Dodgers Notes: Kemp, Phillips, Gordon, Kasten

Matt Kemp and Brandon Phillips have been two of the offseason's biggest names rumored to be on the trade market, and there was a chance the two could've been dealt for each other in a blockbuster.  The Dodgers and Reds "briefly spoke about" swapping the two All-Stars earlier this winter, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, but the Dodgers didn't have much interest.  L.A. wasn't keen on adding an older player (Phillips is 32) who is owed $50MM through 2017, plus the Dodgers felt the deal wouldn't have been a fair swap if Kemp returned to full health.

Here are some more items from Chavez Ravine…

  • There isn't any truth to rumors of a Dodgers/Royals trade that would sent Dee Gordon to Kansas City in exchange for Justin Maxwell, ESPN Los Angeles' Mark Saxon reports (via Twitter).
  • The Dodgers fully intend to rebuild their minor league depth, team president Stan Kasten said tells Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, and while they've moved some minor leaguers in trades, Kasten is pleased that "we kept adding pieces while keeping the guys we valued the most."  Speaking in general, Kasten said "what would have interested us — and might still — is to trade one of our veterans if we can get back young, controllable players and prospects."  In addition, while Kasten says the Dodgers don't plan to trade any of their key youngsters, "there are deals on the table that include top prospects."
  • The Dodgers could consider trading pitching prospects in order to obtain more position player prospects, Kasten said, as the club is lacking in youngsters who can play the field.
  • Earlier today on MLBTR, the Dodgers acquired righty Seth Rosin from the Mets, and FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal shared a few items about the Dodgers in his most recent column.

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  1. nwh2787 2 years ago

    Dodgers need a third baseman, I was thinking maybe switching Hanley to 3B leaving Gordon at 2B or SS and then signing Michael Young. Or the other alternative would be to sign someone like Mark Reynolds to a 1 year deal worth about $5mm a year and having him play at 3B and leaving Hanley at SS.

    • Taylor Maricle 2 years ago

      none of these things are really upgrades over Uribe

      • nwh2787 2 years ago

        I guarantee you Uribe wants too much money. The Dodgers are not going to give him another 3 years $21mm. There is no guarantee that he will do well next season as well as he did this season.

        • Taylor Maricle 2 years ago

          He reportedly backed down from 3 years so….

          And I mean, yeah, no guarantees, but Michael Young? Mark Reynolds?

          • Jose Villasano 2 years ago

            if you think about it its just to give time for Coery Seager

          • nwh2787 2 years ago

            Really? Because its been reported that he wanted a 3 year deal but with more money then 8 million a season.

            I am not saying it has to be Mark Reynolds, I would prefer Michael Young over him any day.
            Reynolds is actually a mediocre third baseman, but at this point that’s the Dodgers only option unless they trade for someone but I doubt that they will give up minor league talent.

            The other free agents I can think of is:
            Casey McGehee
            Justin Turner
            Yuniesky Betancourt
            Kevin Youkilis
            Elliot Johnson

            I would say Kevin Youkilis over those guys but he play
            mediocre with the Yankees last season and he is injured prone.

            Out of all theses the one that stands out is Justin Turner, and he is more of a bench player then a starter. But he’s a much better hitter then theses group of guys.

          • Taylor Maricle 2 years ago

            Michael Young is terrible on offense and defense to the point where we might as well just play a random MiLB guy.

          • Vail Beach 2 years ago

            Isn’t Michael Young retired? His stint with the Dodgers in 2013 had that pre-retirement feel about it.

    • Steven Reyes 2 years ago

      I don’t think Dee will ever be an everyday SS. I haven’t seen him at 2B so I can’t judge him there. But I highly doubt he’ll be more than a a guy off the bench. Re: Hanley, I’m really not comfortable putting him at 3B. It seems to affect him hitting wise when he doesn’t play his natural position.

  2. BrocNessMonster 2 years ago

    I can see them trying to get something for Dee, but not ANOTHER outfielder.

    • nwh2787 2 years ago

      I agree, I think the Dodgers are fine in the outfield department. They need a 3B and another utility player more than they need another outfielder.

      • Cali Jet Fan 2 years ago

        They should trade Dee Gordon for Gordon Beckham from CHiSox he players 3rd and 2nd.

        • BrocNessMonster 2 years ago

          I liked Beckham, but I don’t know how much value Dee really has.

  3. Eric 2 years ago

    No way the Reds could take on Kemp’s contract.

  4. Bo Messer 2 years ago

    Yeah because Kemp is always at full health. You can keep him.

  5. Bo Messer 2 years ago

    And the only way the Reds could afford this trade is the Dodgers would have to eat a lot of Kemps salary. Which I’m sure will not happen.

