry Sands for $15. But you do miss the point, such a it was.

          • The only jersey I ever bought was a Matt Holliday A’s replica jersey for less than $30 on eBay long after the A’s flipped him… I seam-ripped “HOLLIDAY” off of it (which I have never yet regretted), so now it’s a Stephen Drew jersey, kind of.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          I remember buying one outside of Fenway for like $20 in September of 77 with #18 on it.. A “hot prospect” named Ted Cox wore it and was doing quite well that month..

          Not only was Cox traded a few months later, but his career ended as a huge bust. Moral? Don’t spend good money on prospects # jerseys. Many times they either are traded, or flame out and sometimes both.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Somebody who gets it, thank you. I don’t care how much they cost, my closet isn’t big enough to hang the jerseys of all the players who had a good month once, and I’d be kind of embarrassed to wear it to a game. If I was ever to buy a player jersey it would be of a player who retired with my team after a career of glory. Try finding one of those for $30. If you do it’s a knockoff from China.

      • Lunchbox45 3 years ago


        official jerseys here are 169 + tax, 200 seems about right

  7. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    I think we are moving in the right direction but still have a lot of work to do this off season ..we are getting younger and have money relief after this trade….we also have the no. 7 overall pick and if we draft right we can a have a very promising prospect who can definitely turn into a star and we haven’t had that in a while…we are far away from going to the world series…but with the right moves we aren’t that far from contention of going to the playoffs…

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