Mariners Re-Sign Oliver Perez

9:26pm: Jon Heyman of reports (on Twitter) that Perez received $1.5MM with another $600K in performance bonuses.

9:04pm: The Mariners have re-signed Oliver Perez to a one-year contract, the team announced. Financial terms are unknown at this point. Perez is represented by Scott Boras.

“We are happy to have reached a mutual agreement with Oliver,” said GM Jack Zduriencik in a statement. "He did a very nice job in helping solidify our bullpen after his call up last summer. As a veteran left-hander, and one that had adjusted very nicely to his new role, we are looking forward to his contributions as we go into the 2013 campaign.”

Perez, 31, reinvented himself as a reliever with Seattle this year after not pitching in the big leagues since 2010. He posted a 2.12 ERA in 29 2/3 innings with 7.3 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 while actually faring much better against righties (.204/.279/.296) than lefties (.281/.328/.351). Perez regained some velocity in relief and average 93.7 mph with his fastball in 2012.

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  1. deewitt92 3 years ago

    As a Mets fan..of course he gets better as our bullpen sucks…

  2. David King 3 years ago

    good signing….he should be able to build on his new role next year also!

  3. Yanks101 3 years ago

    A mistake by Zurenzick, You have the worse offense in MLB and a top 10 pitching staff yet 2 days in the season you spend 8.5 million on pitchers yet nothing on offense. They had almost 40 million come of books if they want to be a good team they need offense.

    • Kyle Tomko 3 years ago

      yea cause to stay in the top 10 pitching we should get rid of the pitchers that got us there.

    • It’s Zduriencik.

    • harmony55 3 years ago

      The low-scoring Seattle offense is largely the product of the hitting-hostile environment at Safeco Field. The young Mariners hitters ranked eighth among the 30 MLB teams in runs scored on the road in 2012.

    • Dont be confused Brett, Jack Z’s main focus is going to be on improving the offense this offseason (via trade(s) most likely). Keeping Iwakuma and Perez helps keep intact an already above average Mariners Pitching staff. Now that these two deals are done Jacks remaining offseason moves will be focused mainly on improving his horrible offense.

    • BobSmith77 3 years ago

      Your going to criticize him for spending $1.5M on Perez?

    • BobSmith77 3 years ago

      I have to admit when I normally see a baseball fan wearing a Yanks’ t-shirt, I don’t think too highly of their baseball acumen.

    • tomymogo 3 years ago

      44 dislikes, wow

  4. stickyone 3 years ago

    proving once again, even the impossible is not impossible!

  5. James DeMott 3 years ago

    Oliver Perez is a horrible pitcher. Made worse by the fact that he made a ton of money being a terrible pitcher. It is the Mariners though, so whatever, no one cares.

    • Joe Valenti 3 years ago

      You must be a bitter Mets fan

      • FamiliaTerritory 3 years ago

        Bitter ain’t the word for it….but hey, let’s see your team shell out 3 years, $36 million for a guy that was phoning it in within his entire tenure of that contract and doing absolutely NOTHING for the good of the team (constantly refused minor league assignments, handicapping a spot on the 25 man roster, and not giving someone way more deserving a shot). Yeah, bitter. Like they don’t really have a right to be….

    • seajtl 3 years ago

      2.12 ERA is terrible?

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Yeah. Watched 2-3 games he came in late and Ollie was “dealing” also.. Like mid 90’s and for strikes. Far cry from the wild guy who couldn’t throw a strike with the NYM.

        2012 saw both Ollie perez and Andrew Miller reinvent their careers as LH specialist relievers. Both found that old mid-upper 90’s velocity again and were dominant.

        • Tired_OF_FakeRumors 3 years ago

          He found the GYM he didnt use when the Mets were paying him 12 mm a year

    • Perez WAS an awful STARTER. As a reliver he’s gained 4MPH on the fastball and dropped the change, those were his two worse pitches with the Mets.

  6. Eric 3 years ago

    This is another good moves by Zduriencik. Perez was a low cost, good lefty reliever with more than enough heat on his fastball. He was solid after his call up. I think this contract is fair.

  7. bjsguess 3 years ago

    Did Koufax ever work out of the pen?

  8. Goriax 3 years ago

    Glad to see he has pulled his career back together.

  9. $18224393 3 years ago

    Someone from the Seattle bullpen is getting traded, then. Seven-man pen includes one long reliever, so they’ve got six slots for Wilhelmsen, Pryor, Capps, Furbush, Luetge, Kelley, Kinney, and Perez, all of whom are good. Seattle relievers not named Oliver Perez, keep your bags packed…

    • davbee 3 years ago

      Some of those players like Luetge and Capps have options, so there is no pressure for them to do anything right away. Having said that, Kelley and Kinney are the most expendable.

  10. Aidan Smith 3 years ago

    He was great in Pitt, then awful in NY. Effective again with a second life in the pen?

  11. I forgot that Oliver Perez was still pitching, especially after the Mets decided to pay him to go away. At least he has found a niche.

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