    • nwh2787 2 years ago

      Well what about Andre Ethier? He is only owed 86.5 million for the next four-five seasons. If Phillips is only owed $50 million for the next four season, the Dodgers could easily pick that up. They would just have to send Cincinnati $6 million over the next five seasons to help pay it off. Or split it up where the Dodgers would send only $3 million and the Reds would pay 3 million. So that’s nothing compared to someone like Matt Kemp who is owed $128 million over the next 6. Even if Ethier cannot hit off lefty’s, Phillips cannot hit off righty’s. So I think that deal would be a win win situation for both teams. The Dodgers could also move Guerrero to third instead of second. Guerrero is also on the injured bug apparently.

      • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

        I wouldn’t want Ethier for the next 4-5 seasons. I also wouldn’t want him in center

      • Bo Messer 2 years ago

        I like Either, however we are already heavy on the lefties. A RH power bat would be ideal, I just don’t wanna have to give up Homer Bailey to get one.

  6. wadesawko 2 years ago

    Seattle has plenty of Inf/of/sp pieces that would help Dodgers. Nick Franklin SS/2b. Dj Peterson is a 3B. Chris Taylor is Dustin Pedroia. Vlad Gueuerro’s nephew Gabriel is his mirror image in Rf. James Paxton throws 98mph from a high left handed angle and ready to be in rotation. Dodgers could trade Billingsly to help $.

  7. Desmond Scott 2 years ago

    I don’t see the Dodgers trading for Phillips with Guerrero and Hanley in the infield unless they plan on moving Hanley to 3rd or trading Guerrero in the trade. The Dodgers would also have to eat some of Matt Kemp’s contract. I would love to have a healthy Matt Kemp in a Reds uniform but question how good he will be coming back from the surgeries. I am suprised I haven’t seen any Bailey Kemp trade scenarios pop up.

    • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

      I don’t see why so many people hate on Homer Bailey for. He has had too great seasons. People don’t properly consider the ballpark he is pitching in. During the 2012 season was when I started seeing major improvements that year he had a 2.32 era on the road. The whole 7 years in the majors is a stupid argument. People don’t consider that he didn’t have college ball to learn how to pitch. He went straight to the pros. This is about the right time for him to come into his prime and start pitching his best. I think he still has room for improvement.

    • Jason McNeely 2 years ago

      I just posted on a supposed trade on Twitter that had Phillips/Bailey going to LAD for Kemp. It’s being reviewed though.

  8. nwh2787 2 years ago

    Reds, Red Sox, Dodgers three team deal:

    Dodgers get:
    2B Brandon Phillips

    Red Sox get:
    RF Andre Ethier

    RP Henry Owens
    OF Bryce Brentz
    SP Ross Stripling

    • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

      Reds would do this why?

      • nwh2787 2 years ago

        Because Reds need to restock there minor league system and will provide bullpen help.
        The Red Sox need an outfielder why not Andre Ethier?
        The Dodgers need infield help so why not Brandon Phillips?

        • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

          Reds don’t need pitching in their farm system though, they need hitting. Reds also are in win now mode and probably wouldn’t want to trade for prospects. Philips doesn’t fit unless Guerrero or Phillips plays SS and HanRam is willing switch to 3rd again.

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      Dream on!!! That would be highway robbery for the Reds. The Red Sox would never give him (Owens) up alone for either of those guys and their awful contracts.

      • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

        Reds already have pitchers in the farm like Owens and better. Brentz is the one that the reds might be interested in there.

      • Desmond Scott 2 years ago

        Owens isn’t no ace pitching prospect either.

    • northsfbay 2 years ago

      Is this a joke? The Dodgers don’t need a 2b. Why on earth would the Red Sox want Ethier?

  9. jvent 2 years ago

    Wonder if the mets called the dodgers about dee gordon to play ss and lead off when he did play he stole alot of bases didnt he lol

  10. nwh2787 2 years ago

    Ok, so since a lot of you haters didn’t like my last three trades here is one:

    Los Angeles gets:
    2B Brandon Phillips (CIN)
    RP Craig Breslow (BOS)

    Cincinnati gets:
    RHP Zach Lee (LAD)
    LHP Julio Urias (LAD)
    IF Xander Bogarets (BOS)
    OF Bryce Brentz (BOS)

    Boston gets:
    RF Andre Ethier (LAD)
    SP Johnny Cueto (CIN)
    Cash (LAD)

    • jose 2 years ago

      i hope u are joking why would the dodgers give up two top 100 prospects Ethier and cash for a 32 year old brandon phillips who is owed 50 mill over the next four years when they have Alexander Gueuerro

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