Blue Jays Sign Justin Germano

The Blue Jays announced that they have signed right-hander Justin Germano to a minor league contract.  The deal comes with an invitation to major league spring training next year.

Germano elected free agency from the Cubs in late October after being outrighted to Triple-A Iowa.  The 30-year-old had a a 6.75 ERA with 6.3 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9 in twelve starts and one relief appearance for the Cubs in 2012.  Prior to that, Germano was with the Red Sox's Triple-A affiliate where he posted a 2.40 ERA with 6.2 K/9 and 1.1 BB/9.

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  1. Let me guess. He throws hard.

  2. $5427573 3 years ago

    Are they going to switch him to relief and see how it goes?

  3. BaseballWizard 3 years ago

    I’m surprised that AA didn’t sign Germano to a Major League deal so that he could DFA him next week.

  4. joeblowto 3 years ago

    Jays are looking for AAA filler. Cupboard is bare at the high minor league level.

  5. greatgame 3 years ago

    How would a minor league contract like this be structured? Pay? Incentives?

    • Dirty jay 3 years ago

      I think how it works, is that he gets paid whatever the minor league salary is, and if he plays in the mlb then he salary goes up to the mlb min wage for those games. He could also have some incentive, that if he makes the team out of st then he gets double the mlb min wage or something similar. I think that’s how vizquel’s worked.

  6. Runtime 3 years ago

    Most likely going to replace Aaron Laffey.

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      Germano should legally change his name to Aaron Laffey to help Blue Jays fans understand the signing.

  7. Joeypower 3 years ago

    AAA roster boys!!

  8. George Vander Buist 3 years ago

    Gonna be some great games in Buffalo this year

    • Joe Turner 3 years ago

      Only 2 hours from Toronto, and they have one of the best stadiums in AAA.

  9. Sdarrens 3 years ago

    well the Blue Jays need to go after Tori Hunter, Shane Victorino, Kevin Youkils for infield outfieldDH help and then look to signing Edwin Jackson, Dan Haren or Joe Saunders for pitching help. Other players they should consider are Xavier Nady, Jason Bay, Nate McLouth for OF off the bench help

    • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

      Xavier Nady? Did our bat boy file for free agency too?

      • Sdarrens 3 years ago

        Funny guy. Like I said he along with the other 2 would be good off the bench. Maybe they could replace Davis and Sierra.

        • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

          Those 3 are huge question marks, not to mention aging veterans that have their best days behind them. Sierra, on the other hands, did a solid job as a rookie last year, and given that his ceiling is limited to a backup role, I don’t see why the Jays shouldn’t roll with him this season.

          • Joe Turner 3 years ago

            I will renounce by Blue Jays fandom if they ever signed Kevin Youkilis. Also, the suggestion that the Jays will sign 4-5 high profile free agents is ludicrous. I’d be surprised if any team did that.

  10. Whats the point?

  11. horseiv 3 years ago

    It is because we have no AAA pitchers just A, A+, AA so we need some depth for development of our use. This is def a one more year strategy. Doesn’t seem like we are interested again in this hole contending thing

  12. Well, hope he likes Buffalo, either way.

  13. johnsilver 3 years ago

    He likes traveling. Has been all over the place. opted out of Pawtucket MiLB deal, Then Epstein picked him up and was awful.

    The perfect description of AAAA retread.

  14. Joe Turner 3 years ago

    Who doesn’t?

  15. michael hughes 3 years ago

    He really has been all over the place. He even went to Japan, came back, went to Korea, came back, and now he’s going all over America. He’s still making a bunch of money compared to most people though, so keep on truckin’, I guess.

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