Cafardo On Bourn, Yankees, Tigers, Soriano

While the Dodgers and Angels scooped up the two impact free agents of this year's class, the Rangers have had a much more dull offseason, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.  Texas lost Hamilton to the rival Angels and failed to sign Zack Greinke and Torii Hunter.  Beyond that, they also lost Mike Napoli, Ryan Dempster, and Koji Uehara to the Red Sox.  Landing Justin Upton would help bring energy back to the Rangers' lineup, but so far they haven't been able to get a deal done as they look to hold on to Elvis Andrus.  Here's more from today's column..

  • Some believe the Yankees are quietly interested in free agent outfielder Michael Bourn and will pounce if the price comes down.  Bourn would give the Bombers the leadoff hitter they have wanted for some time.  Meanwhile, the Rangers remain a possibility.
  • While the Tigers are keeping their distance from right-hander Rafael Soriano, it's not impossible for him to wind up in Detroit.  The Red Sox may also be interested and the Rangers could be a fit given all of the talent that they've lost.
  • If the Red Sox can’t finalize their deal with Mike Napoli, they could give Adam LaRoche the three-year, $39MM contract. Otherwise, LaRoche may stay with the Nationals or look to the Orioles, where Dan Duquette has coveted him.
  • Edwin Jackson may be the next pitcher to strike a deal.  The Padres have serious interest in Jackson, especially after losing Andrew Cashner for a while after his hunting accident.

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