Mariners Links: Woodward, Iwakuma, Payroll

Here's the latest from Seattle….

  • Chris Woodward has retired from playing and has been hired as the Mariners' minor league infield coordinator, according to a team press release. Woodward was a 54th-round raft pick of the Blue Jays in 1994 but managed to play 12 seasons in the majors with the Jays, Mets, Braves, Red Sox and Mariners, usually as a backup infielder.  The 36-year-old played with the Mariners in 2009-10 and spent last year at the Blue Jays' Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas.
  • A clause in Hisashi Iwakuma's contract gives the M's exclusive rights to the right-hander through Saturday, reports's Greg Johns, whereas other free agents are available to other teams at 11 PM CST on Thursday.  The extra day of exclusivity comes at a price, however, as if the M's re-sign Iwakuma after their extended negotiating period, Iwakuma wouldn't be able to pitch until May 15.
  • Also from Johns' mailbag piece, he notes that the M's will look to increase payroll from last year's $83MM total and that the club could look to sign a veteran catcher on a minor league deal to add some depth given that Jesus Montero will primarily be a DH next year.
  • Larry Stone of the Seattle Times disagrees with Tim Dierkes' prediction that none of the top 50 free agents will sign with the Mariners this winter, arguing that the M's will have enough available payroll space to sign at least one notable free agent.

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7 Comments on "Mariners Links: Woodward, Iwakuma, Payroll"

2 years 9 months ago

I disagree with Dierkes predictions in regards to Seattle. I easily see the Mariners making a play for one of the top 50 free agents.They have the pitching, they just need the offense. I can definitely see them getting someone. They won’t be snubbed.

2 years 9 months ago

Swisher will sign with them.

2 years 9 months ago

As a M’s fan I would be fine if the M’s don’t spend any money on the top 50 free agents. Hopefully this year is a lot like last years. Play a bunch of young guys and hope to find some more answers/see noticeable development from each of them. We still have a lot of parts that are unknowns. Improvement from Ackley, Seager, Saunders, Montero and Smoak (hopefully that September is not just one of his rare hot streaks) plus the fences being brought in will be all that our offense needs to be at least close to average. Hultzen and Paxton should also hopefully be in our rotation after June/July and Walker a year away. Future looks bright.

Andrew Ho
2 years 9 months ago

Chris Woodward retired. Wow.

Dan Gorgone
2 years 9 months ago

Paging Rod Barajas…

2 years 9 months ago

Why do you think they’re moving the fences in?

2 years 9 months ago

How come guys like Iwakuma who come over from NPB don’t have to wait the 6 years before being eligible for free agency?