City Of San Jose Files Lawsuit Against MLB

Following a vote behind closed doors, the city council of San Jose has elected to file a lawsuit against Major League Baseball in an attempt to move the Athletics from Oakland to San Jose, according to John Shea and Jill Tucker of the San Francisco Chronicle.  The lawsuit claims that MLB and commissioner Bud Selig violated state and federal laws regarding unfair business practices and anti-competitive conduct.

Athletics ownership has spent years lobbying for the team to be moved to San Jose, citing a need for a new ballpark.  However, the A's are not plaintiffs in the lawsuit and owner Lew Wolff says that he wasn't aware of it being filed until the news broke earlier today.  The city of San Jose isn't seeking financial restitution from MLB but alleges, with strong language, that they are being illegally blocked from importing the A's.

"This action arises from the blatant conspiracy by Major League Baseball to prevent the Athletics Baseball Club from moving to San Jose," the suit says. "This action challenges – and seeks to remedy – defendants' violation of state laws and use of the illegal cartel that results from these agreements to eliminate competition in the playing of games in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Written by Zach Links.

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