Dodgers Notes: Hanley, Catchers, Pitcher Trades

As ESPN's Jayson Stark writes, the Dodgers are rapidly turning into California's answer to the Yankees with their big-spending ways.  "Everything is totally different now," said general manager Ned Colletti. "Now we can think bold thoughts. Now we can do bold things. We can think progressively and aggressively. Obviously, we've got to be wise with our choices. We can't be reckless. But now we're encouraged to think big, to think global — if we see a toothpick, to think redwood tree." 

Here's more news from Chavez Ravine…

  • Hanley Ramirez's preference is to play shortstop though he can also play third base, and's Ken Gurnick notes that until Ramirez's position is settled, the Dodgers may not be able to make any big moves at the other position.  "We're fine with Hanley playing shortstop, but he's got to be better [defensively]," said Colletti. "We can wait until Spring Training to decide that. Part of the decision is based on Dee Gordon and Luis Cruz. Health aside, there are multiple issues. We'll let spring decide it."
  • Also from Gurnick, Colletti said that he isn't looking for veteran catching depth.  A.J. Ellis is set to start for Los Angeles with Tim Federowicz as the backup.
  • Colletti has a "rough idea" of how much the Dodgers can spend on their 2013 payroll, "but it's debatable depending on who becomes available."
  • At the GM meetings, Colletti said he discussed trades for "players who play multiple positions" and a trade for a starting pitcher "might be a touch more possible."
  • Speaking of trades for pitching, Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles lists five possibly-available starters that the Dodgers could pursue in trades: Jeremy Hellickson, Cliff Lee, Derek Holland, Gavin Floyd and Trevor Bauer.

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  1. AndreTheGiantKiller 3 years ago

    Those trades are pretty unrealistic and here’s why: The Dodgers probably don’t have the pieces it would take to get Bauer or Hellickson without totally gutting an already weak farm. Cliff Lee wont work unless LA has figured out how to print their own currency and really has no limit. Floyd could work but I’d assume they would just sign someone who would give them similar numbers. The only real option there is Holland IF Texas decides to sell low. Thoughts?

    • paylly 3 years ago

      Entirely right. Ned has already conceded preference for FA market. Kuroda willl be focus, known commodity and fan favorite.

    • Chris Slama 3 years ago

      Don’t forget the new media contract is expected to bring somewhere between $200-$300 million per season for 20 years. This will handle not only the current payroll; but any added pitching and the luxury tax.

  2. Jonathunder 3 years ago

    Why on earth would Arizona trade Bauer?

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Don’t see him being moved. Top talent with 6 years still of control.

    • cubfan4life 3 years ago

      IDK why Bauer would be traded either. But there sure seems to be a lot of buzz around him. Beyond that IF Bauer were to get traded Arizona could put together a pretty attractive package of players with Bauer for Asdrubal Cabrera.

      • James Attwood 3 years ago

        There’s a bunch of buzz around Bauer because KT and Co. refuse to come out and declare anyone off-limits. Bauer is the top prospect in the organization, and yet they still will “listen to offers.” On one hand, this createes lots of unnecessary drama. On the other hand, it leaves the opportunity open for another organization to seriously overpay.

    • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

      His attitude is the problem from what we hear. Maybe they’re just playing a public humiliation game to get him to accept coaching and instruction.

      Odd how AZ continues to disparage their players publicly, or tip their hand as to who is available. Seems to drive the value down each time.

  3. CAD_Monkey 3 years ago

    Assuming the Dodgers can add a new starting pitcher or two, who can they get for the odd men out?

  4. bonds2425 3 years ago

    I really just want to see what their payroll is going to be, then I want to see all their ideas crash and burn when the see that their players are good but their team isn’t. They have a great offense that’s going to hit in mostly pitcher friendly parks. I can see them losing close games and not executing when they need to play small ball.

    • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

      Kinda like last year.

      Ned and Dodger fans need to remember that cash ain’t chemistry.

      • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

        Like 5 weeks is enough time to gel, let alone win. Chemistry will come with the offseason and ST. There are no attitudes on this team, mostly young guys with the will to win.

        • GL333 3 years ago

          But isn’t that why they brought them in, to win it all. But they tanked. Only time will tell if the chemistry is there.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            If it’s all about chemistry then let them buy a chemistry set. Seriously, this chemistry thing is kind of overrated. They picked up a bunch of top players and saw most of them go through bad patches. Maybe it was a little bit about a new team and new park, but mostly it was bad luck. This is baseball — luck happens, both bad and good.

        • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

          Kindly explain how chemistry will come with the offseason. Does the 40-man roster get together for boot camp on the beach? Works for the Pirates…..

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Because it isn’t really about “chemistry,” which is just another word for baseball voodoo. The reality was that two of the big pickups struggled through slumps (even the best ball players have them), and by September the numbers 1, 2 and 3 starters were all on the DL or unavailable. I don’t care who you are talking about, no team is going to win in that situation.

          • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

            Every team has injury problems. No excuse.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Check out the DL stats and get back to me, but not before. Okay?

          • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

            I’ll get right on it. First I have to research the value of “chemistry”, and not the kind with needles and juice.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            Not sure if they will let me link something here, but if it works here’s the list of DL days by team as compiled by Fangraphs. The Dodgers were #5 on this dubious hit parade.

            link to

          • Chris Slama 3 years ago

            The bats woke up about a week too late at the end and that was with a hobbled Kemp and no Crawford. Both should be 100% going into 2013. If they add the pitching they need, barring any bad fortune in the injury department, they should have no problem staying atop the West and competing for a ring.

      • Guest1985 3 years ago

        The whole “chemistry” thing is the most overrated thing anyone can say when talking about a baseball team. Of all the team sports, baseball is the most individual performance based sport. Aside from camaraderie in the clubhouse as well as between pitchers and catchers, what real chemistry is needed? Do you need “chemistry” with other guys in the lineup to properly read pitches and hit the ball? Do you really need “chemistry” in order to read a route properly and make the correct throw?

        Enough with the chemistry argument, it has no content or substance when talking about baseball. Like BlueSky said, luck happens, whether it be good or bad. The Dodgers unfortunately had some bad luck when they brought together their new pieces. They will be fine in 2013. Teams like the Miami Heat need chemistry. A baseball team? Please show me where that exists.

        • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

          Ahh, the “bad luck” card again.

          “Winners make their own good luck”.

          • Guest1985 3 years ago

            yes, sorry to say that luck had a little to do with Scutaro’s .344 BABIP while with the Giants, not “chemistry”

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            That’s a little naive, don’t you think? It seems you’ve been watching baseball for at least as long as I have, so I suspect you know better about the role of “the breaks” in baseball. The Dodgers, they were +17 wins at the end of May looking like they were headed for 100 wins, easily. During that stretch, they found ways to win that were hard to believe. Then the injuries started, one after another, and the wheels flew off. The Giants got those breaks at the end, and that it what it always takes to go the distance. When they came back from that 3-1 deficit against the Reds I could see the series was going to be a blowout no matter who they played. I told my wife that the baseball gods were smiling on the Giants and there was no way they were going to lose. She didn’t believe me then but after another few days it was clear to everyone. Baseball is a perverse game and (like life) it can be totally unfair. That’s what I’ve learned in 50 years of watching it.

  5. Goat_Rider 3 years ago

    Colletti said, ” We can’t be reckless”. And then looked at his teleprompter again and immediately followed up with “Really? Ooops”

    • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

      Yes, they’re sticking to safe, unquestionable moves… hiring McGwire. Nothing like fresh California orange “juice” in the dugout.

  6. GL333 3 years ago

    Regardless of who they pick up they’ll still have to go through San Francisco!

  7. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

    Seeing toothpick, thinking redwood tree… obviously a reference to Dee Gordon.

    • bonds2425 3 years ago


    • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

      I thought Toothpick Sam Jones was retired…..and that the Marlins hired Mike Redwood as manager…….

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

        Great reference to Toothpick Sam, though he didn’t get the nickname by being skinny.

        • UrsaMajor 3 years ago

          Thanks, BlueSkyLA. I saw him finish his no-hitter by walking the first three batters in the 9th, then striking out the next three. Shades of Marmol…..

  8. johnsilver 3 years ago

    I really want to see Fed-X get his chance. Though when he got moved to LA it would come with him not being blocked, then Ellis came out of the blue last year. hopefully this year as at least a backup getting 200PA or so with nothing left to prove at AAA.

    Both the former top catchers from 3-4 years back have done everything they can from Boston in the minors, those being Federowicz and Lavarnway. They just need to settle in as backups for a year for 2 before hopefully becoming decent regulars.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      Colletti recently confirmed that Federowicz will be the backup for Ellis next season, so that speculation is at an end.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        That’s really good news to me (and probably Fed-x also) and thanks for the info BlueSky. Hopefully he improves on his game, then both Fed-x and Lavarnway were both named C of the year in 2012 at the PCL and Int’l league.. So both would really have to improve a tlot on that.

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